STORES15 Best Stores Like Forever 21 For Discounted Offers in 2023

15 Best Stores Like Forever 21 For Discounted Offers in 2023

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an online retail store like Forever 21. Everyone strives to dress well! You don’t, do you? Because sometimes if you’re not dressed properly, you can’t stand out in front of your friends or coworkers. Your closet must contain fashionable clothing for that, and it must be updated regularly to reflect current trends. One of the well-known online retailers, Stores like Forever 21, will help you redecorate your wardrobe with their stylish clothing selections.

But if you frequently purchase items from Forever 21 and have grown tired of their collections and are looking for new online clothing retailers, the internet is home to several respectable Forever 21 alternatives.

Forever 21 is a popular fast-fashion retailer among consumers because it is both extremely affordable and extremely fashionable. It’s understandable why the news of Forever 21’s bankruptcy filing in September 2020 sent tremors through the entire world.

But we do have some welcome news. Since Forever 21 was saved from bankruptcy, its new owners want to keep the majority of the company’s stores. However, if you’re still looking for options, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 clothing stores like forever 21 that should each be appealing to fans of a particular feature of Forever 21.

Best Stores Like Forever 21

MODCLOTH: A vintage-inspired cloth shopping

MODCLOTHWith its selection of vintage-inspired clothing that is more fashionable than actual vintage items, ModCloth will make you feel as though you’ve traveled back in time several decades when you shop there. In addition, they have fun, quirky items that will make you stand out as well as the standard trendy items.

The sizes range from XS to 4X, so you’ll undoubtedly find something that fits. On average, the prices are higher than those of Forever 21, but they are still more reasonable thanks to the regular discounts and sales.

But what we like most about ModCloth is that if you’re unsure which style is best for you, you can easily get in touch with one of their ModStylists for a free consultation. Additionally, you can enquire about the products, their size, and their fit, as well as ask for gift suggestions.

LULU: For Bridgerton Lovers

LULUAn Instagram-famous fashion retailer that targets 20-something customers has taken over what was once a vintage boutique in California. In addition to offering a sizable selection of trendy items, Lulu’s is one of the stores similar to Forever 21 in that many of its products share the same aesthetic.

Although Lulu’s prices are a little higher, they also have a little bit more to offer, including a new bridal collection that looks elegant and timeless and a dress collection that unquestionably outshines Forever 21’s in terms of style. There are sizes XS through 3X.

If you’re looking for something in particular, it’s really simple to shop on Lulu’s. Just head over to the Bestsellers section where you’ll find a list of trends, including color trends and the 90s trend.

Additionally, they have a section for cottagecore apparel for subculture enthusiasts as well as another for regencycore, the style featured in the Netflix sensation Bridgerton.

STITCH FIX: For Curated Pieces

STITCH FIXWhile some customers shop at Forever 21 primarily because they like the styles, others do so because of the low prices. Try Stitch Fix if you fall into the latter category or if you’re looking for a high-end shopping experience at a good price.

It works by sending you a box of carefully chosen items, known as a Fix, that are designed around your style after you complete a style quiz to determine your style. You try them on, choose the ones you like, pay for them, and send the rest back. Every Fix carries a $20 styling fee, but you can apply it to any items you decide to keep.

Prices range from $20 per item to over $100, and sizes run the gamut from XS to petite plus sizes. To avoid getting items that are too expensive for you, you can set your ideal price upfront. Additionally, shipping, returns, and exchanges are all free. You are free to purchase items that are not part of your Fix, and the $20 styling fee is not required. Stitch Fix does not offer subscriptions, despite the $20 styling fee sounding like one.

You can either set up recurring shipments or request a Fix whenever you want. If you want to be able to test out several items at home without having to worry about paying for returns, Stitch Fix is a fantastic choice.

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THREDUP: For Sustainable Shopping

THREDUPWe now have quick access to a broad selection of stylish items offered at incredibly low prices because of fast-fashion retailers like Forever 21. The environment is seriously harmed by fast fashion, though. Thredup is a great place to start if you want to start doing more environmentally friendly shopping.

ThredUp not only offers a wide selection of trendy items from numerous well-known brands, but they also provide several designer items at a significant discount from the price of brand-new ones.

