STORES10 Most-Elegant Liquidation Stores in New Jersey (2023)

10 Most-Elegant Liquidation Stores in New Jersey (2023)

Everyone may profit from New Jersey’s liquidation stores, regardless of whether they are consumers or businesses. Liquidation pallets in New Jersey provide fantastic opportunities to purchase common or unique things at low costs. They are fairly priced for everyone because the majority of the goods are sold through a discounted technique. Everything might now be handled from the convenience of your home.  If you’re looking for some of the best Liquidation pallets in New Jersey, look no further.

Best Liquidation Stores in New Jersey


Turn7 - liquidation pallets new jersey

Turn7 is one of the biggest closeouts buyers and merchandise liquidators in the USA. It buys and sells a wide range of closeout liquidations from retailers, importers, and manufacturers, including closeout liquidation, liquidated stock, closeout inventory, wholesale liquidation, and overstock goods. 

They have bought closeouts, liquidations, and consumer returns from significant manufacturers, department shops, and importers since 1979. Successful closeout buyers are aware that the key to generating enormous profits is to purchase “excellent goods cheap” and provide clients with both a discount and value. Invigorate your company! With NAME BRAND items from department stores, they assist you in giving it a “shot in the arm” for Liquidation pallets in New Jersey.

The fact that so many manufacturers, merchants, and importers frequently return to sell them their closeout goods makes Turn7 very proud. They acquire a lot of our overstock clearance items and closeout liquidation goods from businesses that they have done business with for many years. Their main objective is to keep your goods out of the normal channels of distribution. They can quickly export your problematic goods due to their existing global clientele.

Address: 400 NJ-38, Moorestown, NJ 08057, United States

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Good-Buy Liquidators & Sales

Good-Buy Liquidators & Sales

Good-Buy Liquidators & Sales has more than 20 years of experience serving customers with a headquarters in Edison, New Jersey. As opportunity purchasers, they acquire all kinds of excess goods, including closeouts, surplus, overstock, and unclaimed freight. By the pallet and truckload, they commonly buy case products.

Their professionals in liquidation assist public warehouses, distribution facilities, freight carriers, wholesalers, and retailers in repurposing space and capital. Customers frequently sell them extra inventory. It results from closeouts, surplus, overstock, packaging modifications, short-coded and close-dated products, discontinued items, over-short and damaged (OS&D) shipments, unclaimed freight, abandoned goods, insurance claims, returned merchandise, store closings, and bankruptcies.

They actively source a wide range of general retail categories, including clothing, cosmetics, electronics, tools for health and beauty, housewares, kitchenware, office supplies, paper products, small appliances, and toys. The majority of their inventory is offered for sale in their regular online auctions, where it is then distributed to their vast network of exporters, wholesalers, retailers, and online merchants.

Address: 66 Mayfield Ave, Edison, NJ 08837, United States

Phone: +1 973-568-9569

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Bargains & Bundles

Bargains & Bundles - liquidation pallets new jersey

Are you trying to find a trustworthy supplier of inventory for your current company? Bargains & Bundles can be of assistance. They specialize in overstock, shelf pulls, and customer returns from well-known stores including Amazon, Target, and Walmart and offer goods by bundle, pallet, and truckload.

You may be sure that you’re receiving top-notch goods at an amazing price because all of the products are in new or nearly-new condition.

It might be intimidating to start your own business, but they are here to support you every step of the way! They give fantastic discounts to people who make large purchases since they aim to establish long-lasting connections with their clients. So why are you still waiting? To start growing your business, get in touch with Bargains & Bundles right away!

Address: 515 Brick Blvd, Brick Township, NJ 08723, United States

Phone: +1 848-221-5289

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LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators)

LL Flooring

It doesn’t have to be a difficult process to downsize, relocate, and liquidate an estate. Allow LL Flooring to handle everything on your behalf. In order to make the process simpler for you, they provide a range of services, such as clearing out the entire house, removing household belongings, purchasing and selling specific things, consigning items to eBay or having an on-site or neighborhood auction, and organizing tag sales.

Therefore, LL Flooring can meet all of your demands. To begin, get in touch with them immediately! In the tri-state region, LL Flooring is the go-to company for estate liquidation services. They have over 25 years of expertise and know how to do tasks fast and effectively.

Address: 507 King Georges Rd, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095, United States

Phone: +1 908-259-4170

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Colony Trading

Colony Trading - liquidation pallets new jersey

Colony Trading’s salvage and liquidation experts, Stuart Whitehead and Tim Lewis, are skilled in converting errors, tragedy, and miscalculation into a financial advantage by matching orphaned and overstocked goods and commodities to suitable alternative markets.

Almost nothing is beyond limits for their attempts at repurposing and reselling. However, Colony Trading is periodically requested to remove items from circulation when it is required to destroy property in order to meet with safety, trade, or brand protection laws.

