STORES13 Best Wholesale Clothing Stores in USA for Cheap Products

13 Best Wholesale Clothing Stores in USA for Cheap Products

The Demands of the clothing industry have grown on a large scale with time. Many people like to buy unusual items. They are ready to spend a lot of bucks on quality and designs. As a result, a complete culture of fashion starts to develop in cities all over the globe. Where can I locate a wholesale supplier? should be your first consideration if you’re looking for cheap, high-quality clothing at wholesale prices. If you buy wholesale clothing at full retail value and then transfer it for more money, you won’t make any money. You will only increase costs to a level that your clients could deem excessive.

What are wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers?

In reality, a company that manages wholesale deliveries for goods producers is a wholesale clothes distributor or seller. The distributor has a storehouse and a warehousing center, and it can send goods either simply to the retail outlet (you) or otherwise, if the merchant engages in a drop-shipping business, to the purchasers.

Good wholesale apparel wholesalers and sellers have close ties to the producers of the goods they stock and sell. If a wholesale dealer or supplier offers dropshipping to the shopkeeper, it is their responsibility to deliver or arrange delivery to retail establishments or directly to shoppers.

Therefore, you can create a dropshipping operation that only distributes internet and delivers directly to clients or a retail chain that keeps and offers fashion products online if one can find a reliable wholesale clothing vendor or distributor. Use item retouching services to improve your images and offer them a more eye-catching appearance before putting up your first rankings. 

Top wholesalers

There are wholesale apparel wholesalers and dealers in numerous nations across the globe. Finding a decent one could take a little time, however, you should strive for both affordability and high quality considering the finished goods will have a direct impact on your sales figures.

Top Wholesalers of Clothing in the World:


Sugerlips - wholesale clothing

The fantastic wholesale clothing website Sugarlips provides you with very wholesale-quality clothing at affordable pricing. The products are carefully chosen, and you can browse their enormous catalog.

The website has also put time and effort into producing lookbooks so that you can be influenced by them. The bundled items are elegant and classic. Products do not arrive in single portions and are contained in packages of various sizes.

Additionally, all clothes of wholesale women’s clothing purchased from the website have the Sugarlips name, so think carefully about whether you want to collaborate with the company or not.


Magnolia - wholesale clothing

Visit Magnolia Fashion whether you’re seeking outfits, swimsuits, or costumes. Magnolia, only arrives in boxes; you cannot order individual items. Each pack typically includes the same three products or items of apparel.

You must become a member before placing an order. The website welcomes users from all over the globe and signup is free. The amount of shipping is not specified on the website because it is location-based. The website allows bulk purchases, but dropshipping is not permitted.

LA showroom

LA showroom - wholesale clothing

The wholesale clothes suppliers’ platform and directory is called LA Showroom. One could purchase fantastic-looking clothing wholesale on the website for for $10. To browse and purchase products, however, you should be a subscriber. After being given membership approval, you can browse the website by brands and place orders at discounted rates.

Prices and shipment charges range because there are various providers present. The minimum order criteria and the locations they could deliver to vary from source to source.

Jelly bean

Jelly bean - wholesale clothing

Women’s apparel and items, such as jewelry and eyewear, are available from Jelly Bean, a worldwide clothing seller. It is in the Californian city of Los Angeles.

The website allows you to make bulk purchases and have the product delivered right to your door. For individuals who wish to stock product in a real shop, it is a fantastic option.

You could return unsatisfactory goods and there is international delivery offered. However, the return option is only valid for three days after the item is delivered.

Wholesale central

Wholesale central - wholesale clothing

On the webpage Wholesale Central, you may find a large number of American wholesale clothes suppliers and dealers. The online clothing wholesale website not only helps you identify producers, but it also advertises tradeshows and finalisation specials.

The website has clothing for ladies, children, and more. There is no requirement for registration on the website, which is a wholesaler marketplace. Check the supplier’s webpage by clicking the hyperlink if you discover one you like.

You would need to speak with the provider directly and negotiate your terms of sale. Since supplier adverts on the website are how Wholesale Central makes the majority of its revenue, there is no membership charge.



Your entryway to reaching one of top companies with in $368 billion global apparel market is SeeBiz. All apparel for men, women, kids, and toddlers is offered on a single market in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and styles. There are numerous vendors there offering various types of apparel at reasonable prices.

You may browse updates on apparel trends from various businesses because SeeBiz is a digital wholesale marketing platform that links suppliers and consumers. It’s also free. On SeeBiz, you could quickly purchase and sell a large selection of clothes without paying any money.

Brands Gateway

Brands Gateway

Among the top suppliers of wholesale apparel is Brands Gateway. This business provides wholesale apparel for both men as well as women. Among the most recognizable wholesale boutique clothes suppliers. Their clothing is of the highest caliber, and they offer wholesale prices that are reasonable.