Even though ThredUp only accepts clothing that has been washed by its previous owners, it should be noted that they don’t wash any of the clothing they receive. Since many of these have been washed using fabric softener, if you have an allergy, you may experience problems.

You should shop by brand on ThredUp because there is such a large selection of items available. This will prevent you from scrolling endlessly. Prices on ThredUp start at about $7 for tops, and the site offers a large selection of sizes, from XXS to 4X.

URBAN OUTFITTERS: For Younger Trendsetters

URBAN OUTFITTERSMany tweens, teens, and college students enjoy shopping at Urban Outfitters. They offer more than just cutting-edge fashion; they also have a selection of classic pieces that look great in any setting.

You can find something you like even if you graduated from high school more than ten years ago because they carry a wide range of well-known brands, such as their sister brands Anthropologie, Terrain, and Free People.

In the sense that the styles are comparable to those of Forever 21, but the goods are of higher quality, Urban Outfitters is like an upgraded version of Forever 21. With tops starting at $14 and dresses at $25, the prices are also on the higher side on average. The smallest and largest sizes are XS and XXL, respectively.

Urban Outfitters has all of these categories and more, whereas Forever 21 and many other stores have sections for Home, Beauty, Stationery, Books, Games, and Audio. They not only have a Smart Tech section, but also a Cameras + Film section, a Smoke section, and a section for trendy exercise gear.


H&MIn the eyes of teenagers and young adults, H&M is equally popular as Forever 21. To customers all over the world, they offer clothing and accessories. The business was established in Sweden in 1947 as a women’s clothing shop, and it has steadily grown in size and recognition ever since.

They have a section of their website dedicated to their most recent collection, complete with images and the most recent information on upcoming collections. There are fantastic options here for women, men, and children. Particularly stylish and exquisite is their winter collection.

They use sustainable manufacturing techniques, which appeal to environmentally conscious children. For the complete collection as well as several sales, discounts, and offers, visit their store or website. For summer, they offer sophisticated dresses and blouses. They also sell kitchenware, glassware, home goods, and other things.


ZARAZara is a Spanish fashion brand and retailer that was established in 1975 and has become well-known for its outstanding collection all over the world. They stock clothing for men, women, and children, and they update their collections twice a week to keep their patrons always in style. Whatever your fashion preference, from girly to goth, Zara will impress you with its chic selection of clothing and accessories.

Zara sells a wide variety of items in addition to dresses, including belts, shoes, bags, purses, and jewelry. Their most recent Spring/Summer 2020 collection is already available in their shops and online.

To receive the most recent information on their new collections and trends, sign up for their newsletter. With these affordably priced and incredibly stylish clothes, you can alter your wardrobe according to the season and always step out in style.


SHEINThis is a well-known online retailer of fast fashion with a China base that specializes in selling stylish, incredibly affordable women’s clothing and accessories. Shein was founded in 2008.

Shein, which promotes the idea that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion,” primarily sells female lingerie but also has an incredibly wide selection of shoes, children’s clothing, men’s clothing, and accessories.

To put it mildly, the selection of clothing on Shein’s website is astounding. Recognize that a “shopping trip” won’t be easy, even though the website is quick and simple to use. Shein offers cheap, trendy clothing that can be hit or miss in terms of actual performance, so you get what you pay for. Simply put, it is a mall retailer like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe on the internet.


MISSGUIDEDWomen’s fashion is Missguided’s sole focus. It includes things like clothing, from casual to dressy, shoes, and accessories. This e-commerce site was launched in 2009 and quickly became well-known.

Almost every type of women’s clothing is available, including tops, jackets, pants, jeans, denim, swimwear, and many more. It ensures that you will receive items in your size and includes clothing in sizes such as petite, tall, and plus size.

You’ll discover a fresh fashion item every time you shop at Missguided. As a result, if you keep shopping here, you can be sure that you’ll always find the newest fashion trends there.

On special occasions, you can additionally find discounts and deals on cutting-edge, fashionable clothing. Additionally, they operate a 28-day return period and charge no shipping fees for orders over $50.


MANGOSpanish company Mango has operated in the fashion industry since 1995. It produces, designs, and sells clothing for children, men, and women.

