STORES15 Most Popular Stores Like PacSun for Perfect Purchase

15 Most Popular Stores Like PacSun for Perfect Purchase

You are a fan of PacSun if you feel that the California surfer feeling or laid-back aesthetic is what appeals to you with apparel. Discovering differences between brands rather than similarities makes finding alternatives appealing. Despite not liking PacSun’s policies, it drew some people to their designs. If so, there are lots of online stores like PacSun that might better accommodate the customer’s ethical standards.

We’ve put together a great selection of inexpensive stores like PacSun that sell apparel and accessories with a similar style and vibe, though you might not veer from what you adore.

About PacSun

Pacific Sunwear of California, LLC is a retail clothing company based in California. The brand offers swimwear, footwear, accessories, and lifestyle clothing for teenagers and young adults.

As of 2022, the company has 325 locations across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. PacSun has its corporate headquarters in Anaheim, California, and a distribution center in Groveport, Ohio. The best part is that you can have all of it at affordable costs without breaking the budget. It is an apparel and lifestyle retail brand with roots mostly in California’s youth-oriented culture and way of life. Check out the top 15 stores like PacSun and discover more about each one.

Top 15 Stores Like PacSun


ASOSThe London design team at ASOS looks beyond the obvious to provide customers with the newest apparel, footwear, accessories, and gifts. ASOS chooses the best brands for brand curation in order to provide you with the greatest range, incredible exclusives, and the hippest collaborations.

With an order of $40 or more, ASOS offers free shipping on all of its products. They have a hassle-free return policy of 28 days. Many of its fashion styles resemble those offered by PacSun. They support diversity and fashion for all as a company. This brand has everything you need to create a unique style, making every day, night, and occasion in between as special as you are. They represent a unique style in their size ranges (ASOS Curve, Tall, Petite, and Maternity).

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle OutfittersUnder the American Eagle® and Aerie brands, American Eagle Outfitters is a top specialty retailer with a presence all over the world. They sell fashionable apparel, accessories, and personal care items of the highest caliber at competitive pricing. They want to demonstrate to the world the real power of youthful hope.

For your upcoming special event, go no further than this online apparel website and store if you’re seeking for a store like PacSun that offers high-street, high-quality, and in-vogue clothing. It has a reputation for offering unique designer goods for sale. This store is a fantastic resemblance to PacSun.

Forever 21

Forever 21Considered a similar store like PacSun’s main rivals, Forever 21 focuses on appealing to a young audience and selling trendy, hip, and in-style clothing. The company has locations throughout several nations.

As of May 2022, Forever 21 had more than 600 locations. The typical store is 38,000 square feet in size (3,500 m2). The company sells clothing for men, women, and kids as well as accessories, cosmetics, and household goods.

Forever21 sells just clothing from their in-house label, therefore you won’t find their items anywhere else, in contrast to PacSun, which carries both their own in-house clothing as well as a large variety of other hip and well-known clothing labels. Due to its stylish and current offers at incredibly low prices, it is regarded as the pinnacle of the fast fashion business.

New Chic

New ChicNew chic is an online platform celebrating diversity, creativity and inclusivity. It was established in 2014 and has since experienced rapid growth on a global scale, ranking among the best stores like PacSun.

To assist online shoppers in pursuing their looks, New Chic offers a variety of clothing and accessories. Additionally, it has gained the respect and confidence of clients in South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America.

To provide clients with the greatest price possible, their staff worked very hard to operate at lower costs. Their clothing is accessible to everyone in the world. They closely monitor emerging trends and keep an eye on everything linked to fashion. This store has a nice selection if you’re looking for a store like PacSun with a bit more sophisticated atmosphere.


VansIt is one of the top branded stores similar to PacSun, and is well known for offering athletic, outdoorsy, and tough-looking clothes and accessories that are carefully chosen for the modern youth culture in America. For those who enjoy extreme sports and adventure, it also has featured collections of snowboards, skateboards, and surfboards.

The name of this American company is now well-known to people of all ages in all societies. Due to their basic design and traditional feel, Vans were formerly only popular among.

Skaters, are now liked by everyone and are among the greatest options for an everyday wardrobe. One of the most globally recognized brand names, it has also worked with reputable television programs and motion pictures.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch - stores like pacsunFounded in the United States in 1892, Abercrombie & Fitch is a retail establishment, a fashion store like PacSun. It began as a high-end sporting goods store before branching out into apparel and accessories.

Abercrombie has changed over the years, but the apparel it now sells is fairly comparable to what PacSun offers, and it targets younger customers. For both men and women, you’ll discover fashionable, current clothing and accessories here that have a casual, young atmosphere.

People adore Abercrombie’s wide range of denim that is available in sizes ranging from petite to plus size. A great assortment of swimwear is available, in addition to the flowing summer dresses.


H&MH&M, which was founded in Sweden and currently has over 5,000 stores globally, is the next store like PacSun. The Swedish design powerhouse, H&M has been providing for its fashion community since 1947.

Its clear approach aided the brand’s success. The company cares about the environment, which offers them an advantage over rivals. H&M has been dominating its field as a high-end fashion alternative.

It carries a wide selection of contemporary and European-inspired looks, as well as Californian and boho look with a PacSun feel.

