STORES10 Best Liquidation Websites in Germany to Buy Pallets (2023)

10 Best Liquidation Websites in Germany to Buy Pallets (2023)

The world’s top liquidation websites and stores are based in Germany. Liquidation stores are a crucial part of making up for losses incurred by failed companies. These wholesale entities’ primary goal is to purchase retail establishments’ overstocks, shelf pulls, customer returns, and wrecked goods in order to liquidate the inventory at a discount.

They are a great site for buying branded goods at discounted rates for small-to-large businesses, flea markets, and local merchants. They provide a diverse selection of products, affordable rates, and user-friendly platforms. Large-scale retailers and internet wholesale consumers benefit from liquidation stores. As a result, this procedure not only allows a way for ‌new collections but also aids in reducing the excess inventory of top brands and companies. 

You’re likely to find what you’re searching for at one of these liquidation stores, whether you’re seeking the newest trends or timelessly elegant classics. Therefore, feel free to check out them and discover how they might contribute to the success of your company. 

As a result, we have put together a list of the top wholesale liquidation websites and stores in Germany where you can buy outstanding quality goods at reasonable prices, along with shipping options.

Best Liquidation Stores in Germany

Postskriptum GmbH

Postskriptum GmbHPostskriptum GmbH is the #1 store on the list of the most important liquidation websites and stores in Germany. It is one of the top European wholesale clothing suppliers with unrivaled skills in packaging, mixing, and assorting commodities. They provide an extensive selection of goods, not only for major commercial wholesalers but also for firms engaged in smaller quantities of clothing and accessories.

They strive to provide their customers with top-notch service and fashionable apparel from renowned brands. With renowned manufacturing groups from Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, they have long-term contracts of original brand stock purchase that guarantee their company’s consistency.

They ensure Direct contracts with brand apparel, footwear, and accessories suppliers. This ensures the timely wholesale delivery of fashionable seasonal goods of superior European standards.

Prices for stock clothing are five to ten times less than those manufacturers set for their usual new collection prices. For commercial distributors, POSTSKRIPTUM GmbH provides more than 50,000 high-quality brand-name clothes, shoes, and accessories for European consumers.


Zentrada  - liquidation websites Germany

Zentrada is the next best liquidation store in Germany. It is the biggest platform for consumer product procurement in Germany. You get special access to the best-value product categories’ bestselling product lines, private labels, and hottest trends.

Zentrada offers safe payments by sending you an invoice, which you can pay directly. They can arrange Delivery through zentrada. Distribution or directly from the supplier.

It keeps you updated and offers the widest assortment, the highest margins, AI-based recommendations, and comprehensive service through a single platform for your company procurement. With a full service in procurement, Zentrada provides retailers with simple access to the top importers and manufacturers in Europe.

There are 936.425 active members and 409.235 products available in this liquidation store. With an active assortment strategy and flexible buying, you can increase turnover and profit.

With TradeSafe Checkout from zentrada, managing your suppliers, orders, payments, invoices, and reorders is simple and convenient online. You get special access to the best-value product categories’ bestselling product lines, product rankings, and product-popularity indices to make smarter choices.

You can access the best product and brand lines, as well as the finest assortments, from Europe’s largest supplier in the consumer goods sector with just one platform. They can place orders for delivery outside of Germany tax-free by providing a UID registration number.

B Stock

B StockB-Stock is a network of online liquidation auction markets. Retailers sell large numbers of goods from various categories and conditions (new, unopened, to salvage) through their online marketplaces.

For all of your inventory needs, browse through thousands of live auctions from well-known brands like Amazon, Dell, Walmart, Modo, Revlon, and many others. There are 5000+ active members and 1000+ business sources too available to B Stock.

At B-Stock- a reputable liquidation website in Germany, they support business innovators and entrepreneurs. Regardless of the type, state, or location, they think there is a high demand for and value in returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory.

To assist you in expanding your business, they offer a committed customer service team and educational resources. Through their official liquidation websites and stores, you can purchase directly from stores.  websites

B-Stock provides businesses with direct access to inventories. They commit to providing customers with a level of personal attention and product procurement that is unmatched in the industry. They work hard to give the best advertising services that simplify order administration and arrive at your customer’s doorsteps.

Surplex GmbH

Surplex GmbH - liquidation websites GermanySurplex GmbH is an owner-managed online retailer that specializes in the digital auction trade of old industrial equipment and is one of the most reliable liquidation websites and stores in Germany. 

They bridge the gap between the benefits of internet commerce and the advantages of conventional machine dealing by fusing digital proficiency with personalized attention.

Surplex is the only corporation in Europe that provides seamless service to its clients. They can arrange transportation, customs checks, and dismantling from a single source. Undoubtedly, this German liquidation store prioritizes the needs of its clients. With them, buyers and sellers benefit from seamless processes and get their best results.

Surplex purchases sell via auction or promote your equipment and goods. The auction site with the most industry sales is More than 55,000 items are traded yearly at more than 500 online auctions. Both vendors and buyers profit from the large supply.

