STORES7 Best & Affordable Liquidation Stores in Austin (2023)

7 Best & Affordable Liquidation Stores in Austin (2023)

 Do you own a Liquidation business or are you looking to buy some stuff that fulfills your quality expectations but at the same time not spend money over the fixed budget? Don’t worry, we got you. In this post, we will discuss some of the best liquidation pallets in Austin where you can get the desired liquidation pallets or items that will satisfy your requirement and offer you value for money. Let us start by first giving you some context of the topic, in case you are not well versed with the Liquidation market and business.

It is basically when the company’s old inventory and stock are sold at discounted prices with the purpose of generating cash. The liquidation stores bought these liquidation pallets or items from big companies. They further sold this merchandise at highly discounted prices to people while making enough profit.

The customer gets the products at price significantly lower than the market rate and the stores earn profits by selling these discounted liquidation items.  Some of the stores that we are going to talk about today include American freight,  NBC inventory, and others. Now, let’s dive deep in these stores and the benefits you can get by buying liquidation pallets from these stores.

Best Liquidation Stores in Austin:

Warehouse Lots

Warehouse Lots - Liquidation pallets Austin

The second liquidation Store in the list of best liquidation pallets in Austin is warehouse lots. They provide a customer-centric approach to the online auction game. The store made purchases from major box retailers and sold them to customers at affordable and discounted prices. The products in the auction include kitchen and bath appliances, hardware, flooring, home improvement and many more.

You can go to the website and register yourself to take part in these online auctions. All the items in the auction have a reserve price known to the auctioneer. This is the minimum price for the sale of that item. If there is an orange icon on the current bid it indicates that the reserved price has not been met yet however if there is a green icon on the current bid it means that the reserve price has been met and the product will not be sold below that price.

On the close of the auction, you will see “you won” on the item in case you won. There are 20 seconds between each close. The store offers local pickups but on occasions, you can get shipping on some items. There are clear descriptions of the items to let the customer know whether the item is new or used.

Address: 18919 N Heatherwilde Blvd Suite 125, Pflugerville, TX 78660, US

Phone: +1 512-539-0099

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American Freight

American Freight

Another liquidation Store that is considered as one of the best liquidation stores in Austin is American freight. They offer quality furniture and mattresses to customers at low prices. It is a one-stop shop for good quality furniture, appliances and mattresses for your home. They sell their products in over 350 locations and 40 States. They also offer to deliver the item on the same day to the customer.

The items include sofas and couches, washing machines, kitchen appliances, bedrooms, living room, dining room, mattresses and multiple other items suited for the home. You can contact the store in case of any inconvenience by filling a form and the store will address the problem as soon as possible.

The Store offers excellent customer service and cares for the satisfaction of their customers. You can get the best deals on the purchase of the items. There are great deals on sofa sectionals and best offers depending on the appliances, furniture and mattresses  American freight is the best-suited option for people who have a restricted budget and want to buy quality furniture and appliances for the home.

Address: 13435 N Hwy 183, Austin, TX 78750, US

Phone: +1 512-257-0865

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Lumber Liquidators Flooring

Lumber Liquidators Flooring - Liquidation pallets Austin

Lumber liquidators flooring is one of the best liquidation pallets in Austin for hard surface flooring. They are in business for over 25 years and have made sales in 400 locations nationwide. The store officially changed its name to LL flooring in April 2020. In case you are looking to transform your home or make some changes this is the best-suited liquidation store for you to get quality work done on the floor at fair prices.

You can find both traditional looks and modern on-trend styles for your home floor.  The store offers both facilities either you can buy online or pick up from the local LL flooring store near you. They offer free samples to make sure you like the floor looks. There are different categories available such as waterproof, laminate, bamboo, vinyl, hybrid resilient and tiles, etc.

The store offers installation facilities and in-home flooring. The store received many good reviews from the customers who have used their services. The lead time for shipping is 10 to 14 days for typical orders and 14 to 28 days for special orders. The shipping charges depend on the weight of the order and the distance from the warehouse to the location.

Address: 8627 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78753, US

Phone: +1 512-444-0244

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NBC Inventory

NBC Inventory

Another liquidation Store in the list of best liquidation pallets in Austin is NBC inventory. It is a business-to-business wholesale trade company. NBC inventory offers a variety of items at affordable prices to customers. The items include kitchen appliances, accessories, cookware garden accessories, outdoor apparel drilling items, and more.

