STORES20 Top-Notch Stores Like Express for Clothing Deals (2023)

20 Top-Notch Stores Like Express for Clothing Deals (2023)

Express is the go-to clothing store for all youthful and savvy business people. They are one of the ideal stores for almost every situation varying from interviews to festivals. They fit into the laid-back chic New York City aesthetic while also being very affordable. Cheap stores like Express with a good collection are hard to come by but they remain an exception.

They have very good, eye-catching collections available for everyone’s taste. However, you will love their style if you are into the color black. Almost every thrifty fashionista knows about Express because their garments manage to remain on-trend.

It may be a very popular option among fashion lovers right now. However, there are a lot of other stores like Express offering cheap & quality clothes. Fortunately, several different stores also offer budget-friendly clothes.

This article is ideal for you if you want to find more stores like express that offer good-quality, trendy clothes for both women and men. We have compiled a list of 20 such stores that fit into the city aesthetic and offer even wider collections of clothing and provide more variety,

Stores Comparable to Express

Of Mercer

Of Mercer - stores like expressOf Mercer, founded in New York, is ideal for any working professional. This is because this brand was created while keeping the women who spend hours in a professional setting in mind. They are one of the clothing stores like Express that are oriented towards women.

Their main aesthetic is business casual wear. They offer the newest styles that come from New York Fashion Week. In comparison to Express, ‘Of Mercer’ is slightly more expensive. However, this is because of their higher-quality garments.

They make sure to provide comfortable and flattering necklines and hems to make sure your wardrobe for work makes you feel wonderful and comfortable. Their clothes are made to help you feel more sophisticated and comfortable during your every workday.


ZARA - stores like expressZara is a forward-thinking store that manages to offer competitive pricing when compared to Express and similar stores. Their collections are very popular because of how visually appealing they are. They manage to make the exact replicas of designer pieces at very cheap prices. However, one thing to keep in mind is that their products are known to have a shorter shelf life.

With the help of Zara clothing, your entire family can look stylish and trendy. They have a very wide variety of clothing ranging from trendy streetwear, or loungewear to elegant formal attire. Additionally, they also have accessories, shoes, and bags. This makes them a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need.


Uniqlo - stores like expressUniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand that is a very good rival to clothing stores like express. By using the sensibility of Japanese designs, they create timeless basics and statement pieces. When compared to Express, the quality of Uniqlo’s clothing is much higher. They offer functional clothing in addition to it being fashionable.

They are one of the best options for high-street fashion available. Their clothes are well-made and trendy while also having the classic essence. They are very popular for their collections of coats and jackets.

For women, their collection of high-quality sweaters and dresses is worth checking out. They also have unique partnerships with legendary fashion designers in addition to partnering with Disney and Star Wars.

J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory - stores like expressCrew Factory is similar to J. Crew. They offer similar high-quality and up-to-date items. However, they are a rival store to Express because their prices are lower even though their collections are slightly more limited. Here, you can find amazing, timeless clothing at very reasonable prices.

They are known for creating stylish and cutting-edge fashion collections that cater to both sexes. J. Crew Factory will help you look fashionable without having to break the bank. Additionally, they offer “Special Size”.

This includes tiny, tall, small, or big sizes that would be harder to find in their flagship J. Crew store. However, their mainstream collections tend to remain limited in sizing which can make it slightly difficult for certain people.


ReissReiss is a London-based label that has been making and selling chic garments since the 1970s. By shopping here, you can find all of the newest styles in fashion. They offer everything from shirts to skirts, shoes to accessories, etc.

Their main aesthetic is also chic business casual which makes them a competitor to Express. Their collection is made to make you feel like you are the main character ns a hallmark movie. They have thrived over the years because the public finds them very credible.

Even the British royal family was seen wearing them clothes. They are experts in their assortment of business shirts including wrap shirts, refined blouses, and sophisticated jackets. Comparatively, they are more expensive but are worth it.


