STORES14 Most Popular Stores Like Hobby Lobby Best For Families

14 Most Popular Stores Like Hobby Lobby Best For Families

Hobby Lobby Arts & Crafts Stores are experts in everything from party supplies to home décor. More than 900 shops are operating in 47 states in the United States. Customers of Hobby Lobby may even place online orders. Popular arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby has a variety of party supplies, picture frames, and other items for the home. If you’ve ever visited one, you know it boasts a wide range of incredible goods. Hobby Lobby is not always an option, however. It’s possible that you don’t live close to one or that they don’t carry what you need. There are several excellent alternatives if you’re seeking stores like Hobby Lobby.

Best Stores Like Hobby Lobby


Michaels - Stores like hobby lobby

Michaels is one of the retailers that most resembles Hobby Lobby. It is a creative supply shop with a vast selection of items for anything from knitting to scrapbooking.

If you’re searching for something new to brighten up your area, they also offer a fantastic range of home décor goods, making it a terrific spot to purchase. Michaels probably has a location close to you since it has locations across the United States.

You may shop from the convenience of your home on their website, which also offers a wide selection. Check there before purchasing at Michaels since they also post coupons and specials.

Jo-Ann Fabrics

Jo-Ann Fabrics - Stores like hobby lobby

If you’re searching for stores like Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann is a fantastic alternative. Be aware of the term; they are much more than just cloth. They provide a vast selection of jewellery, household goods, and innovative equipment. Thanks to their online store, you may also purchase from the convenience of your home.

You’ll like everything Jo-Ann has to offer if you’re a Hobby Lobby devotee. Products from Jo-Ann are broken down into several categories on their official website. Fabric, sewing supplies, home decor, holidays, paper crafts, scrapbooking, craft machines, crafts & hobbies, art supplies & painting, and more are among them.

These many different categories speak for themselves! You may use your phone to explore the beautiful stuff in these sections. For Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, Jo-Ann offers a dedicated mobile app.


Target - Stores like hobby lobby

Target is a one-stop shop for everything and everything, selling anything from food to apparel to home decor. Due to its wide variety of home decoration items, this establishment is an excellent place to look around if you are looking for something new to spruce up the appearance of your space. Whether shopping for art supplies, furniture, or household products, you will find what you are looking for at either store.

The likelihood of this happening is relatively high. Customers have various options available to them at Target, including the opportunity to buy groceries and change their tires. However, many customers must know that Target sells various other items, like art supplies and furniture for the house.

In the home décor area of Target, customers may find various products, including rugs, wall decor, decorative pillows, vases, ornamental sculptures, and more. You will find that shopping for cutting-edge goods at Target is enjoyable on account of the store’s persistent sales and discounts.

Moreover, You are not limited to only being able to buy painting supplies using the official Target app; it has a lot of other uses as well! You may earn points on your purchases made at Target by downloading the app for your smartphone, which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx - Stores like hobby lobby

TJ Maxx is a department store chain that operates as a discount retail outlet selling various products, including apparel, footwear, home furnishings, and other items. They provide a large selection of things for decorating a house at reasonable prices.

This is one of my go-to places to get Rae Dunn candles and pottery, and I highly recommend it. If you are looking for reasonably priced options for home decoration, TJ Maxx is a fantastic store to look at if you are interested in going shopping there.

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Walmart - Stores like hobby lobby

Walmart is another well-known retailer that provides customers with a variety of art supplies and home furnishings. If you are looking for an alternative to Hobby Lobby, going to the Walmart near you can be the solution you’re looking for. If you’re upgrading your home, you will want to take advantage of the Home Renovation and Decor categories.

A substantial space is also dedicated to arts and crafts supplies, including sewing machines and paint supplies. Even though customers can purchase in-store or on Walmart’s official website, they may use the official app for a more streamlined and convenient shopping experience.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on groceries or creative supplies, the Walmart app for iOS or Android will allow you to find everything you need in one convenient location.


Ross Stores - Stores like hobby lobby

If you appreciate the range of home products at Hobby Lobby, you have to head to Ross! Ross, known for having a wide variety of affordable furniture and decorative items for the house, is an excellent location to go shopping. Because they often add and remove items from their collection, you never know what you could find there.

One key difference is that, when it comes to apparel, Ross has a smaller selection than Hobby Lobby, which means that customers may choose from a wider variety of holiday-themed items at Hobby Lobby.