H&M is an excellent option if you want to expand your wardrobe without going over budget because of its outstanding pricing point.

The North Face

The North Face - stores like pacsunIn addition to the daily casual wear tops, t-shirts, jeans, etc., you can buy high-performance outerwear, skiwear, sleeping bags, hiking boots, raincoats, insulated jackets, and even tents at their physical, walk-in storefronts and online stores like PacSun. Along with gender-neutral clothing, they also have a rather limited selection of children’s clothing and accessories.

The North Face offers a wide range of athletic clothing in addition to offering equipment, footwear, and adventure expedition sponsorship.

The North Face® examines each lot of down at three different phases of production for loftiness, moisture resistance, and capacity to regain loft after compression. They only use the highest quality material down in all of their products.

Old Navy

Old Navy - stores like pacsunOld Navy, a subsidiary of The Gap, is the next store on the list of stores like Pacsun. This American apparel company was founded in 1994 and offers the same carefree, laid-back vibe as Pacsun at a very reasonable price. Old Navy stores are extremely worthwhile to visit if you’re on a tight budget because the clothes is frequently less expensive.

Many of the same PacSun styles are available at Old Navy, including graphic t-shirts, adorable dresses, denim, outerwear, swimwear, and more. For stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children, visit an Old Navy store. Teen and pre-teen sizes are also offered.

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Since Tilly’s is a California-based brand that caters to a younger audience, it is a similar store like Pacsun in terms of style. Both Pacsun and Tilly’s provide a variety of brand names and fashionable, casual apparel for both men and women.

Similar to PacSun, Tilly’s targets customers that adore the California vibe and lead busy, social lives with their product assortment. This firm is well-known for selling clothing and accessories for people who enjoy leading active lifestyles.

You’ll adore what Tilly’s offers if you’re all about outfits that are ideal for sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and rollerblading.


HollisterThe American casual clothing company Hollister Co. was established in 2000. It actually ranks among the top five US clothing labels for teenagers and young adults.

One of the top clothing and accessory retailers in business today, Hollister takes pride in this accomplishment. Their SoCal-inspired lifestyle wear line is famous for its exceptional quality.

The vitality of the in-store experience reflects their distinctive lifestyle. They’ve devoted themselves to producing the finest SoCal-inspired clothes, both in terms of design and production.

Urban Outfitters

URBAN OUTFITTERS - stores like pacsunUrban Outfitters is next on the list of clothing stores like PacSun. The company is well-known lifestyle and fashion retailer since 1970. It is dedicated to “stimulating customers via a unique combination of goods, innovation, and cultural awareness.”

A large variety of contemporary, casual, and slightly boho clothes for men and women is available at Urban Outfitters. Clients adore their adorable dresses, jeans with a vintage feel, huge assortment of graphic tees, shoes, and distinctive accessories.

Urban Outfitters has something for everyone, and by including their promotions and product links on your site, you’ll not only assist your visitors to find new clothing and home furnishings but you’ll also get paid every time they make a purchase at Urban Outfitters.


Zumiez - stores like pacsunIn 1978, they opened their first store at Northgate Mall in the Seattle area. They now have hundreds of stores spread out over the United States and Canada as a result of their expansion.

For active lifestyles, they offer you innovative apparel, gear, accessories, and hard goods for skating and snow. Since the customer is the company’s beating heart, they focused everything their staff does on them.

Due to the popularity of their physical stores, Zumiez has made their online store available to everyone. Although they produce most of their goods in-house, they occasionally work with other athleisure brands as well. Adidas, Nike, Converse, Vans, Primitive, and Brixton are a few of them.


Aéropostale - stores like pacsunThis company, which sells casual clothing and accessories with a focus on young people, began in California in 1987. It is an American store like PacSun in a sense of style and comfort.

Aéropostale offers a very comparable selection of trendy items, such as comfy tops, graphic t-shirts, snug hoodies, vintage-inspired jeans, sweaters, and more, and has a similarly laid-back California attitude.

This store’s prices are fairly comparable to those at PacSun. They frequently have ongoing promotions and discounts as well. This company is a well-known, high-quality casual clothing and accessory shop that primarily caters to young men and women through its Aéropostale factory locations and online sites.


Superdry - stores like pacsunSuperdry has a strong local presence all over the world. They have 740 outlets under the Superdry brand and operations in 61 nations, There are 241 owned stores spread around the USA, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and continental Europe.

On their website, you can also browse a wide variety of feminine basics, bottom wear, dresses, and shirts. They make items of pure organic cotton, swimwear, and athleisure. It focuses on making high-quality products with a British design with retro American and Japanese graphic influences.

Their narrative is based on a love of authenticity and reverence for the craftsman. Original & Vintage stays true to its origins, much like a clothing store like PacSun.


The brands, websites, and stores like PacSun mentioned above share a similar sense of fashion. They depict the love for lifestyle sports like surfing and skateboarding. Purchase some stylish clothing, accessories, and even adventure gear from the above-mentioned stores like PacSun.

They all radiate the same vibe.  The cool surfer on and off the beach will genuinely tell you where they bought their adorable jacket—despite varying levels of opulence and sportiness. They also have comparable price points, making it inexpensive to stock up on PacSun clothing.

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