Address: 66 Mayfield Ave, Edison, NJ 08837, United States

Phone: +1 732-225-9333

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ARSi Warehouse Liquidators

ARSi Warehouse Liquidators

To provide you with a large selection of high-quality products at wholesale costs, ARSi Warehouse Liquidators purchases closeout stuff from stores all across the nation. Since 1982, Trenton, New Jersey-based ARSi has been a trusted supplier for all your wholesale requirements. In the hemisphere, ARSi sends representatives to some of the biggest and most exciting wholesale/surplus trade shows. ​

Address: 122 Muirhead Ave, Trenton, NJ 08638, United States

Phone: +1 609-658-7867

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FB Liquidation

FB Liquidation - liquidation pallets new jersey

For top merchants and producers of high-quality appliances, FB Liquidation is a trusted and practical wholesale supplier. They specialize in buying and selling inexpensive general products across the United States and South America as well as open-box, customer return, and overstock home appliances.

B2B sales, wholesale appliance sales, home appliance purchases, manufacturer’s warranties, home appliances, large appliance liquidation, general merchandise, and home appliance liquidation are some of their specialties.

They have access to vast quantities of overstock, consumer returns, and open-box merchandise from significant retailers and producers. They are able to provide significant savings on things like appliances from well-known brands.

With a fleet of vehicles and the ability to drop trailers anywhere in the US, they are dependable reverse supply chain experts. They prepay in advance for wholesale lots and excess from a range of brick-and-mortar stores, manufacturers, and e-commerce businesses.

To dispose of inventory promptly and effectively, including that in distribution centers and liquidation warehouses in new jersey and, they engage directly with big businesses. They can assist your company in converting its assets into cash so that you may concentrate on the needs of your company, whether it is looking to sell overstocks, get rid of out-of-date items, or perform a final closeout.

Address: 1 Buckingham Ave, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861, United States

Phone: +1 732-497-8417

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Close Out Pallet

Close Out Pallet

Closeout Pallet, based on the East Coast, is a prominent truck and pallet liquidator. Their specialty is selling toys, apparel, beds, clothing, and other products in pallets.
Closeout Pallet specialists understand how difficult it may be to get high-quality items at a low price. As a result, they provide a wide range of liquidation pallets of new jersey, all straight from the New Jersey liquidation warehouse.

CloseOut Pallet, an East Coast truck and pallet liquidation, exclusively exists to help clients grow their companies. They provide high-quality items at competitive pricing so that their customers can benefit.

It specializes in pallet sales of clothing, toys, bedding, clothing, and other products. They have something for everyone, whether you’re searching for brand-new things or customer returns, so start raising money with them now! The organization exists to help its clients grow their companies. The customers may profit by acquiring superior items from them at the lowest feasible price. Let’s work together to make money!

They do business with franchisees, chain stores, and manufacturers directly. They carry brand-new merchandise from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. You will be well-equipped to compete with any business in their region as well as online e-Commerce with great items at the best price that you can pick from. online e-Commerce with great items at the best price that you can pick from.

Address: 555 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA

Phone: +1 929-349-6999

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B & W LIQUIDATORS - liquidation pallets new jersey

Searching for a reliable source of reconditioned computers? B&W Liquidators is the only option! They provide affordable rates on reconditioned equipment, making them ideal for manufacturers, value-added resellers, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

To guarantee that you obtain a high-quality product, they adhere to tight guidelines set forth by Microsoft. B&W Liquidators is the best alternative for your technology requirements because of their affordable and environmentally responsible solutions!

The best source for both new and second-hand IT hardware in the tri-state region is System Liquidators. They are ready to handle any IT demands you may have, from straightforward repairs to complete system replacement and installation, thanks to their workforce of over 100 professionals.

They are a Microsoft Authorized Gold Certified Partner and a Refurbisher, so you can be sure you’re obtaining high-end goods from companies like HP, Dell, and Lenovo at a much lower price.

Not yet persuaded? Visit their two cutting-edge facilities to see for yourself! Their large 75,000-square-foot facility in Ontario, Canada has everything you need for a comprehensive system upgrade, while their 20,000-square-foot facility in New Jersey is fully loaded with the newest and finest IT equipment. Whatever your requirements, System Liquidators is certain to offer the ideal answer!

Address: 400 S New Prospect Rd, Jackson, NJ 08527, United States

Phone: +1 732-779-0025

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888 Lots

888 Lots - liquidation pallets new jersey

The best place to sell excess merchandise and gadgets is 888 Lots. 888 Lots makes it simple to get what you need and receive the greatest bargains because of its enormous assortment of high-quality items and user-friendly platform.

Your search for the lowest prices on excess stock and gadgets will be simple and convenient thanks to their website, which is made to accommodate the demands of buyers of all sizes. You may rely on them to offer you the best items at affordable pricing.

888 Lots is pleased to provide a creative and effective answer that is adapted to the requirements of purchasers of all sizes. They provide everything you need to receive the lowest prices on unsold inventory and technological items, whether you’re a small business owner or a large shop.

Address: 1416 E Linden Ave, Linden, NJ 07036, United States

Phone: +1 844-888-5687

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Are you looking for exceptional discounts? Every day, you may buy name-brand goods for up to 80% less than they would cost in these liquidation stores. Shop our incredible assortment of household goods, gadgets, clothing, and more! You’ll be able to stock up on everything you need and want with these great prices!

Here is a list of the top New Jersey liquidators where you may get liquidation pallets. These liquidators are the best because of their trustworthiness, superior products, and affordable costs. Please inform us if you find any other liquidation pallets in New Jersey. You may always bookmark this page and come back to it for additional ideas that are similar.

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