STORES20 Top-Notch Stores Like West Elm For Quality Products in 2023

20 Top-Notch Stores Like West Elm For Quality Products in 2023

West Elm won over Millenials for a long time, but nowadays, people are flooding their social media with negative reviews. Fighting over the quality of the products and delivery time, the current generation is completely against West Elm. So, what is the solution? Well, we believe Gen Z and Millenials deserve a brand that appreciates their business while offering quality products. Hence, we have compiled a list of some of the most renowned stores like West Elm.

These West Elm like furniture stores might just be what you’re looking for! So, let’s get started and create a list of stores that we must visit.

20 Stores Like West Elm:


Target - Stores like west elm

Why is it that whenever we go to Target for a few items, we come back with a hoard of things? Well, because Target has everything! They do not compromise on the quality of their amazing product selection while offering great deals. Hence, Target is on top of our list of stores like West Elm.

The company also collaborates with great stylists and designers to develop and deliver a great catalogue. West Elm fans will surely not be disappointed as Target is one of the great stores like West Elm but cheaper. If you’re a fan of contemporary and modern design, Target will be your haven.

Some of our favourite items include cosy blankets, comfortable furniture rugs, and premium art pieces. Drop a visit at your nearest Target and find all you need for your home or office renovation!

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Rejuvenation - Stores like west elm

Rejuvenation is West Elm’s sister label, which is why it is so high up on our list of stores like West Elm. Similar to West Elm’s product range, Rejuvenation offers a large variety of mid-century modern and contemporary pieces. Whether you’re going for minimalism or a chic look, Rejuvenation is one of the top furniture stores like West Elm that can cater to your demands.

If you’re tired of wooden pieces, we’re sure you’ll adore Rejuvenation’s midcentury-industrial pieces featuring many leather and metal pieces. You will also find items with more recent patterns, fabrics, and finishes.

Moreover, these are priced quite affordably with the cost ranging between $200 and $500. We highly recommend visiting Rejuvenation if you’re tight on a budget but are looking for furniture to renovate your house.


Anthropologie - Stores like west elm

Are you a big fan of the boho trend and are looking for furniture pieces that adhere to the vibe? Then, you’ll surely love Anthropologie, one of the top West Elm like stores and is also known as the ‘boho aficionado.’

You can expect neutral colours and refined materials that cater to the aesthetic. However, the brand has also started catering to contemporary colours and furniture builds.

Their new Heart and Home collection also features sleek lines and minimal colours and screams West Elm. Hence, we feel it is one of the top stores like West Elm for the product selection and variety available.


Burrow - Stores like west elm

We love Burrow and are quite happy to feature it as one of the best stores like West Elm. The recent generations complained that West Elm compromised on time and stopped prioritizing customer needs.

Well, Burrow is one of the best West Elm like furniture stores that focus on offering customers the luxury to choose quality, great prices, and convenience at the same time. The furniture store mainly stocks blended mid-century styles and allows you to customize its product selections to cater to your style.

Hence, Burrow is one of the best alternatives to West Elm for its variety and service. Another advantage is that Burrow’s stores are pet-friendly. So, your furry friends can tag along and help you find the best rugs for your home!

All Modern

All Modern - Stores like west elm

If you’re looking for stores like West Elm but cheaper, All Modern fits the bill perfectly. Their trendy yet classic furniture pieces never go out of style. Meaning, you only get timely classics at affordable prices.

Whether you’re looking for stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, or CB2, All Modern is the perfect alternative. With designs and styles mirroring the most-loved products from these stores, All Modern offers killer deals.

Our favourite picks include their abstract wall accents that offer a touch of class and Scandinavian Decor mirrors. Whether your style is more to the minimalist side or the modern-contemporary one, All Modern has everything one might need!

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn - Stores like west elm

Most people love Pottery Barn because of their quality products that promise elegance, safety, and sustainability. There’s nothing better than knowing that your ideal room decor is the best choice for both you and the environment.

