STORES20 Magnificent Stores Like Nasty Gal for Hottest Offers (2023)

20 Magnificent Stores Like Nasty Gal for Hottest Offers (2023)

It’s simple to see why fashion girls have grown to love Nasty Gal. The fast-fashion clothing stores like Nasty Gal create designs inspired by our favorite celeb trendsetters. They are constantly at the forefront of emerging trends. They have a fantastic collection of items ideal for parties, music festivals, and ensembles for a night out with the girls. And they are the best place to shop for an expensive-looking but the budget-friendly outfit.

The ideal playground for the seasoned fashion diva is Nasty Gal. You can dress from head to toe with current statement pieces in elegance. Or, to complete your look, mix and combine any of Nasty Gal’s stylish see-through dresses or sassy accessories.

There are many things to appreciate about Nasty Gal. There are a number of other cheap clothing stores like Nasty Gal that have the same sense of fashion. What harm can come from sharing love, then? Here is our selection of carefully chosen clothing stores like Nasty Gal that offer highly sought-after statement products for your wardrobe.

Stores Similar to Nasty Gal


MANGO - stores like nasty gal

Mango, a Spanish brand that perfectly captures everything about sophisticated-feminine fashion, enters our list of clothing stores like Nasty Gal. This Nasty Gal-like store isn’t afraid to use bold colors and playful silhouettes, and it’s also fairly priced.

From clothing to accessories to priceless jewelry, this store has it all. So it’s very possible that you’ll find a variety of silk dresses, clutches, handbags, jewelry, and/or cuffs to add to your wardrobe. The majority of Mango’s items range in price from $30 to $80, so even a small budget may go a long way toward updating your wardrobe.

The creative team at Mango works tirelessly to adapt excellent fashion trends Mango distributes its brand via a variety of completely integrated channels, including its own e-commerce site, franchising, retail, and related internet activities.


Allsaints - stores like nasty gal

The London-based fashion retailer AllSaints specializes in men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear. Sustainability is vital to AllSaints, just like it is to Nasty Gal.

The company just debuted its ethically sourced line, which was made with vegan leather, recycled wools and yarns, and other materials. Additionally, it was made using cutting-edge water-saving methods.

Everything available on the AllSaints website is cutting-edge, and incredibly fashionable, and will spice up your wardrobe. AllSaints has a considerably higher price point than stores like Nasty Gal regarding costs.


MODCLOTH - stores like nasty gal

Every woman can discover dresses and shoes on ModCloth in sizes 00 to 28 that allow them to express themselves. With so many unique home and gift products available, the online store is especially useful during the holiday season.

No matter their size, race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation, everyone is welcome in this community. They pledge to offer as many styles in XS to 4X, with 100% of the ModCloth label being offered in these sizes.

This clothing store like Nasty Gal maintains its image through traditional yet modern designs. They are a small group of people who are dedicated to giving clients lovely, sizing-inclusive clothing with a vintage vibe that was produced responsibly by manufacturers all over the world.


Pixiemarket - stores like nasty gal

They are an American firm established in New York City in 2006 by Magda Pietrobelli, and they produce their designs in Seoul, South Korea, and Los Angeles, California.

The good news is that they were able to find some gorgeous sustainable fabrics that do cost a bit more but are high-quality, simple to care for, and can be turned into stylish blazers and charming dresses.

This online clothing store like Nasty Gal focuses on accessible, ready-to-wear items that are motivated by the hottest market trends. Pixie Market prioritizes superior design and materiality to provide timeless minimalist goods.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters - stores like nasty gal

This online clothing store like Nasty Gal embraces edginess and badass fashion. On its website, you can find mesh crop tops, combat boots, and recycled-fabric flannels, among other things.

Urban Outfitters frequently chooses to offer distinctive clothes at reasonable pricing points, including products that are hipster, retro, fashionable, and bohemian for both men and women. In addition to its clothing brands, Urban Outfitters also sells a small selection of accessories for your home, music, tech, and beauty products.

Urban Outfitters has seen a number of product issues over the course of its operations as a result of the distinctive designs it offers, which have arisen for ethical, religious, or ethnic reasons.

