GuidesMerchandise USA Review: A Complete a Detailed Review

Merchandise USA Review: A Complete a Detailed Review

Liquidation is one of the important parts of a business. It helps get liquid cash for businesses by selling all sorts of assets owned by the company. It is an important aspect that can often be quite helpful for many businesses as it can bail them out of tough or tricky situations to make some profit or to pay investors and creditors. Today, we are going to talk about Merchandise USA which is a company in the liquidation business

But liquidation has a retail aspect as well. Liquidation goods are often lower priced than their original selling price. This means that consumers and resellers can buy goods at lower costs and often get quality items within their budget. Resellers can sell liquidation goods to make some good profit. So, let’s get started with the Merchandise USA Review.

What is Merchandise USA?

Merchandise USA

Merchandise USA is a liquidation company that has been in the game for more than 3 decades. The company has been helping companies by liquidating excess inventories or buying closeouts for over 35 years. You don’t stay in the business that long if you aren’t good. The company has helped many companies and over the years has acquired many clients who have used the services offered by it.

The company has a huge distribution space in Chicago which spans 100000 square feet. Being an active business with a mentality to help companies and make some money, Merchandise USA is always looking out for different companies that need to liquidate their excess inventory or need a buyer for closeouts. In this Merchandise USA Review, we will look at the features of the company, and the services it offers and then conclude the usefulness of the company.

Who are the clients of Merchandise USA?

Merchandise USA has been in the business for a long time and has acquired many clients over the years. They buy liquidation pallets from different businesses or stores and then sell them to wholesale liquidation companies. The customer base of Merchandise USA is made up of discount stores, variety outlets, redemption centers, closeout buyers, drug chains, liquidators and online sellers.

As you can see the company works with a bunch of different types of businesses that would profit from buying closeouts or liquidation goods. These are the businesses where the company sells all the assets it acquires. The goods that Merchandise USA acquires come from a bunch of different sources. They work with importers, factories, warehouses like fulfillment warehouses or 3rd party logistic warehouses, distributors, Amazon FBA sellers and wholesale companies.

The customer base of the company is big and strong. They are always on the lookout for new clients, giving them an opportunity to liquidate their assets or get good money during closeouts. If your company falls under one of the different types of clients that Merchandise USA works with or you just want to liquidate the assets of your business you can reach out.

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  • Services Offered

Merchandise USA is a company that buys or liquidates assets of different companies. The services it offers can be broadly categorized into three viz. Buy Surplus Inventory and Buy Closeouts and Resell Bought Stocks.

  • Buy Surplus Inventory

A big part of the Merchandise USA liquidation business is buying surplus Inventory. Nowadays it can be quite easy to overstock certain items. The population is on the rise and online shopping portals and the presence of so many options can often lead to high demands for certain goods. 

Thus, many businesses, even big retailers like Amazon, Target etc. often acquire huge volumes of different types of stocks so that they have enough for the growing demands of the clients. But there are times when the market mood changes and people just move on to the next trend or style. Thus, many companies end up having too much stock for one or more items. 

Merchandise USA can help with it as it has a huge experience in the field. It has worked with many companies and often buys liquidation pallets from its clients for overstocked products. They can buy overstocked toys, electronic goods, appliances and equipment, obsolete inventory, party supplies and tons of other items. Companies that need to clear warehouse space for the goods that are selling more or just need to recover some of their investments into certain products can often reach out to Merchandise USA.

  • Buying Closeouts

Another prominent service that Merchandise USA offers is buying closeouts. Many businesses or stores that are closing a branch or going out of business often need to recover the money that was invested in the assets and stocks. Merchandise USA can help with that.

The company has years of experience working with businesses that are either at the end of their cycle or terminating operations at a factory or a branch. It can buy all closeout stocks at a good price so that both parties leave satisfied. Once the company purchases the stocks it sends them to its large warehouse in Chicago. This then gets resold at the secondary market. 

Many different types of businesses can use the closeouts service offered by Merchandise USA. It can help them recover a good amount of their invested funds into products, stocks and assets. If you have closeout liquidations or want to terminate a store or a branch you can rely on this company. Just give them a call and book a consultation with them.

  • Resell Liquidation Stocks

The third service or function that Merchandise USA is known for is reselling liquidation stocks. The company accumulates all types of liquidation stocks either by buying surplus inventory or by purchasing closeouts. Once they buy this liquidation store the company sends them to its huge warehouse in Chicago.

This is a very spacious warehouse where all the bought stocks are stored and categorized. One of the reasons that companies can trust Merchandise USA is that the items they purchase from a company or business are sold into a secondary market.

This way reselling these items doesn’t end up being a bother for the original businesses. It won’t affect their sales. Thus, if you are looking for liquidation stocks or items and want to buy products at a lower cost or you are a reseller then you can easily purchase liquidation goods from Merchandise USA.

So, these are the main services offered by Merchandise USA.  Let’s move on to the next section of our Merchandise USA review, where we will go over the reasons why people should choose this company while liquidating their assets or during closeouts. 

Should You Go For it?

Now that we have looked at the services offered by Merchandise USA it is time to understand if the company is any good. If you are a business looking to sell your overstocks or surplus inventory or a reseller looking to buy liquidation stocks should you go for it? Let’s look at some reasons why the answer to the above question is affirmative.

  • Decades of Experience

One of the reasons you should choose Merchandise USA is because it has years of experience in liquidation. The company has worked with multiple businesses and has accumulated a lot of experience that makes them much more efficient.

If you are looking for a company that knows what it is doing and does it well you have to choose Merchandise USA. It has 35 years of experience in buying liquidation stocks, excess inventory and closeouts.

  • Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and Transparency are something that most businesses claim to hold in high regard but seldom do. However, Merchandise USA is different. The company understands the business well and tends to work with its clients to ensure the best outcome for both parties.

It is honest about its dealings and will not try to cheat you or give you a lesser deal than what you ought to get. The dealings of the company as far as the transaction with each client is concerned is honest and transparent.

  • Doesn’t Become Your Competitor or Affect Your Sales

Another good thing about Merchandise USA is that the company won’t become your competitor after buying your stocks. It also ensures that the stocks it resells don’t affect your sales or your position in the market.

That’s because the liquidation and closeout stocks it buys are resold into a secondary market. That’s the reason why you should always work with a company that has a good understanding of what needs to be done so that the transactions don’t inversely affect the parties involved.

  • Works With Different Companies and Stocks

Due to its huge experience, Merchandise USA does not limit itself to one type of business or one type of stock. It works with all types of businesses helping them clear out overstocked products or slow-moving stocks. So, it doesn’t matter which niche your business is in, Merchandise USA can help liquidate your stocks. On the other side, any company can look into the inventory of Merchandise USA and find good liquidation stocks to procure and resell.

So, as you can see there are plenty of reasons to choose Merchandise USA either as a company to help move slow stocks, liquidate surplus inventory, buy closeouts or as a source for liquidation goods to resell.


So, this was our Merchandise USA Review. Liquidation business can be quite complicated and less profitable if not done right. Experienced companies that actually know the niche and care about their clients can often be the difference between a good and profitable transaction or a loss. Merchandise USA is a company that cares about its clients.

Using its vast knowledge of the field the company knows how to buy quality stocks and how to liquidate them to ensure that its clients get the best deals. You can visit the site if you are looking for liquidation goods as well. We hope you found some useful information regarding the company. From our side, we recommend its services.

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