STORES10 Most Popular Liquidation Stores in Minnesota to Buy Pallets

10 Most Popular Liquidation Stores in Minnesota to Buy Pallets

Some brands are extremely costly and the middle class cannot afford them. But it does not mean they should not buy them. Visiting the brand store is not the only option with them. There are so many liquidation pallets in Minnesota that they can visit. The best part of these stores is that you can buy all the popular brands under one roof and at retail prices. Moreover, there are constant sales and discounts going on for the people. You can try buying liquidation pallets Minnesota from these stores.

There is absolutely nothing fishy about it. The stuff in the pallets is just overstock items or return items. So, the quality is always high-end. You are in for a surprise as some of the pallets include luxury items too. 

You can find all major brands with their best-selling products or maybe new launches. One just has to dive into the lot and find it. These liquidation stores have made the jobs of big brands quite easier. Earlier brands did not know how to get rid of non-selling products, overstock of goods, etc. But nowadays these liquidation stores are a big hit. If you reside in Minnesota or anywhere near it then here are 10 amazing stores that you must try:

Best Liquidation Stores in Minnesota:

Marketplace Liquidation

Marketplace Liquidation - liquidation pallets Minnesota

Marketplace Liquidation is one of the most visited liquidation pallets in Minnesota. It is a wholesale liquidation shop, Overstock store supplier, Customer return reseller and collects stuff from businesses that are in closeout phases.

Here you can purchase the items in three ways- First is in case loads, second is through pallets and lastly by way of truckloads. Marketplace Liquidation sells small lots with no minimum order quantity. They also sell higher lots. It is up to the consumer as to how much they want to buy. 

In Minnesota itself, they have three different warehouses in Crystal Minnesota, Golden Valley as well as Brooklyn Minnesota. You can check out their website for more descriptions about order types. Their reviews by customers and retailers until now are amazing. You can visit the store or take an appointment. They are open 5 days and closed on Saturday and Sunday. It is a place you must visit for great quality goods.

Address: 5211 Lakeland Ave N, Crystal, MN 55429, United States

Phone: +1 763-208-8724

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Lakeside Liquidators

Lakeside Liquidators

The Lakeside Liquidators is another liquidation store in Minnesota where you can buy liquidation pallets Minnesota. The store is at a great location. Their main business model is to purchase from closeout businesses, overstock items and returns and then resell them at low prices. This is what every liquidation store does. They are a little different because of the amazing high-quality inventory and prices they keep.

Customer reviews have shown that their services are great and people are visiting the store constantly. If you are in Minnesota then do check out this store for amazing discounts. Their website is also quite simple and user-friendly and one can easily locate all the products and information. It is a great option if you like buying products at lower prices.

Address: 7340 Ohms Ln, Edina, MN 55439, United States

Phone: +1 612-562-9375

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Seamon’s Elite Liquidation

Seamon’s Elite Liquidation - liquidation pallets Minnesota

This liquidation store is quite new in the market. Their best points include price, connection with customers and offering high-quality products at great affordable prices. Since Christmas is around the corner, they have introduced many new fancy decoration stuff. The sale is also live on their website. If you face any issue with them, you can contact their customer service team. They have provided the option to get delivery at a certain time as per the customer. 

The website is not so complex or highly developed but it has all the important information that you will need. They have recently shifted so the appointments are only available online. One cannot feel bad or disappointed with them.

Their main motto is customer satisfaction so all the services are provided keeping customers in mind. No delay in deliveries or poor quality of products. Do check their inventory for more information about the products offered.

Address: 3050 Coon Rapids Blvd, Coon Rapids, MN 55433, United States

Phone: +1 763-270-5943

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ReturnDeals - liquidation pallets Minnesota

Return Deals is another big-hit liquidation Pallets in Minnesota. They are masters of transporting truckloads of big orders from customers. This is their key area. They have involved zero middlemen for it. But they are not limited to customer returns.

They also provide clearance items, overstock items, pallet liquidation Minnesota etc. Return Deals have got amazing and worthy reviews for their services. They are open to customers and retailers. They will guide you about the best stock items in their inventory. 

For companies that wish to sell goods to them must know that they have been in the industry for quite a while. They are open to buying extra stock, damaged goods, returns from customers etc.

Their website is worth visiting at least once. They will provide you with the best deals for goods. Discounts and sales are continuously round the corner and the best possible way to know it is to visit the website.

Address: 4912 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope, MN 55428, United States

Phone: +1 612-207-3540

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Dollar General

Dollar General - liquidation pallets Minnesota

Dollar General is the best store that you can ever visit. Since Christmas is near, it is like you are bringing the celebration home. They have everything right from Gifts, Christmas decorations, pet supplies, health and cleaning stuff, foods, household goods, toys, books, office and stationery, party supplies and the list never ends.