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ASOS - stores like nasty gal

ASOS offers its Brands in more than 30 sizes and is dedicated to provide all sizes at the same price. Because of its widespread presence around the world, ASOS has a variety of fulfillment centers spread out across its key regions, enabling prompt facilitation of customer orders. This works in conjunction with organized websites and one of the top mobile websites in the fashion sector, which is frequently utilized by its target market to do mobile shopping.

With an emphasis on providing stylish goods made ethically at all production levels, helping nearby communities, and ensuring growth is achieved, ASOS is also at the forefront of social responsibility.



Bebe enters our list of clothing stores like Nasty Gal as a fast-fashion company that chooses sexy, current designs as well as easygoing casual attire. The brands that Lulus carries have a bohemian vibe; if Nasty Gal and Zara had a baby, it would be the party animal.

So, fashionistas updating their wardrobes will discover new items suitable for every occasion, including cocktail hour, the office, and even their wedding. Bebe is included on this list of clothing stores like Nasty Gal because they share a focus on cutting-edge fashion trends and stylish clothing.

Everything from office attire to partying is available for you to wear. They have fashionable sweaters, bodycon dresses, shoes, and other items. Bebe provides all you need, whether you’re seeking for eye-catching statement pieces or essentials.



Pink Ice, which was founded in 1990 in Orange County, is today a well-known store for stylish women all around the world. This is a great and affordable option to the list of clothing stores like Nasty Gal. It has a vast selection of items, which includes all kinds of clothing, intimates, jewelry, sunglasses, bags, scarves, hats, and shoes.

Pink Ice is a low-cost women’s apparel retailer that specializes in young adults’ trendy casual attire. Online store Pink Ice offers a carefully chosen selection of one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge items as well as necessary staples. They seek to make inexpensive fashion accessible so that each woman can embrace her unique sense of style and feel empowered by it.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe

You can get the newest styles in clothing, shoes, and accessories at Charlotte Russe. Every lady can afford to feel her best wherever the day takes her due to the great prices. With decades of experience in the fashion industry, Charlotte Russe aspires to provide all women with access to the perfect look in one place.

Charlotte Russe is perfect for stylish customer from teens to twenties who wants a very economical shopping experience, whether they are looking for separate pieces or ready-to-shop outfits for that next occasion. The primary method of distribution for Charlotte Russe’s merchandise at malls and retail centers all throughout the United States.



The online shopping destination for simple and surprising fashion is Azaleas- similar to stores like Nasty Gal. Since the summer of 2003, when Azalea Boutique established its flagship location in Hayes Valley in San Francisco, the store has steadily expanded from a small selection of goods into a top local retailer, launching numerous brands and careers in the process.

The variety of designs on Azalea is seen from the thousands of products (about two-thirds for ladies) that are offered through its online bookstore. Similar pricing points provide a wide range of options, maintaining a respectable number of modern and independent products within the means of most buyers.

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This gorgeous brand, which boasts more than 154k Instagram followers, has distinguished itself not just in terms of quality but also sustainability. They started the Good Karma Initiative to enhance technology and methods for making their production process environmentally friendly.

A fresh denim experience was created in 2000 with the birth of AG Jeans in California. Since their founding, AG Jeans has pioneered the use of technology and production methods that are environmentally friendly.

They have utilised solar energy, laser finishing, water recycling, and ozone technologies during their design and construction. In an effort to bring about a change, AG Jeans continues to explore the most recent eco-friendly improvements in production, manufacture, and distribution.



It’s not surprising that Nasty Gal and Boohoo have a lot in common in terms of style and look. Every day, they introduce hundreds of fresh, fashionable styles. Boohoo is #1 on our list; it was founded in 2006 like many other companies. Boohoo, a UK-based company, is highly known among teenagers and young adults for its extensive selection of apparel products and incredibly low costs (I mean, where else can you get a decent pair of pants for around $15?).

The main reason Boohoo is at the top of our list isn’t due to it, though. You can expect to receive a pretty similar aesthetic from both brands. So, there’s a good possibility you’ll enjoy Boohoo if you enjoy Nasty Gal!



