STORES20 Top Stores Like Pottery Barn for Vogue Furniture Designs

20 Top Stores Like Pottery Barn for Vogue Furniture Designs

A lot has changed in the last decade. The taste of people has dramatically shifted from all things modern to modern with a hint of ethnicity. It includes their choices in furniture as well. In order to meet such demands many furniture stores like pottery barn have gotten into the market. But it does not mean that each store offers something similar to a pottery barn in terms of quality and variety. 

It is amazing to see how far these stores have developed and reach a level where they can cater to almost every need of the customer. They have shown the classic rich American Heritage and still kept that modern vibe intact. Each piece of furniture is aesthetically pleasing and carved with a great finish. People just go inside and get what they have always dreamt of. 

Everyone loves redecorating once in a while. But choosing the right furniture can be tough. Some like colors, while others like the wooden finish. No doubt Pottery Barn is an amazing place to find it all. But there are some mind-blowing alternatives that provide equally good stuff.

If you also need some chic furniture for homes and offices then there are plenty of stores like pottery barn. Obviously, some are expensive and others are not. How can one decide? To make it easier for you.

Stores Like Pottery Barn:

Williams Sonoma

Williams sonoma - stores like pottery barn

Many of you might not be aware that Pottery barn is a subsidiary of  Williams-Sonoma also known as WS Home. If you are looking for pottery barn-like stores then WS Home should be number one on your list.

This store has a similar ambiance and style like its subsidiary. Moreover, it has also captured the classic and modern style mix perfectly.

But the startling feature is its kitchen items. If you are into cooking then this place is like a mecca for you. Take your coastal grandma there and you will know why it is so.

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Horchow - stores like pottery barn

Horchow is a perfect place for people that love contemporary type furniture. They have a huge collection of wall art and decor as well. They have a collection with a nice ethnic and heirloom kind of look.

The gold and brass elements add another hint of ethnic look on the furniture. One word to define the furniture they have is antique. Their newest collection has some really amazing and weird pieces like their windowpane floor mirror etc.

If you are looking for some furniture items that you can pass on to the next generations then you can definitely find an antique heirloom from Horchow.


Crateandbarrel - stores like pottery barn

Crate and barrel is the perfect choice for people who like sleek and traditional style furniture. It is one of the best retailers after the pottery barn. It has a great variety of modern furniture and kitchen appliances.

They have a specific design palette. So, this store would appeal to people who have similar tastes. Crate and barrel have captured the American Heritage with the perfect blend of modern and sleek style.

It also has a variety of kids’ furniture. From a price point of view, this store is a tad costlier than Pottery Barn due to its style and aesthetics. But the furniture will last a long time if you buy from them.


Rejuvenation - stores like pottery barn

Rejuvenation is a sister to Pottery Barn. If you are looking for stores like pottery barn but cheaper, then this is the right place for you. They have great heirloom-style items.

They have maintained a modern industrialist vibe in all their furniture items. Mostly they have wooden, metal, walnut wood and leather items. The decor items have patterns, multiple fabrics and finishes.

Overall it is a great place for all your furniture needs and an excellent alternative to the pottery barn. Price wise also everything is affordable and falls within a specified range. Once you visit the store you will realize that they have more than your needs.


The citizenry - stores like pottery barn

The-citizenry is another label of furniture stores like pottery barn. Most designers consider it a favorite. There is one single reason for this. The furniture at The Citizenry is globally sourced.

The furniture here has a great boho vibe and at the same time everything is subtle and not so loud. You can find thick armchairs, rattan stools, wool-woven rugs along with alpaca throws.

When you come after a tired day you can sit in the armchair and comfort yourself with the alpaca throws. Because everything is sourced globally the prices are a little higher than usual but the quality and durability of everything is perfect to last long.


Westelm - stores like pottery barn

Westelm is also a subsidiary of Pottery Barn. This label has recently got an upgrade from their silhouettes. The change was basically using organic materials for their silhouettes. They have not compromised on their quality at all.

They have also shifted to a neutral palette. When you visit the store you will find some great artisanal work as well. There are great trendy decor items.

The colors and textures used in the items are unexpected. If you wish to visit stores like pottery barn but cheaper then, Westelm is the right option for your needs. They have affordable and cheaper items as compared to Pottery Barn.


Burrow - stores like pottery barn

Burrow is one of the greatest alternatives to Pottery Barn. It has the perfect mix of ethnic heritage style with modern furniture. Although the modern ratio is more, the look and design is very much appealing. The price is also cheaper than Pottery Barn. Quality is quite similar to it as well.

It is a great option if you believe pottery barn is expensive. The style and designs feel much more fresh, new and modern as compared to Pottery Barn. You can check out the store if you are in need of furniture for your homes or any decorative items.


Shopterrain - stores like pottery barn

Shopterrain, also known as Terrain, is another furniture stores like the pottery barn. Just like its name, all the furniture is inspired by the earth. They majorly sell furniture and decor items that are natural and inspired from plants.

From the price point you can compare it as less expensive to the Pottery Barn. Even though style is quite similar, Terrain has got a more eco-friendly approach in its items.

They use organic materials unlike Pottery Barn. Certain items can be costlier but only because they will not damage the environment. If you love natural greenery and plants, Terrain is just for you.


Amara - stores like pottery barn

Amara sells all types of products. Be it small decor items or accessories or big furniture for home, they have it all. It is a widespread brand with all home furnishing items. They have a nice cool and modern style in their pieces.

Their style and modernity is famous just like popular brands like Calvin Klein, UGG, etc. It is a great lifestyle and furniture store. It has a lot more products and varieties as compared to Pottery Barn. So, if you need a place that has it all then Amara is for you.