They also have a special dollar store where you get many items for a single dollar. Take your children to the store and they will find so many attractive things. The prices are just affordable.

You must check their website as they have a proper list of items divided into best-selling items, most popular stuff and coupons list. They also have a store for hobbies. So if you like baking then all baking-related stuff is available at Dollar General. The website itself will keep you updated with the new additions and prices of everything.

Address: 2573 Mounds View Blvd, Mounds View, MN 55112, United States

Phone: +1 612-439-1660

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DNS Sales, Inc.

DNS Sales, Inc.

DNS Sales is a family business. Its inventory consists of- banana boxes, food, overstock items, returns of customers, short and perishable goods etc. The DNS store is famous throughout the country for supplying banana grocery boxes. They stock perishable and short-date items which entails their sales are quite good.

They are located in many great locations in the country and Minnesota is one such place. Just like all liquidators their inventories also change quite frequently so you must decide and buy fast. 

The website is pretty simple and you can use their contact information for booking appointments or you can straightaway visit their stores. They have everything in lots and bulk. Therefore carefully select each item especially food items for expiry dates. The website is great for food items but for the others, it is not much recommended. But you can try it once and decide for yourself.

Address: 800 Berkshire Ln N # 2, Plymouth, MN 55441, United States

Phone: +1 952-225-4800

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Event Sale

Event Sale - liquidation pallets Minnesota

Event sale is another huge liquidation store. It has a big variety of fashion, clothing, electronics and relatable supplies. For 28 years they have been running and still providing the best quality goods for their customers.

They are famous for their home supplies like parols, rugs and domestics. You can visit the website for an appointment or call the helpline for it. They also have an option where you can become a broker or merch seller for them.

In short, they will give you the option to become a part of their supply chain. You will find an assortment of goods like customer returns, defectives, clearance products and what not to buy. These options will give you the freedom to buy at cheap prices rather than high prices. The website is pretty boring with just a home page but the quality or products has made the store a great hit for 28 years.

Address: 2111 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, United States

Phone: +1 612-623-8879

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Dock 1 Bargains

Dock 1 Bargains

This store provides free delivery on big orders. They also provide setup and assembly services to all customers. Some of the best-selling inventory contains- desk chairs, tables, furniture for conference rooms, reception areas, storage areas, seating areas etc.

Their best feature is that customers can request on-site planning services at free of cost. They have huge discounts for all the furniture at all times. You can check out their website and look for the aesthetic looks based on your type and area. 

They provide both new as well as refurbished furniture. You can decide based on your budget and needs. The pre-owned stuff is also in a usable condition and one can easily check it before buying. In case of doubts and issues their customer service will help you and provide you best possible solutions. Do not forget to check their discounts before buying.

Address: 8090 Excelsior Blvd, Hopkins, MN 55343, United States

Phone: +1 952-607-4606

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Discount 70


Discount 70 is a one-stop place for all fashion and apparel needs. They have such a huge stock of clothing, bags and what not. You will be astonished to know the prices. You get everything at such low rates that you will end up buying so much. They have regular discounts on the merchandise. Do not worry about the quality as it is worth every penny you are spending.

They also have a stock of books, toys, electronics, household goods, tools etc. They have a very unique discount deal which is that senior citizens above the age of 55 will get a discount of 20% on Mondays. Cool, right? On Tuesday you will get one free item of clothing. On Friday you will get something free or maybe a discount as Fridays are mysterious. You can check out their website for more interesting stuff and pictures of the location and products they offer.

Address: 4027 NE Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55421, United States

Phone: +1 763-781-8922

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LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators)

LL Flooring - liquidation pallets Minnesota

Just as the name suggests, LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators) have a huge collection of furniture. You can buy it not only for Hotels but for houses, offices or any place you like. They have furniture for- living room, bedroom, outdoors, dining rooms, home office and certain accessories needed with furniture too. For 31 years they have stayed in this market and provided the best quality furniture. Not only refurbished but new furniture is also available for all the rooms.

Their furniture inventory changes quite frequently so, if you are eyeing something then better purchase it now otherwise it might be removed or sold out soon. The customer reviews on the website are tremendous and shows that customers are utterly satisfied with them. They are even open on Saturdays so you can book a weekend for furniture shopping. They have 2 locations, one of which is a warehouse for old furniture and another one has new furniture.

Address: 1355 W 141st St, Burnsville, MN 55337, United States

Phone: +1 507-298-2469

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All these Minnesota liquidators have a great customer base. Not only that, they have an amazing retail base as well. Many retailers buy stuff from such stores and sell it. There are definitely a lot of benefits to buying liquidation pallets in Minnesota.

If you have not visited one yet, then check out the list above, explore their website and buy some great things for yourself and your family. The quality and price will make your trip worthwhile.

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