A fashionista can find everything they need at Revolve. They have approximately 49,000 carefully chosen designer garments, footwear, accessories, and cosmetics. Revolve is the place to go if you’re seeking for anything that is strikingly comparable to Nasty Gal. Although they have a diverse selection from many unique brands, Nasty Gal would be a good comparison for their style.

Even though Nasty Gal’s merchandise is featured on their website’s homepage. Revolve can help you have the same aesthetic as Nasty Gal with loungewear, swimwear, and adorable tiny pieces. Even if their prices are a little on the expensive side, their clothing is totally worth it! Additionally, the quality is unaffected, giving you items that will become beloved classics in your wardrobe.



You’ll adore Free People if you enjoy a boho look! Free People is a specialized women’s apparel line that offers the newest styles and collections with vintage influences.

Everything is available, from adorable essentials to Avant-Garde boho attire. They follow fashion trends, similar to Nasty Gal, but with a more boho feel.

Their patterns are modern, quirky, and fluid. In other words, they feel nice on and look decent too. For a truly distinctive style, try any of the kimonos and maxi dresses from Free People with a bodysuit or a pair of cigarette pants from Nasty Gal.



Shop at Zaful if you’re looking for feminine and playful clothing. They really highlight feminine curves and provide clothing in a selection of delicate designs and hues. The website, which is well-liked by TikTok influencers, even includes a section where you can buy the outfits worn by your favorites. By your first purchase, you can also get an additional discount just for installing the app. 

Your one-stop online store for the most daring, intriguing, and edgy fashion apparel available today is ZAFUL. To satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista, their affordably priced collections concentrate on redefining trends, incredible quality, and superb design.

There is a method to everything. They create their product as a creature of your emotions and lifestyle, not just a piece of clothing. This clothing store starts with fashion trend research and ends with clothing design.



Tobi is the store for you if you enjoy wearing formal attire and dressing up. It offers everything from big evening gowns to short summer dresses, much like a clothing store like Nasty Gal, but dresses are really their area of expertise.

These lovely pieces are available at amazing reductions, and they are quite reasonably priced. Their website is calm, and serene, and beautifully highlights their excellent apparel with a straightforward aesthetic and images that bring your attention to the clothing pieces and the motion they produce right away.



Since 2015, ChicMe has been committed to offering people wherever distinctive fashion products. ChicMe has always placed a high value on the opinions of women. It has developed close bonds with clients who are enthusiastic about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Since its founding, ChicMe has expanded its influence and promoted happy lifestyles all around the world. ChicMe is a premium fashion label that draws customers looking for both fashion and quality. ChicMe and “ChicMe babe” will work together in the future to keep exploring the world of cutting-edge fashion.



Lulu’s provides a wide selection of amazing dresses and outfits for you to choose from if you enjoy wearing simple, feminine ensembles. You can easily create a wardrobe from this store alone. It offers fundamental pieces and keeps up with all the newest trends.

They also sell various jewelry and accessories in addition to apparel. This is your one-stop shop whether you’re looking for the ideal pair of earrings or purses to complete your ensemble.



Reformation primarily serves as an ethical and ecological brand, yet they do observe and adopt current trends. You may feel good about purchasing from Ref since they use dead stock textiles and make sure every employee is treated fairly and paid a fair price for making clothes.

The cost of labor is more, hence the price points are higher, but they do accept AfterPay. It’s well worth it to support a company that genuinely cares about people and the environment. Reformation is the ideal store to buy from if you want to be trendy

Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a mainstay of the fast-fashion industry. It has earned a reputation for providing stylish clothing at incredibly low prices. They don’t adhere to the conventional three-season trend cycle. So you can shop whenever you want and always find enjoyable, fresh items.

They provide garments to accommodate a wide range of looks and preferences. There are several possibilities available at Forever 21 if you haven’t yet discovered what you’re looking for.

Forever 21’s product lines draw heavily from current fashion industry trends. Some items are even being pulled straight from the newest season’s runways. Amazingly, Forever 21 has managed to do this while maintaining a low-to-moderate price point.


There are a few stores that sell effortlessly fashionable clothing like Nasty Gal. So the next time you’re looking for fashionable clothing, check out these renowned clothing stores like Nasty Gal.

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