On the website you can see the picture of some of these items. The store provides information about their newest close-out deals to the customers. The store also provides the spreadsheet and photo of the inventory through email so that the customers know what they are getting and make final purchasing decisions accordingly.

You can connect to NBC inventory through email or contact at 512 452 8815.  The prices are FOB Austin Texas. The sales are limited to case packs or inner quantities with a 500 dollar minimum order. You can get a wide choice of selection along with the best deals.

Address: 10631 Joseph Clayton Dr, Austin, TX 78753, US

Phone: +1 512-452-8815

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Neu Appliances

Neu Appliances - Liquidation pallets Austin

Neu Appliances is the best liquidation store in Austin for purchasing affordable used, certified refurbished appliances, scratch and dent appliances or open box appliances. Their showroom is in the north loop Austin business district at 78751. The items include used washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, rangers, etc. They provide professional delivery and installation facilities to the greater area of Austin Texas.

The store offers high discounts to the customers. There are multiple major brand appliances that you can find in the store such as Whirlpool, Haier, hot point, LG, Maytag, Samsung Amana and others. The detailed picture and information about the product help the customer select and buy a product from the convenience of their home.  New items are added to the inventory every minute.

You can check the website to stay updated about the inventory. All the appliances contain a new shield one-year warranty. They help customers save money on appliances by offering the best prices, discounting offers, delivery and installation facilities and a good customer experience. The store has good customer reviews. You can also follow NBC inventory at social media handles. The store is available at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps. You can place an order by phone or purchase in the Store according to your convenience.

Address: 123 N Loop Blvd E, Austin, TX 78751, US

Phone: +1 512-992-2714

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International Liquidation

International Liquidation

Last but not least, the liquidation Store to offer the best value for your money is international liquidation. International liquidation is considered as one of the Nation’s largest wholesalers of brand name opportunity buys. International liquidations was opened in 1993. They have experience of over 28 years and offer excellent and reliable services to customers.

International liquidation have relations with worldwide manufacturers including the U S, Mexico, Canada, Central America, etc. to offer a variety of products and cares about their customers’ satisfaction. In case you are looking to buy or sell closeout merchandise, international liquidation is the best option for you. T

hey buy and sell inventories including canceled orders, overproduction, buybacks, category line changes, etc. The inventory does not take much time to sell in the marketplace. They enable brand name deals and offer genuine value to customers. The store offers a wide choice of selections to the customers, delivers reliable customer services and promotes strong relationships with the vendors and customers. 

Address: 2251 Picadilly Dr, Round Rock, TX 78664, US

Phone: +1 512-900-8302

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Texas Auction Company

Texas Auction Company - Liquidation pallets Austin

One of the best liquidation stores in Austin is Texas Auction Company. It is a locally owned and operated liquidation pallets in Austin. The Store offers a different variety of equipment. All the items are professionally serviced and repaired with OEM parts, in case of repaired items.

They also offer a 30-day warranty on parts and labor. The sales are final and sales are served on the basis of first come first out. The quantity of the equipment is limited and the item is removed once sold. The store is rated A+ by BBB and has more than 80 exclusive 5-star reviews.

Texas Auction Company is perfect for someone who wants to buy good equipment at a lower cost. The store charges a 3% processing fee on credit cards. There is also an option of delivery and installation which is performed by experts within 25 miles.

Address: 9709 Brown Ln suite z, Austin, TX 78754, US

Phone: +1 512-291-2203

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Above are some of the best liquidation pallets in Austin where you can find the desired products with quality assurance and at a price that suits your budget. You can check out the websites to know about liquidation stores and the price and deals.

Make sure that you read the description of the product thoroughly before placing an order to avoid any conflict. Most of these stores offer shipping facilities so that you can save both time and money and get your desired product at the convenience of your home.

As these are liquidation items and include used or returned products, It is better to check that the product is in good working condition. It is good to buy products from liquidation stores that offer one year or six months guarantee.

You can also get branded items from these liquidation stores at a price that is affordable and lower than the market rate. Whether you are buying the products for business use or personal use these liquidation stores have everything you need along with the best deals and offers.

Have you ever visited any of these stores? If yes, how was your experience or do you think there are other stores in Austin that should be included in this list? Do not hesitate to share your opinions with us.

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