STORES9 Best Liquidation Stores in Australia For Great Offers in 2023

9 Best Liquidation Stores in Australia For Great Offers in 2023

If you run a retail or online store, or buy in bulk and want to save money, liquidation stores, and websites are terrific resources. Liquidation stores provide purchasers with a wide range of possibilities because they are highly tactile. Additionally, Australia offers liquidation pallets, which is fantastic for people that deal in large transactions. Since individuals on the internet have jumped onto a trend of purchasing liquidation pallets, these wholesale liquidation pallets are fairly well known these days. They are gaining viewers and growing success in this way.  

Wholesale liquidation stores handle the merchandise for businesses that are closing their doors. Companies can raise money to pay off creditors by “liquidating,” or selling off, assets on a dedicated website, and purchasers can discover some amazing offers. 

A liquidation store offers discounts on the whole of your purchase, not just certain goods. As a result, you can save even more money when you buy in quantity since most liquidation retailers give discounts on complete purchases.

You won’t have to rely only on online images and descriptions when you purchase at a liquidation store because you’ll be able to see the products in person. This helps you determine the product’s condition and quality before you decide to buy it. As a result, we have put together a list of the top liquidation stores and online marketplaces in Australia where you can buy excellent goods at reasonable prices. 

Best Liquidation Stores in Australia:

Prime Liquidations

Prime Liquidations - Liquidation Australia

Since 2008, Perth has been home to Prime Liquidations, a discount liquidation pallet. They provide you with a wide selection of affordable, high-quality household goods. The PRIME GROUP also looks for liquidated, clearance, and bankrupt goods from Australia, Indonesia, and China.

Prime Liquidations is your go-to liquidation website in Australia for stunning teak furniture, statues, and water features at the lowest costs. Prime Liquidations offer a wide range of affordable statuary, water features, daybeds, gazebos, and home goods. They are not just furniture exporters, but also manufacture their original low-cost products in factories around Asia.

Their commodities are directly produced in our factories around Asia. With regular supplies arriving every week, they are continuously changing. They have government-approved export licenses and are internationally certified, enabling them to offer a more comprehensive selection of furniture and accessories than their opponents.

Address: 376 South St, O’Connor WA 6163, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9331 4189

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The Good Guys

The Good Guys

The Good Guys immediately became well-known liquidation pallets in Australia. It set the bar for customer service and charitable giving while continuously adapting to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.

In their liquidation stores around Australia, you’ll find the broadest range of brands, including Apple, Canon, Samsung, and LG. The smallest items, such as clothing, supplies, household appliances, and electronics, can be found at the lowest prices. 

They have over 40 locations across the country. The purchasing process at this leading Australian liquidation pallet begins online, where customers can order over 8 million things from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered right to their front door. 

The company’s continued dedication to supporting and enhancing the regions where it operates is another example of its customer-centric strategy. These are all really affordable things that are from the companies’ liquidation of assets. Through Workplace Giving, public awareness campaigns, and fundraising initiatives, the Doing Good program assists 14 organizations in Australia.

Address: Midland Central, Unit 1/Lot 541 Clayton St, Midland WA 6056, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9374 3974

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G&L Wholesalers

G&L Wholesalers - Liquidation Australia

The best liquidation pallets are available in Australia from G&L Wholesalers. They have established a section for their best sellers to make sure you can always discover your favorite items there. You can locate items here that are no longer available in their stores or on their website. Keep checking back since they frequently add amazing new things to this section.

Customers can get fantastic discounts on name-brand products like Brother printers and Samsonite luggage. They provide customers with the chance to shop from an 850,000-square-foot facility that has conveniently placed aisles of goods. The best facility, which offers goods at the lowest workable discount rate, is less than a $1 sale.

One of the biggest independent wholesalers in Australia right now is G&L Wholesalers. They currently stock and distribute over 6000 lines into hardware stores, auto stores, landscaping stores, fencing stores, building outlets, pet outlets, and service stations around Australia. Along with locally produced goods, G&L Wholesalers also carry imported goods.

Address: 7/19 Chifley St, Smithfield NSW 2164, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9756 1121

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Choice the Discount store

Choice the Discount store 

By purchasing an existing Redbank store, Choice Discount Variety launched its first location in 1996. Choice Discount Variety takes pride in offering local communities value for money and currently operates more than 25 outlets in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Their staff is constantly seeking for new goods to enable customers to save money on their daily needs. This liquidation pallet has everything you need for your house, including durable goods like TVs and mattresses, all at discounted prices. With names like Rexona, Fab, Domestos, & Cadbury, to mention a few, Choice Discount Variety also provides the largest selection of wholesale liquidation pallets in Australia.