PacSun - stores like expressPacsun, originally known as Pacific Sunwear of California, are popular because of its aesthetic of trendy American streetwear. They are more popular among teens and young adults. This is because of their amazing selections of streetwear, footwear, and accessories that are made by taking inspiration from the sunny state of California.

They have clothing for people of all ages and sexes. However, their target demographic is geared more toward the younger generations. They are also well-known among men and women who usually participate in more active lifestyle activities. They also offer clothing that is inspired by skiing, skating, and surfing subcultures. Some other popular labels are also sold at PacSun. For example, Adidas, Fear of God Essentials, etc.

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Zappos - stores like expressZappos, founded in Las Vegas in 1999, has made it a priority to provide clothing that has the “Wow factor”. Their clothes are straightforward and are meant to make people stand out. They used to specialize in solely selling shoes when they first started. However, over the years, they have included a variety of other items in their collections.

Their mission is to create long-lasting joy and satisfaction for their customers, vendors, shareholders, workers, and everyone else who supports their business, either directly or indirectly. They provide the best possible service and experience to their customers.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor - stores like expressAnn Taylor also has a classic aesthetic that offers sophisticated clothing. Their business casual clothes are suitable for every professional. Their skirts, slacks, and attractive blouses offer both a pleasing and functional experience. You can wear their clothes anywhere you want, from a family dinner to an office meeting. You will be able to look put together and prepared for anything.

They also have a collection that is dedicated to clothing that is appropriate for internships. This makes it easier for anyone starting their career by helping them be dressed for the roles they want. Additionally, they also have comfortable clothing like loungewear which shows just how varied their collections can be.


LoftLoft is similar to both Express and Ann Taylor. It is sometimes known as the younger sibling of Ann Taylor. There are a few stores like Express women tend to prefer. Loft is such a store that is very popular among women and helps cater to their professional clothing needs.

Their clothing tends to have a more casual aesthetic while also being reasonably priced. It is the perfect mix between professional clothes and comfortable clothes. They are a full-fledged lifestyle brand. Additionally, they are also the only retailer that carries the Lou & Grey clothing line. This means that they also have comfortable and soft athletic gear.


GuessGuess is a very popular lifestyle brand that specializes in business casual clothing for women. They are both fashionable and very affordable. They have very unique advertising campaigns which makes them even more popular. The most popular products in their collections are the denim products they offer, meant for both men and women.

Their target demographic is people between the ages of 20 and 35. They try to adapt to their consumer preferences, which makes them even more attractive. Their clothing tends to be geared towards a feminine and daring aesthetic in addition to a semi-urban chic aesthetic.


TorridTorrid is a brand that quickly becomes everybody’s favorite. This is because of their commitment to providing stylish and comfortable clothing options to women of all sizes. They have a wide variety of high-quality products. They are one of the best brands available in plus-size fashion.

Their inventory is very big while also being size inclusive. They are also budget-friendly. They sell everything. For example, formal attire like skirts, blouses, slacks, undergarments, athleisure, accessories, swimwear, etc. Unlike other plus-size brands, they provide stylish and trendy clothing to help women of all sizes feel beautiful.

Steve Madden

Steve MaddenSteve Madden is perfect for people who like modern aesthetics in fashion. They offer the modern and edgy styles that are sold at Express. They are most popular for their professional footwear. If you are looking to buy a high-quality pair of shoes either for your everyday use or for parties, Steve Madden is one of the best options for you.

While still reasonably priced, they are comparatively more expensive than Express. Their collections have a very original look because they draw inspiration from rock & roll along with New York City. Their unique sense of style helps all of their customers stand out amongst the crowd. Over the years, they have become synonymous with sophistication.


MANGOAmong the stores like Express, Mango has a more free-spirited aesthetic. It caters to the same demographic that Express does, which consists of young and creative adults. Their professional collections have a classic aesthetic that can be seen through their use of muted tones. Additionally, they also have a bohemian style that can be seen through their use of organic materials like wool.

