STORES8 Best Liquidation Stores In Virginia For Greatest Deals (2023)

8 Best Liquidation Stores In Virginia For Greatest Deals (2023)

Liquidation stores are places where you can buy quality and branded merchandise at deeply discounted prices. These merchandise at liquidation pallets stores in Virginia actually include salvage, customer returns, shelf pulls, overstock, box damage, etc. These merchandise are sourced by liquidation stores from big manufacturers, retailers, brands, etc. As a result, they then sell them off at very cheap rates (a fraction of the retail prices).

Liquidation stores have been around since the beginning of time serving resellers, small retailers, and even savvy buyers out there. Today, there are tons of such liquidation stores out there and if you are looking to buy liquidation pallets in Virginia, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. However, not all the options are reputed, reliable, and worth it. 

Best Liquidation Stores In Virginia


Cutie LLC "LIQUITATION STORE"Let’s start the list with one of the best places to buy liquidation pallets Virginia, Cutie LLC “LIQUITATION STORE”. Well, Cutie LLC is an online liquidation store from where you can shop a wide range of liquidation merchandise. One of the things that makes Cutie LLC better than other options out there in the market is quality. It means that the quality of the merchandise is all top notch and that too sold at super affordable rates.

Unlike most stores out there, Cutie LLC is open for business all 7 days a week. The business hours at Cutie LLC are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm for Monday to Friday and from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm for Saturday to Sunday. 

We would suggest that before visiting the store directly, you once get in touch with the professionals. You can get in touch with the professionals at Cutie LL to discuss your needs or clear any doubts and queries. You can reach out to the professionals via call or WhatsApp using the number provided on the website.

BULKsimple Liquidation

BULKsimple LiquidationAfter Cutie LLC, the next best place you go for buying the best liquidation pallets in Virginia is BULKsimple Liquidation. If you are someone new and don’t have much prior experience in buying liquidation merchandise in bulk, this is the right place for you.

We say so because buying liquidation merchandise from BULKsimple is very simple and fast. BULKsimple has one of the most basic and user-friendly website interfaces. Hence, you can simply visit BULKsi’ple’s official website, register for free, and start browsing in minutes. 

If we talk about the company, BULKsimple is comparatively a new BBB Accredited online marketplace for liquidation merchandise out there. The liquidation merchandise that BULKsimple deals in includes business surplus, overstock, returns, and more. The best part is that all these liquidation merchandises are of high quality and come from some of the top brands. 

With BULKsimple, you get direct and easy access to bid and make offers on all bulk listings on the website. You can easily bid on auctions at BULKsimple without any second thoughts or worrying about anything. We say so because the merchandise listed on the website is all sourced from vetted industry retailers and sellers.

Not just this, but the merchandise is also listed with comprehensive information, which includes descriptions and photos. To take the ease of use to the next level, BULKsimple has very strong and responsive customer support to help customers with purchase-related queries, problems, etc.

Southern Liquidation Outlet

Southern Liquidation OutletNext up, on this list of liquidation stores in Virginia, we have Southern Liquidation Outlet. Well, this is one of the places where you can not only buy liquidation merchandise in pallets but also in truckloads and LTL. At Southern Liquidation Outlet, the stock of liquidation merchandise sold includes salvage, customer returns, shelf pulls, overstock, box damage, etc. These merchandise are further grouped into several categories. You get to choose from categories such as household items, tools, appliances, baby products, cookware, and many more.

If you wish to visit the Southern Liquidation outlet directly, then you can easily go for it. We say so as the outlet is conveniently located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas in Springdale. The best part is that nearly 250 pallets come through this liquidation warehouse in Virginia every week. These fresh stocks are later put up for sale between $100-$999.

However, we would suggest you first get in touch with one of the professionals before visiting the outlet. We say so because then you can first get to clear any kind of doubts, queries, and even discuss needs to get the best solution. You can get in touch with the professionals via the provided phone number, mail address, or social handles on the website.

We are sure that you must be interested in being the first one to know about all the latest updates on deals with Southern Liquidation. We would suggest that you visit Southern Liquidation’s website and sign up for their newsletter. So, this way, you’ll be able to get all the latest updates on events, sales, offers, etc., in your email.

Lancaster Liquidations

Lancaster Liquidations - liquidation pallets VirginiaIf you are looking for liquidation warehouses in Virginia dealing in merchandises like baby furniture, strollers, car accessories, home goods, appliances, etc. you need not look any further. Lancaster Liquidations is one of the best options out there that you can consider for buying all such merchandises.

At Lancaster Liquidations, you can choose from a wide range of liquidation products. Some of the products you can see here include lightweight strollers, portable playards, bassinets, cribs, espresso machines, travel systems, etc. The best part is that all the products sold are top-notch. These products come directly from the top brands, manufacturers, and retailers of the world. Some brands you can get to see here are Bugaboo, Evenflo, Diono, Graco, Chicco, Fisherprice, Dyson, Breville, Holmes, and Ninja.