Address: 289 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041, Australia

Phone: +61 98185067

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Clearance Warehouse

Clearance Warehouse - Liquidation Australia

Family-run Clearance Warehouse has been in business for more than 15 years. Clearance Warehouse is one of Brisbane’s greatest boutique second-hand shops. Clearance Warehouse consistently generates $2 million in sales per month with an unrivaled selection of products.

At reasonable pricing, they offer top-brand liquidation pallets in Australia. Free home delivery is available in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. They have a fantastic customer service team that is available seven days a week to respond to you as soon as possible. Customers can request an estimate for their company’s bulk orders as well. They are ideal for indoor clearing, and the enticing prices draw more customers.

These Australian liquidation pallets offer liquidation material assets in a low price range. Their group of specialists in wholesale clearance has a solid reputation for professionalism. The customer service at this liquidation pallet is outstanding. Clearance Warehouse buys and sells wholesale clearance items from all over the world.

Address: 242 Elizabeth St, Sydney, NSW, 2010

Phone: +66 98 391 3877



You can purchase anything from designer handbags, shoes, and eyewear at Crazysales for a small portion of their retail cost. In Australia, you can also find a wide variety of liquidation pallets, from clothing to accessories like headwear and sunglasses. sells furniture, tools, huge appliances, as-seen-on-TV merchandise, travel bags, travel accessories, electronics, bedding and bath products, outdoor and recreational goods, sports and fitness equipment, and much more!

Crazysales provide daily bargains, weekly promotions, savings of at least 30% and as much as 80%, as well as a rewards program with free presents. Most of the inventory is made up of overstock, salvage, and refurbished items.

Crazysales is the top website for discounts on all the best offers available online when it comes to online shopping in Australia! The savings are returned to your pocket where they belong by cutting out the middleman and bringing you an offer straight from the factory.


Merkandi - Liquidation Australia

They also sell meaningful sentimental goods like children’s furniture and keepsakes from other countries. Whether it’s a designer outfit or a kitchen tool, Merkandi sells high-quality goods at low costs. Undoubtedly it is one of the most popular liquidation pallets in Australia. The website also offers a second alternative for purchases. For the goods they require, people might place their best bets.

Merkandi is constantly searching for new chances to offer inexpensive home goods. They focus on providing value for the money while providing exceptional customer service. They take care of the assortment of offers and advertise your goods on social media, Google, etc.

Distributors and wholesalers who need to sell their products quickly submit their offerings on Merkandi. All customers who are interested in these things can get in touch with the sellers directly at Merkandi. 

If you’re shopping for holiday presents this year, Merkandi is a viable option. In addition, Merkandi offers a wide selection of reasonably cost household items, including everything from cookware to women’s clothing for up to 70% off RRP.



Additionally, Palletliquidation provides the greatest price on the largest selection of wholesale liquidation pallets in Australia, which include furniture and other household goods. They are constantly sourcing new pieces when they become available, ensuring that their inventory is always up to date. 

You can choose from over 1 million products in all categories because when a product isn’t doing well, the company makes the difficult decision to stop stocking it and concentrate on what’s selling. Pallet liquidation maximizes the use of pallets from liquidations.

Sydney Clearance Centre

Sydney Clearance Centre - Liquidation Australia

They offer retail, trade, and wholesale customers leading customer service. A wide variety of high-quality kitchen cabinets, stone countertops, laundry fixtures, tiles, internal and external doors, and air conditioner systems are available on these liquidation pallets.

They find delight in offering the best warranties in the market and in their extensive experience. Additionally, it offers a wide selection of warehousing equipment at reduced costs from almost all major brands. 

A well-known liquidation store called Sydney Clearance Centre sells building products at discount rates. They have several wholesale outlets all around Australia. Orders placed at any of these shops can be placed online and in person. All products are delivered throughout Australia, making it simple for customers to order large quantities of goods from any location.

Look no further than Australia’s top liquidation pallets if you’re seeking deals on building, power, or residential equipment! This company has dominated the wholesale liquidation market by working directly with some of the well-known stores and huge corporations.

Address: 697 Smithfield Rd, Edensor Park NSW 2176, Australia

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In conclusion, these stores provide combination bargains that could help you save a lot of money if you’re seeking a more affordable way to buy clothing and technology. Excellent items from long-gone companies can still be used today. These goods end up on the shelves of liquidation pallets where new customers can purchase them for the lowest costs. 

It can often be challenging to determine what you’re looking for because these liquidation pallets contain such a wide selection of items. Therefore, make sure to first do some research before deciding where to shop.

There are several liquidation pallets available in Australia, but we’ve chosen the top 9 for you. Australia’s liquidation stores can be helpful, wise investments, and a terrific spot to discover a variety of cheap household goods, books, and gadgets. Therefore, if you’re looking for a specific liquidation pallet, check out the best Liquidation stores in Australia in detail. 

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