Review – Is it a Scam or Safe Writing Service Review – Is it a Scam or Safe Writing Service

There are many websites that provide services to help students with their assignments. Nowadays, these services are more in demand because oftentimes students get overwhelmed by the number of assignments they receive. In this article, we will cover the review to know more about their services and features.

Also, there might be various reasons for someone not able to make the deadline for their assignments. is a website that provides similar services. We decided to take a look at this website and see where it stands when it comes to this market.


Topessaywriting claims to be a website which cares about its customers and wants to help them get the support that they need to complete their assignments. It is not geared to just one subject or topic but customers can choose from a variety of services to get help for their research, calculations, writing, and various other tasks. It is an honest review for you to explore them truly.

But in simple terms what the website basically does is that it helps you get your tasks done. The goal is to provide the students with the academic help that they need. The teams claim to be a bunch of nerds (No, we are not kidding).

They say that they are someone who wanted extra homework and are sort of obsessed with academic takes and similar stuff. Basically, the website wants you to believe that what they are doing is just their passion which they turned into a profession.

The website has a bunch of blog posts, videos, and infographics which can be an interesting read at times. They added this to give students or people with interest in academic stuff something to look for other than just ordering services. Review

The company has done good work while designing the website. Though we think there are certain improvements that can be made it still looks good and sombre. Nothing too flashy. The theme used is good. The layout works out well for the users. Things can be found easily and within minutes you can learn what you can order and how to order.

The instructions are clear and the user interface is decent. You can directly order from the homepage by selecting the type of paper you want to be written along with the urgency and academic level. You can also choose the time frame within which you want to get it done.

Besides that, you can look at the samples and FAQs to get yourself familiar with the company. We also read their policies and terms and conditions.

There isn’t anything revolting or vicious but you need to understand that you are paying money for a service and you should know whether you agree with where they stand when it comes to the quality of the service or the professionalism. 

The Services

As we said earlier there are multiple services that the website provides it, customers. Let’s take a look at a few of those. 


This is something that this site along with other similar sites is famous for. Essays are tough to write if you don’t have a lot of time or are overwhelmed by a lot of work. provides clients with good quality essay writing services. The company claims that it will write the best essay for you.

Dissertations and Thesis

You do not want kid-level stuff when you are pursuing your Ph.D. or master’s. The dissertations and Thesis that you submit on a regular basis while pursuing this career path need to be top-notch to at least at a level that can help you move forward. claims that you can rely on their PhD-level writers to give you quality output.

Research Papers

Though research is something most students should do on their own there is nothing wrong in getting a bit of help when it comes to putting your research on paper in the right format.

The website claims to have a bunch of research paper writers. You can choose any grade-level and any topic. There are various other services as well. You can find it on the website of the company.

The Writers at

The website claims to be thorough in selecting writers for its organisation. One cannot get a job if he or she is just passionate about writing. They need to have relevant knowledge of various subjects as well. After all, you don’t want a high schooler writing your PhD-level dissertations or thesis.

So, whatever field the writer is applying for they need to have a good educational background in that field. After you pay for the task you are assigned a writer with whom you can interact and work together to get your task done. 

Features of

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee - Topessaywriting org Review

The first feature that we will take a look at is the money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the work or it is not according to your instructions then you can ask for a refund. Now, this process can be a hassle. No one wants to part with their money and it is true for organisations as well. In

So, it can be tough to get your money back but nonetheless, the process does exist. But what the organisation does most of the time is help you make amendments to the write-up to suit it to your requirements as many times as you want.

Customer support

Customer support - Topessaywriting org Review

It is something we look out for in a company. This is because problems and queries can always arise and when you are paying top dollar for the work you need to get your doubts cleared and queries resolved.

So, you can always contact the customer support team to help you out.

No plagiarism

No plagiarism

This is kind of an obvious one. You don’t want plagiarized content. Your teachers might use any tool to check if your work is authentic and original. So, you need to make sure that your writer isn’t just copying and pasting stuff from places. The website claims that you will get plagiarism-free content.

Should you use it?

Look, these services don’t come cheap and if you are in an emergency you might end up paying a lot more. But yeah the services can help you sometimes. We all have trouble balancing various life aspects. So, it can be helpful if you can get some help with your educational assignments or tasks.

But do not completely rely on it. You might not get a writer who understands your instructions and then you have to go back and forth with him or her to make amendments or go through a lot of hassle to get back your money.


So, here is what we suggest. If you are in an emergency then go ahead and use the service. But be very thorough with your instructions and make sure to communicate with the writer in the best possible way to ensure that you get better outcomes. Here we have completed review, now you have covered all there pros & Cons and their features.

The company will deliberately try to short-change you because it has its reputation to keep. So, they will help you out whenever possible. 

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