One of the best furniture stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn is a global leader in the furnishing and decor industry. The store has expanded its roots to include more and more countries. Another great feature of the store is that they have a dedicated Kids section – Pottery Barn Kids.

One can easily find bedding, bath, toys, and other selections to bring their kid’s vision of their rooms to life. Thus, Pottery Barn is one of the best stores like West Elm (some consider it even better) that offers all-around furnishing solutions for families and corporate ventures.


CB2 - Stores like west elm

CB2 is the sister brand of Crate and Barrel and is one of the best stores like West Elm. Crate and Barrel is mainly known for its modern furniture selection for lofts, apartments, and houses of varying sizes.

Find timeless designs and classic pieces that are hallmarks of the parent brand at affordable rates. However, CB2 is more renowned for its flair for contemporary and modern styles.

If you want something different than the antique furniture you want, stop by CB2 to explore its cool and edgy styles. Designed with an urban twist and keeping the modern generation in mind, CB2 is undoubtedly one of the best West Elm like stores.

Parachute Home

Parachute Home - Stores like west elm

Have you ever wanted to create a comfortable, cosy space with premium items? Well, Parachute Home offers the perfect opportunity to its customers and buyers. The company stocks up on accessible essentials that define exceptional choices. However, unlike other brands, Parachute Home is highly affordable.

Hence, it is one of the best West Elm like furniture stores that focuses on developing impeccable furniture items. Another great positive is that the store employs an experienced team of designers and manufacturers.

Thus, you get the quality and premium items you pay for without breaking the bank. Parachute Home is also one of the best stores like West Elm that crafts essentials with the finest materials.



Have you ever thought about what creates an award-winning experience for customers? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore! Amara, one of the best stores like West Elm commits to sourcing high-quality and beautifully designed products that complement every home.

The brand refreshes its product catalogues every season and features a wide range of pieces to cater to the needs of every consumer. Their complete item range has been designed based on five key brands, a kids’ range, and two seasonal ranges.

Hence, it is one of the best stores like West Elm but cheaper that refreshes products every season. However, the brand focuses on remaining true to the current trends and inspiration.



Do you feel online shopping doesn’t let you visualize the products to their fullest? Well, Castlery offers the perfect solution for consumers. Check out their virtual studio to ensure you do not miss out on checking out the store and its products.

The realistic setting and 3D mapping allow customers to enjoy luxury from the comfort of their homes. Another great advantage of Castlery over other furniture stores like West Elm is their room edits.

These real-life shots help customers visualize the styling and features of the different available products. The best part of Castlery is that it is one of the best stores like West Elm that focuses on comfort, elegance, and functionality.

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ABC Home

ABC Home

Mark Manson once said, “any experience can have value,” and ABC Home is the perfect example of that. Established in 1897, it is one of the best stores like West Elm that has always remained true to its core values and missions. The company’s main focus is to help different styles and traditions stay relevant.

It is one of the popular West Elm like stores that collaborates with different designers to create the best possible products. Our favourite is their recent Monkeybiz collection which focuses on keeping the art of traditional African Beadwork alive.

The store also collaborates with celebrities and creates holiday edits based on their favourites. A recent product selection was done by Sienna Miller which contains her favourites from every section. Check out ABC Home’s edits for more inspo on home and office decor.



Unlike all the stores like West Elm we’ve talked about, Houzz helps customers with home renovation and redesigning services. Inspiration hit the founders when they saw how people struggled with finding the perfect inspiration to show their professional stylists.

They built Houzz to enable consumers to turn their dreams into reality. One can think of it as Pinterest specifically for furniture and home decor.

However, their platform also enables consumers to find the right professionals that can help make this transformation. The company also helps you find the perfect products from stores like West Elm but cheaper to help save time and avoid compromising on quality.