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Dwr an acronym for Design Within Reach is an excellent furniture and lifestyle store. Often compared to the Pottery Barn, this store is famous for its ethnic, monochromatic yet funky designs. You will find furniture for your bedroom, halls, dining, storage, kitchen, indoor, outdoor, and practically every room in your house.

They have a very sleek and modern style. Nordic heritage is also a part of their range. If you visit their website you will find such amazing photographs of their range.

Neutral palette, elevating furniture, and restful retreat are some of its main styles of furniture. Along with furniture, you will also find rugs, ladders, lights, etc on their store website. It is a great place for you to try.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is the brand of the famous designer Jonathon Adler. According to him his brand has the perfect Modern American Glamour. And truly this brand stands up to this phrase. It is very aesthetic and modern and glamorous.

Adler has designed the furniture very elegantly and sophisticatedly. The decor is very upscale but it is also a perfect blend of fun and fresh.

He has captured the timeliness in his pieces and a very beautiful finesse. Each of his pieces is modern and can fit the modern American household and offices perfectly. This brand is very closely compared to Pottery Barn but it is more modern.



La-z-boy is famous across the globe for its recliners. But they also have a variety of furniture and decor items. The prices are very affordable and convenient for all. It is also a great option in place of the Pottery Barn.

They provide lifelong guarantees for many of their products. Their main focus is durability and they have succeeded in providing durable goods to all.

They also offer custom designs. This way customers can design their own comfortable furniture and use them. If you need furniture that will last long and cost less then La-z-boy is the right fit for you.


Z Gallerie

Zgallerie is a cheaper alternative to Pottery Barn. They have a huge variety of home furnishing and decor items. They do not focus on one style. So, customers can choose from modern, classic, contemporary and other styles. It is a one stop store for all styles of furniture needs.

Not only are they famous for furniture, they are also famous for decor items like rugs, lights etc. Therefore, one can find items of every price range in Z Gallerie. They offer free shipping which makes it even more unique than the Pottery Barn store.



Arhaus is just like the Pottery Barn. It has a very big selection of furniture, decor items and many more things. They mainly focus on classic and modern styles. Customers can find cheaper products here, making it a better alternative to Pottery Barn.

Not only do they provide goods but they also provide interior decor consultations, design services, custom orders along with free shipping. The best part of the Arhaus store is that they are more towards sustainability and natural production.

They focus on zero wastage policy by making the production process simple and using everything that is wasted. It is a great option if the Pottery Barn store is expensive for you.

The dump

The dump

The dump is an unusual name for a furniture brand, right? But do not let the name get to you. It is completely the opposite of a dump. In fact, it is an excellent store which is compared to Pottery Barn and many similar stores like it.

It is committed to providing 100% quality furniture and decor items to its customers. There are constant discounts in the store.

You will find a variety of furniture designs from many amazing labels and they do a lot of marketing to promote their products. If you purchase in an offer then you can save a lot of money.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs is yet another alternative to the Pottery Barn store. They mainly focus on product quality. Hence, all the designs and construction are done accordingly. They have nice classic-style furniture and decor items.

As compared to Pottery Barn, they are far cheaper. Customers can try Ballard Designs if they are looking for quality products at less prices.

Just like many other stores it also offers customization options. People can design based on their comfort level and buy. It is a great option if one is looking for Pottery Barn alternatives in the market. Their unique classic style is also very popular.

Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia is as good as the Pottery Barn. There are two things about Lulu and Georgia that make it as good as the Pottery Barn. First is the quality of furniture. Second is the sense of style.

This label also has a similar midcentury style with a modern twist. The only point of difference between both is that the latter focuses on colors and a 1960s vibe.

Whereas Lulu and Georgia have a more 50s vibe in their furniture. This store is the most sought-after store after Pottery Barn. Some often say that big celebrities shop here frequently. You can try it too.



Wayfair is another online furniture store. Just like Castlery, it has no offline store. It is compared to Pottery Barn but from a price point, it is a lot cheaper. If someone needs affordable furniture and decor for homes then Wayfair is the right option for you.

It is not limited to furniture. One can find wall art, appliances and so much more in this online store.

It has a huge variety of outdoor furniture. For people who want complete home furnishing, Wayfair is your one-step destination where quality is high and prices are affordable.



Frontgate is yet another furniture store that is a great alternative to Pottery Barn. It stocks great quality furniture and home decor items. They focus on three groups which are The Gracious Host, Home Diaries, and Sanctuary & Serenity.

You can check their website for photos of each look and how beautiful every piece of furniture will look inside your home. They will create such a beautiful look for your home based on your travels, your stories, your passion, etc. You can go to this store instead of the Pottery Barn to get something new and classic for your home.

They also have outdoor furniture. The outdoor category covers pools, gardens, heaters, holiday decor, outside seating arrangements, and whatnot. Overall it is a great store that caters to every furniture and furnishing need of the clients.



Castlery is an online store for furniture. There are no offline stores of Castlery. This store is so closely compared to the Pottery Barn. The quality is similar but the price is so much better than Pottery Barn prices. In fact, its prices are better considering the quality is the same.

It also has a nice midcentury vibe and modern furniture. Every piece of this brand is stylish and absolutely timeless. After buying once you can be sure that your item will stay still for a very long time. Each item has a great finish and matches a level of class and quality.


Buying furniture can be tough but with such good stores in the market, one can never go wrong. There are thousands of people that have finally found the dream bedroom look, fancy kitchen, and aesthetic bathrooms that they desired. Maybe it is the right time that you also go and try out these stores.

One cannot go wrong with a neutral palette. But a funk in furniture will add fun to your bedroom. Lots of choices are there for you. Check out the list and decide which store is the right fit for you. 

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