They are commonly known as an upscale version of Express. This brand is ideal for anyone who likes the dressier clothes offered by Express. You can find all the different types of clothes you want at Mango. They have also shown a great commitment to sustainability through their countless efforts.


DKNYDKNY, founded by Donna Karen, is one of the most fashionable brands available at an affordable price. The designs you can find at DKNY focus mostly on urban aesthetics. They have a very vast collection of clothing, accessories, shoes, perfumes, bags, etc. You will be able to find something to your liking whenever you go to their store.

When compared to Express, you can see that DKNY has more stylish and practical clothing making it a better option. It also has a wider range of professional and casual clothes available than Express. You can buy clothes for any event here and then go on to finish your outfit by getting matching shoes and accessories.

Banana Republic

The Banana Republic Factory & OutletBanana Republic tends to have a higher price point but once you enter their stores and look at their clothes you can understand why. Their overall vibe is classier and more sophisticated. They have become to go-to brand for a lot of young professionals who want to keep their wardrobes up-to-date with the current trends.

In comparison to Express, their clothes are superior in quality. Their clothes also have a longer shelf life which makes them more sustainable and reduces the waste created by the fashion industry. They specialize in a classic and timeless fashion. There are committed to using premium fabrics for their collections, which is the reason why their prices are slightly higher.


Nordstrom - stores like expressNordstrom has become the “it place” for high-end clothing. You can find designer clothing and accessories for everyone here at a reasonable price. They also consist of different, popular labels like Topshop and Madewell. If you want some higher-end pieces for your wardrobe, Nordstrom is the place to go. You can find designer clothes at cheap prices.

You can also shop for plus-size clothing and petite clothing here because of how size inclusive they are. They also have “Nordstrom Rack” which is the place to go if you want to find these products at even cheaper prices. Just be sure to examine the clothes thoroughly before deciding to buy them.


Everlane - stores like expressEverlane is often known as the more ethical version of Express. This can be seen because of their transparency with their consumers. They show everything they can from the production costs to proving that their manufacturing factories are safe and their workers are provided with a safe working environment. They specialize in contemporary styles.

You can see that they are committed to being ethical and helping the environment to the best of their abilities. If you buy from them, you can certainly feel good about your fashion choices since you will be making a conscious choice. They are one of the best places to get timeless essentials from since they don’t produce “trendy” items.


ASOS - stores like expressASOS consists of clothing products from a lot of different designers and labels while also making their original clothing. They have a more British or European vibe when it comes to their original designs. They try to design and manufacture clothes that can reflect people’s individuality while also being high quality.

Something that helps them stand out is that they have products from over 850 different labels. This means that they are more likely to have something for everybody. ASOS also actively supports body positivity and size inclusivity which has become its fashion movement.


Target - stores like expressTarget may not be popular when it comes to trendy clothing, but its collection of affordable basics remains unchallenged. They provide clothing that is easy to style and mix and match with more items from your wardrobe at very affordable prices. They have one of the widest product selections consisting of anything you could ever want.

Thrifty fashionistas know the true value of Target and all of the classics and basics you can find there. Target tried to make the process of shopping enjoyable while also making sure that you can find everything you need here. Additionally, they team up with fashion legends like Victoria Beckham to come up with new clothing items for their customers.

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Gap - stores like expressGap has clothes that can be described as fundamental pieces. They are one of the most well-known and trusted clothing brands for a reason. They tend to be both fashionable and accessible while also not being so trendy that they will be unpopular and irrelevant in a few months.

Their most recent initiative, known as “Generation Goods”, is meant to improve the fashion industry’s future while also improving the company’s collections. They focus primarily on younger generations and have also started to manufacture their line of denim.


After going through this article, you can get your ideal closet at affordable prices because of the various stores like express mentioned. All of these stores can act as an alternative to Express. They will help you look like the best-dressed person in any room you walk in.

You can now improve your appearance at an affordable rate. All of these stores offer trendy and up-to-date clothing ideal for the workplace. You can decide to buy your wardrobe from any of these stores and be satisfied.

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