In addition to all these, there are several other factors that make Lancaster Liquidations one of the best in the market. Firstly, the company offers all its customers with no hassle 30-day refunds. Secondly, the professionals here are all well experienced and dedicated to providing the best value to our customers. Thirdly, it offers all its customers excellent round-the-clock support as well as exceptional service. Last but not least, it offers its customers free delivery locally and free shipping for all online orders.

By now, you won’t be much surprised if we tell you that Lancaster Liquidations even got amazing ratings and heartwarming customer reviews for products and services.

ToteBoys Bin Store

ToteBoys Bin Store - liquidation pallets VirginiaIf you wish to buy quality liquidation merchandise at the lowest prices, you can straight head to ToteBoys Bin Store. At ToteBoys Bin Store, you’ll be able to buy a wide variety of liquidation merchandise at bargain prices.

ToteBoys Bin Store is known for always offering the best deals. Hence, we would suggest you visit ToteBoys Bin Store, which is conveniently located at 3248 Riverside dr. Danville VA. Well, the working hours for this liquidation warehouse in Virginia go from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Well, you can visit between this time any day from Monday to Sunday except Tuesdays. So, make sure that you avoid visiting on Tuesdays as it remains closed. Also, ToteBoys has got stores in other locations as well. So, we would suggest you once visit the website, read about other stores, and other information.

In case you got any queries, or doubts, or want to discuss something, we would suggest that you reach out to the professionals at ToteBoys. Well, all you have to do is just give a call at the provided phone number on the website. You can also choose to connect with them via ToteBoys’s official Facebook page.

Vintage Cargo Antiques & Estate Liquidation

Vintage Cargo Antiques & Estate Liquidation - liquidation pallets VirginiaAs you must have already guessed from the name, the company specializes in estate sales services and estate liquidation services. If you are looking to buy liquidation pallets West Virginia, especially the ones containing antiques, coins, jewelry, etc., this is the place to go. 

Vintage Cargo Antiques & Estate Liquidation is one of the Virginia liquidators that buy, sell, and broker antiques, coins, vintage toys, vintage items, and more. There are hardly any other places where you’ll be able to find such antique and vintage items. The reason is that it is the only long-term true vintage and antique items store in the market. 

The best part about Vintage Cargo Liquidation is that it has got all the items available listed on the website. Hence, we would suggest that you visit its official website and thoroughly go through all the items up for sale. This way you’ll be able to know whether the items you’re looking for are available or not as well as whether the pricing suits your budget or not. Also, there are many blog posts on the website that you can have a look at. 

Earlier, Vintage Cargo Antiques & Estate Liquidation was located on Williamson Rd in Roanoke VA, and inside Happy’s Flea Market. At present, if you are looking to visit the store, you can find it in the Roanoke Area and Vinton VA.

Twice But Nice

Twice But Nice - liquidation pallets virginiaThe last entry that we have on this list of liquidation stores in Virginia, we have Twice But Nice. The reason that we’ve listed Twice But Nice last on the list as we can not consider it as a proper liquidation place. People donate a wide range of quality merchandise at Twice But Nice. These are the merchandises that are later sold by the company at hugely discounted rates. As a result, at Twice But Nice, you can buy a wide range of quality merchandise at nearly half of their actual retail prices.

The best part about choosing Twice But Nice to buy merchandise is that you get an opportunity to indirectly serve the community. Well, this is because the company reuses and contributes funds to the community from profits made by reselling donated items.  

You can visit Twice But Nice’s store located at St, Fort Saskatchewan. You can visit the store any day from Tuesday to Saturday between 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Avoid visiting the store on Sundays and Mondays as it remains closed on these two days.

Richmond Liquidation

Richmond LiquidationNext up, we have Richmond Liquidation, yet another great option you can definitely consider to buy liquidation pallets Virginia. We say so because the pallets and mystery boxes at Richmond Liquidation are filled with the most in-demand, quality, and branded products. The products that you get to choose from include customer returns, overstock, and excess inventory such as shelf pull. Richmond Liquidation is a place where you can buy popular brand-name products at unbelievably low prices.

Irrespective of whether you are a reseller on eBay, Amazon, or FB marketplace, you can rely on the company for all your needs. Also, irrespective of whether you want to buy products for your flea market booth, open box store, or discount retail business, you can simply rely on Richmond Liquidation. For all these said, the only reason is that you’ll be able to find wholesale liquidation deals at blowout prices on the best-selling brands.

You can definitely once consider visiting Richmond Liquidation’s liquidation warehouse in Virginia. You won’t have much trouble with the warehouse s it is conveniently located at 1500 Commerce Road, Richmond, VA. At Richmond Liquidation, the sale hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm every day from Tuesday to Saturday. Make sure you don’t visit on Sundays and Mondays as it remains on these days. 


So, with all these said, we come to the end of this list of “Best Liquidation Stores In Virginia”. These were our top picks you can definitely rely on for buying liquidation pallets in Virginia this year.

All these aforementioned liquidation stores are one of the most legit, reputed, and trustworthy in Virginia. Hence, you can go with any one of the aforementioned options that best fit your liquidation needs, budget, and other preferences.

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