Birch Lane

Birch Lane

Have you always envisioned your room as the same classic, timeless piece over the years? Do you need experienced professionals who can help you realize this dream? Well, look no further! Birch Lane is one of the best furniture stores like West Elm that features such pieces to help you create the room you want.

Whether you need the perfect bed to complement your walls or a comfortable wing chair, Birch Lane has it all! It is one of the best stores like West Elm with all the pieces you need to turn your house into a loving home. You can also check out the amazing deals on their furnishings to build a cosy nook on a budget.



Froy is short for “For Freedom and Joy” and is one of the best stores like West Elm. Renowned for offering items catered to the modern taste and ambience, the store helps you find pioneer designs at affordable prices.

Moreover, the company is one of the popular West Elm like stores that do not compromise on quality and integrity. Froy also helps designers and professionals come to the forefront.

They believe that your home deserves your personal touch and strive to curate products to help showcase your personality. If you want your home to reflect the vibe you’re going for, get in touch with experts at Froy and get started today!



There’s a thin line between a house and a home, and Joybird’s focus is to help consumers transform every house into a home. With quality and bold home furnishings, Joybird is one of the best West Elm like furniture stores. The company believes that people should never stop dreaming and striving to realise their dreams.

All of their pieces are tailored to meet the needs of the modern customer and cater to their unique tastes. The best part of Joybird’s initiatives is that they allow consumers to design their needs. Thus, all of their pieces can be further customised to fit your home.

Or, you could also directly start from the raw materials and ask the company to build what you need. Thus, Joybird is undeniably one of the best stores like West Elm available in the industry.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler

If you love the rules of architecture and interior design, you’ll surely love Kelly Wearstler. One of the best stores like West Elm, the brand focuses on everything from creative direction to architecture to brand design.

Thus, you get unique products and lines specifically tailored to suit and complement your needs. Since all of their products are customised, the products are comparatively affordable.

Hence, Kelly Wearstler is one of the best stores like West Elm but cheaper. The Los Angeles-based company has a diversified team of designers and manufacturers to fulfil customer needs.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen is one of the best stores like West Elm that has designed and invented several new styles in the industry. Over the years, they’ve created timeless pieces and gifted them to renowned personalities including President Eisenhower.

The brand stands for proud American history and has continually evolved with the generations. They understand customer needs like no other and can be considered one of the most noteworthy furniture stores like West Elm.



Wayfair is one of the largest home furnishing retailers all over the world. Find quality furnishing items across all styles and budgets to help build the home of your dreams. They also dominate the e-commerce home furnishing industry and are one of the major stores like West Elm.

The most surprising feature is that the brand sells approximately 14 million products across its websites and house over 80 brands. We’ve already discussed Birch Lane, but you would be surprised to learn that it is also owned by Wayfair!

The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report

Are you looking for West Elm like stores that offer products catering to the styles of almost everyone? The Zoe Report fits the bill. A popular all-in-one destination for shoppers and consumers looking for products to help reiterate their style.

The platform helps users stay up-to-date on beauty trends and helps them find quality and affordable items. Whether you’re stuck with a beauty question or need help curating the perfect wardrobe and room, The Zoe Report is the solution!



Last but not least on our list of the best stores like West Elm is Article. Known for their easy and accessible pieces catering to modern styles and designs, Article offers quality products at affordable prices.

Thus, you can build your space with modern furniture at an unrivalled value. Moreover, the brand focuses on delivering the products you need to you in time to help you realise your dreams as soon as possible.


West Elm undeniably has great product selections, but it is time you used the better and more sustainable alternatives. We hope our article on the top stores like West Elm helped you find some reasonable alternatives. These will help you curate a beautiful space without breaking the bank.

Moreover, they offer quality products that do not harm the environment. Leave your reviews and comments in the section below to help fellow buyers make better choices. We wish you the best and hope you can find the store best suited to your needs. We also hope the best stores like West Elm but cheaper help you find the haven you dream of!

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