One of the biggest luxury companies is located at Brands Gateway, which also has a huge assortment of expensive goods. If you sign up for their online store, you can start buying wholesale apparel from them right away.

From Brands Gateway, one can purchase wholesale clothing in stock bunch or as a pick-and-mix. This business will be your greatest option if you enjoy selling glitzy apparel.

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Another reputable yet high-quality wholesale clothing supplier is Bloom. This is well among wholesalers of women’s clothing. This reputable wholesaler specialises on inexpensive women’s clothing.

They provide dresses, skirts, blouses, and a lot more in women’s wholesale boutique clothing in regular and plus sizes. They work together with talented designers to produce clothes that women adore wearing.

If you need a lesser fashion supplier, you might wish to explore into Bloom’s wholesale options because their products are fairly priced. Additionally, this reputable wholesaler provides affordable shipping. If you wish to save money for your business venture, there is another perk.

Parisian wholesale

Parisian wholesale

In fact, Parisian Wholesale would be a UK-based online clothing company that sells its goods all over the globe. This area includes overcoats, gowns, sweaters, coats, and various things. Only women’s clothing is offered on the website. Mostly in teams of six can you purchase high-quality goods for under £10 per item.

Along with the price of the merchandise, you need to set aside at least $20 for shipping. The item will be sent by DHL and Parcel Force. You can only buy six or nine deliveries at once, therefore you won’t even be able to use this facility to dropship individual items.



The market for Indian traditional clothing is enormous and has great growth. ZaaSmart is a fantastic place to look for wholesale apparel because there is a desire for these garments both domestically and internationally. Amazing traditional Indian attire for a variety of occasions is available there.

You could order a specific stock of products, making your product unique for single importing. If you wish to explore a new theme, this is unquestionably a terrific thing to try because the costumes on the website appear wonderful.

The cost of labor and storage space may also be less expensive here, offering Indian wholesale clothing providers an excellent choice for drop-shipping through Asia or placing large orders.



Chinabrands would be a well international drop shipping seller and supplier website. More than 200 different countries can use their services. The website has a thorough inventory that includes apparel, swimsuits, luggage, shoes, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, and more. There have been more than 500,000 items offered, and every day fresh, trendy items are introduced.

Finding low to high final item lines at wholesale pricing is quite easy on this website. Many products from China brands are available for around $0.29 and are in decent condition. It can only charge about $40 if you’re seeking a high-end designer brand.

Additionally, you receive CB points for every transaction you do on the website, which you may redeem for cash the following time. More discounts and CB points are available if you sign up as a member. Furthermore, Chinabrands offers a dropshipping-specific program.

Additionally, Chinabrands has a skilled team that selects products that are in style and are likely to be successful so you may decide which to offer. The producers on the website are able to brand and distribute products in bulk.



One of the biggest digital marketplaces in the globe is AliExpress/Alibaba. Over both websites, there are hundreds or thousands of garment producers, and dresses start at $15. Whereas Alibaba caters more to local wholesale producers that can supply in huge quantities but rarely speak other tongues, AliExpress caters more to Chinese sellers and consumers who could converse in English and wish to conduct business internationally.

The advantage of AliExpress is that every manufacturer there ships internationally. Products can be purchased in single or wholesale men clothing quantities. You could still charge the wholesale price despite if you purchase something at retail. Numerous items in this country are of a good calibre and may compete with brands from abroad.

On AliExpress, a large number different lot of sellers and suppliers who have warehouses in the America, Russia, France, the UK, as well as other countries in Europe. If their clients are from these nations, they could supply from these places with quicker delivery times and lower shipping prices.



Trayde seems to be the UK’s speediest online wholesale marketplace, that has been mentioned in a number of top media sites in the globe, notably Metro and The Independent.

With Trayde, you can find one-of-a-kind wholesale goods from numerous independent companies like ElleyHome. In actuality, the platform hand-selected and screened each dealer on the Trayde world market.

Trayde offers a wide range of unique cheap wholesale clothing goods, including anything from jewelry, stationary, apparel, and soft interiors to home decoration and soft goods, as well as decorative items and soft fixtures and fittings.


Every business owner needs to have a thorough list of the goods they wish to buy, an expected budget, and a marketing strategy for promotion. The optimum scenario is if the bulk suppliers can satisfy your own requirements.

Spend time in forums and organizations where you may talk about clothing trends and storefronts while learning about what the public expects from businesses. You could also join beneficial communities.

In the dynamic industry of apparel, you can expand your clientele and make new friends. Having conversations with professionals at a trade fair might lead to friendships and helpful advice.

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