They also have a sizable selection of fashionable accessories, including gorgeous jewelry, watches, sunglasses, suits, jackets, belts, wallets, shoes, and a variety of other items.

You can sort of fulfill all of your fashion needs here. Here, you can find all the fashionable styles made of top-notch fabric, and they even have clothing for plus sizes.

You can find all the newest fashion trends here, along with incredible offers and discounts that are only available here.


ONLY - stores like forever 21ONLY is typically devoted to women’s fashion and offers a sizable selection of high-end western clothing with appealing styles and a global flair.

The business was founded in Denmark in 1995, and thanks to its unchanging fashion collection, it has grown to become a popular destination for those seeking the newest trends in clothing.

It’s a fantastic substitute for forever 21, where you can find plus-size clothing of all types. You ought to try it because they emphasize denim particularly. Students can take advantage of the 10% discount offer when they purchase from ONLY.


ASOS - stores like forever 21You can also find everything you need for fashion at ASOS. You will notice a significant price difference because this retailer carries more than 850 brands of clothing. A good price range is also included for their brand products.

There are many different items in the accessories category, including a belt, hats, wallets, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, and watches. Additionally, it offers items for home décor, gifts, tools, and skincare and grooming.

As Seen on Screen is the acronym for this business, which was founded in the UK in 2000. It now ranks among the most well-known online fashion retailers, has stores similar to Forever 21, and ships goods to more than 200 nations.


BOOHOO - stores like forever 21Therefore, visit Boohoo if you want a unique look for every occasion. All the current fashion accessories can be purchased here for a reasonable price.

It updates its store by adding hundreds of new designs of clothing every week and offers a stylish selection of clothing for both men and women. As a result, each time you visit their website, you will learn something fresh and new.

Whenever you visit Boohoo, you’ll discover there is always a sale going on. For every product you order, you have the option of choosing either free or express delivery.


TOPSHOP - stores like forever 21All of the fashionable women’s clothing and accessories are available at Topshop. Another website called “TopMan” has a decent selection of men’s clothing as well.

All men’s clothing, including socks and shirts, is available on Topman for a fair price. They offer high-end jeans from LEVI’S, Jack & Jones, Jaded, Antioch, and other renowned brands in the jeans category. As a result, you can shop for the ideal fit that suits you since they offer a variety of sizes and fits.

Along with clothing, they offer a variety of fashionable extras that will help you put together a fashionable look, including watches, sunglasses, shoes, belts, bags, and more.

The stylish women’s clothing, accessories, and other goods can all be found in the “Topshop” section. In addition to stocking clothing from renowned brands like Adidas, Cameo, Another 8, and others, they also have their line of accessories and clothing.

A fashion brand with headquarters in London, this business offers cost-effective shipping to your door.


MYNTRA - stores like forever 21Located in India, Myntra is a well-known online fashion retailer that offers affordable designer clothing for women, men, and children. They have everything in their clothing section, from formal attire to party attire.

Shoes, watches, sunglasses, bags, jewelry, scarves and stoles, skin and hair care products, fragrances, and many other items are examples of fashion accessories. These will all help you express your style better. Stores like Forever 21, this is a budget, online retailers.

The “Home & Living” section of their website has everything you’ll need to decorate your home after updating your wardrobe. It is one of the retailers similar to Forever 21, where you can get stylish clothing from top-tier international brands with ease.


OASIS - stores like forever 21Several women’s clothing items can be purchased at Oasis, which is a well-liked retailer. With a large selection of dresses, tops, swimwear, skirts, and other wardrobe essentials, Oasis specializes in women’s clothing.

Find it on this website if you want to buy a dress that looks like one you saw in a movie or TV show.


You can find the most recent and fashionable clothing in the website’s New In section. The wedding section at Oasis is fantastic. You would always receive the newest and most recent products because they are constantly adding new ones.

That’s all we have to say; now it’s your turn. We’ve provided a list of some of the top stores similar to Forever 21, from which you can quickly and easily stock up on all the newest looks for your wardrobe and yourself. These shops update their clothing selection every week to keep their customers abreast of the most recent fashion trends. As a result, you will discover something fresh and original on their website each time you visit.

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