They can assist you in selling at top prices on anything from used machinery to tools, stock, and entire facilities. They are always on your side at all times. Throughout the sales process, their knowledgeable specialists offer you full support.


Merkandi - liquidation websites GermanyThis liquidation websites and stores in Germany serves as an international wholesale selling platform for overstocks, clearance stock, corporate liquidation stock, bankrupt stock, and customer returns.

They establish a single location where global wholesale trading is easy, accessible, and secure. Above all, they remove geographical and linguistic boundaries and boost transaction security. For enterprises of every size, Merkandi is the ideal option. They provide a scalable platform that streamlines reaching out to new clients and markets. Your business can expand without boundaries using Merkandi!

You can purchase wholesale merchandise and sell it for a profit at this liquidation store. They offer them in numerous nations and languages. 

Merkandi has started a series of recurring Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction surveys to assess better the caliber of their services and the course of development/changes. They have changed the CSV and XML import systems because they know that time is money. The user experience is now much simpler and more straightforward, which will undoubtedly raise usability.


Pluta - liquidation websites GermanyYou need to look no further than PLUTA to find one of Germany’s top liquidation websites. PLUTA is one of the top businesses that excel in reorganizing and changing around industries.

PLUTA was established in 1982 and has since expanded significantly, now employing roughly 500 people in more than 40 branch offices that five commercially viable legal companies run too.

They offer guidance on all business law-related matters, actively assist businesses with restructuring, and expertly handle insolvency proceedings. Furthermore, they promise to give their clients knowledgeable recommendations, original suggestions for solutions, and compelling options for taking action. 

Teams of experts from diverse fields, including management experts, tax consultants, auditors, certified accountants, and attorneys, collaborate to meet clients’ needs. They have combined their expertise in restructuring, insolvency administration, and legal consulting

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Mobel Martin

Mobel Martin - liquidation websites GermanyThis liquidation store has been producing lovely, well-made furniture for over 60 years since it opened its doors in 1959. You can rely on your Mobel Martin furniture to last due to their commitment to quality, and their pieces are ideal for every space in your house.

Besides this, you can discover everything you need to decorate your home outside, including garden lights, furniture, and ornamental items that are waterproof.Users get the impression that everything will come together flawlessly on its own because of skilled specialized advisers and services like 3D planning and on-site setup.

When you purchase at this liquidation store, you can be confident that even the most ambitious furnishing aspirations are accomplished. It has 62,000 goods and eight different locations,

There are 2,000 skilled professionals who dedicate to serving you. On several special opening dates, they especially work past regular business hours.


MSY Invest SPRLNext up on the list of best liquidation websites and stores in Germany is MSY Invest SPRL. MSY INVEST is a cutting-edge, certified B2B (business-to-business) global manufacturer of goods.

This liquidation store works nonstop to provide tools and resources that support their clients’ pursuit of fulfillment. They provide high-quality household goods and fashionable things at wholesale and bulk prices. They are a diversified import and export firm.

Furthermore, they employ a combination of a hard-working crew to actively look for suppliers of innovative, exciting, and in-demand products. 

Exclusive access to product research, sophisticated search tools, frequent reports on the best-selling products, and retail tactics are all areas of expertise at MSY INVEST. 

The goal of the liquidation store is to make it easier for customers to find new products. They accomplish this by identifying emerging niche markets and seizing the chance to offer them the best products on the market worldwide.

Vintage Wholesale Berlin

Vintage Wholesale BerlinVintage Wholesale is a Berlin, Germany-based liquidation store. They have over ten years of expertise offering an extensive selection of premium vintage wholesale apparel products at affordable wholesale costs. 

Vintage Wholesale specializes in providing drop shipping and B2B (business-to-business) solutions to its clients throughout Europe. 

The company’s minimum order is 50 pieces; they immediately ship your order after receiving payment.

Vintage Wholesale Berlin brings the best vintage quality available anywhere in Europe. As a vintage clothes manufacturer, they provide high quality, exceptional condition vintage retail apparel products.

Get in touch with the most popular liquidation store, if you are a new business seeking a trustworthy wholesale supplier or an established firm wishing to expand your vintage product line.


Return-Market Return-Market is a wholesale trade warehouse that sells extra surplus products and accepts customer returns.

This liquidation store provides pallet, truckload, and cargo deliveries to the European and international markets. This warehouse is conveniently close to Prague in the Czech Republic. Every week, the liquidation store rotates its inventory.

They also support retailers in targeting specific clients by assisting in product procurement for the growing market of millions of web-based business owners. Their diligent crew also offers clients the choice to dropship their products to the customer.

This opens the door for sales leads and the sourcing of products too for their clients from China and Europe.


Since these stores provide leading merchandise at low wholesale prices without the requirement of a resale certificate. You should absolutely look into the above-mentioned liquidation websites and stores in Germany if you own a small business.

However, it’s challenging to choose the best liquidation website. Finding the most reliable and legitimate wholesale liquidation company involves extensive investigation. These corporations have a noteworthy history of operating in the retail sector.

They are reliable and provide new products, refurbished items, and salvage items from more than 100 different categories at the most competitive prices.

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