People who like shopping for home décor and several other products will find Hobby Lobby and Ross are two great places to shop. If you are looking for affordable home furnishings, Ross is the shop you should go to.


Amazon - Stores like hobby lobby

If you’re looking for a retailer that can compete with Hobby Lobby’s selection of craft supplies, check out all of the options available on

In addition to the products sold by Hobby Lobby and the other businesses on this list, Amazon has a wide variety of arts and crafts supplies, fabrics, home decor, materials for hobbies, and other kinds of goods.

You can have the products delivered to your house, which will make the deal much more appealing. You may shop from the large selection of art supplies, household products, and other items that Amazon offers by using the Amazon Shopping app, which is available for smartphones running the iOS and Android operating systems.


Arteza - Stores like hobby lobby

Arteza is your one-stop shop for all the art and craft supplies you could need. You may make purchases on their official website, described above, in various categories, including Paint, Drawing Tools, Crafting Supplies, Tools, Bundles, and Paper, amongst others.

Craft materials are abundant, including both recently published works and long-standing favorites. There are a lot of products that come in at reasonable prices that might ignite your creativity, and many of them are now on sale or discounted.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for products linked to decoration, one of the other businesses on our list could be a better option for you than the others.



Etsy is the place you go to both purchase and sell products! If you are looking for creative clothing and home decor, unique gifts, or art supplies, you have come to the right online shop. Etsy is an online marketplace where users may buy and sell handmade or vintage items. The website has a wide variety of product categories.

These include jewelry and accessories, home and living goods, clothes and shoes, art and collectibles, home and party, wedding and party supplies and tools, and home and party wedding and party supplies.

You may begin your shopping experience in these departments by using your smartphone. The official Etsy mobile application may be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.



Kohl’s provides a variety of stylish and reasonably priced home goods that you may be interested in. Other shops on our list are more suited to meet your demands for craft items.

However, you may explore sections like Furniture & Décor, Jewelry & Accessories, and more on Kohl’s website. You may use your smartphone to explore Kohl’s merchandise if you want to see what they offer. Google Play and the Apple App Store provide the official Kohl’s app.



Craft materials and home furnishings are among the things that Marshalls offers many unique discounts on. The items you’re seeking may be found at Marshall’s if you’re looking for a similar to stores like Hobby Lobby. Whether you buy in person or online, Marshalls will encourage your inner artist.

You may shop immediately from your smartphone or tablet with the Marshalls app. Go to Google Play or the Apple App Store to get this app. Deals abound, and incentives are plentiful.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is the perfect store if you’re searching for a Hobby Lobby substitute that focuses on design and décor. Customers like Nordstrom Rack’s wide range of home décor goods because they include gorgeous, cheap décor.

Currently, only the United States can provide shipping and delivery. Other stores on this list will offer a more significant assortment of items for crafts.

Installing their app will allow you to start browsing Nordstrom Rack’s extensive product selection immediately! You may get this mobile app from Google Play and the Apple App Store. In no time, you’ll have offers at your fingertips.

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Pier 1

Pier 1

Pier 1 is not the best option if you’re searching for a diversified Hobby Lobby substitute that focuses on crafts. However, you’ll like what this business offers if you’re seeking a large assortment of home décor.

You may shop on the Pier 1 website by category. These divisions include Outdoor, Dining & Entertainment, Rugs & Curtains, Candles & fragrances, and Decor & Lighting.

Everything you enjoy is conveniently organized in one spot by Pier 1 in their official shopping app. You may browse goods and build your collections. Installing the Pier 1 app will alter your shopping for goods and décor.

Pop Shop America

Pop Shop America

You will like Pop Shop America’s offerings if you enjoy DIY hobbies and crafts. You may purchase online materials for arts and crafts and kits and activities for making things.

Pop Shop America will even inform you about crafting events around the country where you can express your creativity.

You may receive monthly craft materials delivered to your house for a membership fee. Pop Shop America has locations all across North America.


Hobby Lobby has succeeded in securing a unique place in the lives of designers, crafters, and artists. They ensure that materials are always available for the creative community and that inspiration is always in supply.

It should be no surprise that consumers like you and me would search for more retailers stores like Hobby Lobby, who exhibit the same degree of zeal and appreciation for arts and crafts, given all of these fantastic features.

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