Alternatives10 Best Alternatives & Sites like FameBit to Checkout in 2023

10 Best Alternatives & Sites like FameBit to Checkout in 2023

FameBit is a self-described platform for influencer marketing. For those unaware, influencer marketing is the process of getting people following a large social media to showcase their followers about your brand or product. FameBit serves as the conduit between content producers finding funding incentives and businesses looking to exploit such producers for greater visibility Famebit is the most common marketing platform for influencers but there are plenty of sites like Famebit where sponsorships can be found by YouTube creators.

The trick is having one where you’re not going to be limited to a database entry detailing the type of your channel and your subscriber count.

If you want your talent to be respected then FameBit is a great choice, but it is not your only choice. If you are serious about finding sponsorships and creating branded content then you shouldn’t be on multiple platforms for no reason.

Here are Some Sites Like Famebit for your YouTube Sponsorships:


AspireIQ - Sites like FameBit

AspireIQ promises creators that they can ‘create content on terms.’ They both work with YouTubers and with Instagrammers. AspireIQ contains a lot of big fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Madewell, and Gap. If you have a lifestyle, beauty, or fashion channel this platform is a must. It is from one of the most used sites and can easily replace Famebit and we can it is perfect in the list of the best sites like Famebit.

It was already a relatively strong tool when the platform first went online. Marketers were able to discover and start collaborating with campaign content influencers — no surprise for a marketplace, but the brand management tools used were far ahead of what everyone else was doing in the space.

You can browse through brands on Revfluence, rather than waiting for them to contact you. You choose the companies you want to support, and you must never worry about losing your reputation in your subscribers’ eyes.


TapInfluence - Sites like FameBit

Initially, TapInfluence might seem more brand-focused than equal, sites like FameBit, because it makes you wait for brands to choose from. However, you aren’t just on-call for any brand that wants to pay.

You get to examine their offer after a brand approaches you, and decide if you’d feel proud to be associated with them. It is an another best sites like Famebit.

The main thing that distinguishes TapInfluence from other platforms where brands approach you is their attitude toward influencers and their way of defining influence.

The term ‘influencer’ throws off some developers and it’s easy to understand why. Your subscriber count is relevant when you choose to engage in an ad campaign, but your subscribers are not just numbers and you’re not ‘influencing’ them for monetary benefit through some form of puppetmaster.

TapInfluence values authenticity, and works with the same value holding brands. Your desire to be truthful with your customers is never lost and the authentic connection is what makes you deserving of brands.


Izea - Sites like FameBit

Izea’s motto states that creators are championed. They respect you for something you already do, whether it’s ranting vlogs or educational material.

You link your YouTube account when you build your profile on Izea, and every other social network platform you open to use for branded content. You identify your audience as well and state the price you query.

Brands distribute their sponsorship opportunities based on what they are looking for, to select creator groups. Sponsors can approach you, or you can take matters into your own hands and bring creative pitches to brands.

IZEA acquired TapInfluence in July 2018, continuing simultaneously to operate both platforms while working behind the scenes to merge the two into one unified product. A year, and a few months more, and the days of TapInfluence are counted.


InzpireMe - Sites like FameBit

Mats Lyngstad and Marie Mostad co-founded, which launched a beta version in March 2016. A year later, following being named a winner at SLUSH Tokyo, achieved “Big in Japan” status.

Their development has not yet ended. The award at SLUSH took them onto the map and they soon regained funding of € 1 million, leading Lyngstad and Mostad to broaden their involvement across the globe.

To date, has partnered with over 3,000 labels for a further two years, €1.2 million in financing and 100 countries away. Their customer list is an amazing Who’s Who (or, if you don’t think companies are individuals, a What’s What) of major named products and charities alike:

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Unicef, and Greenpeace are some of their clients you’ve probably heard of.


Brandwatch - Sites like FameBit

Initially a networking platform for our social team to fully grasp their customers, Brandwatch User Intelligence gradually became a favorite for our Influencer, Product Marketing , Customer Support, and Success Management departments to monitor and analyze.

For the social teams, it became both an analytics tool and a means of tracking and rapidly implementing consumer feedback on social marketing campaigns, promoting growth in the social channel and increasing positive brand sentiment across different social channels.

Our Influencer team was able to track and report on the interactions they gained from different signed personalities while monitoring brand mentions across the web, enabling them to find and reach out to new potential brand influencers.

Mighty Scout

Mighty Scout

MightyScout is a startup building tool for brands and social media agencies in influencer marketing. The influencer lookup tool lets you get engagement stats, top photos, past sponsored campaigns and more for any Instagram profile instantly.

You can use MightyScout to-

  • Look for influencers in any category, not just the major categories of products
  • Use the discovery tool to find micro-influencers and up-and – coming influence
  • Get direct exposure to a human account manager that can find the best influencer for your brand

MightyScout is great for-

  • To find the right types of influencer using both technology and dedicated account managers
  • MightyScout uses a look-alike method to identify influencers close to others you’ve interacted with in the past
  • By MightyScout you can contact your newly discovered influencers
  • Generate and submit a summary list of the future new influencers to discuss it with colleagues.



Modash claims to be the “All in One Influencer Marketing Platform,” it offers marketers services to run campaigns from start to finish but focuses only on Twitch and Instagram as well as Podcast (which will soon be available).


  • A comprehensive public account of the influencer.
  • Audience demographics and locations.
  • The report also features interesting lookalikes, as brands are much easier to approach influencers with similar audience for the same campaign.
  • Finally, we find it important to offer a paying post-performance, because that would give advertisers an indication of what the ROI would be as they interact with that specific influencer.

Best feature:

The lookalikes are among this report’s best features. It can provide a whole new list of potential influencers to work with that which fits the brand and the audience, it creates better brand recall and awareness as they continue to see the same campaign in their feed.

Hype Auditor

Hype Auditor

They claim to be the most advanced fraud detection program which provides marketers with in-depth analytics to find the right match for their campaigns.


  • The report provides ‘quality analytics for audiences’ which gives a good idea of types of audience.
  • It provides insights into demography and the language.
  • To gage potential reach and brand awareness, an in-depth engagement analysis for marketers.


  • The category of type of audience is somewhat vague with ‘influencers’ being accounts with more than 5,000 successions. There’s also no justification for what are in fact ‘suspicious accounts.’
  • It focuses only on Instagram and not on other platforms. Certain brands perform better using Facebook or YouTube compared to Instagram, depending on the industry and nature of your business. Hence, this may not be suitable for all advertisers.



Heepsy claims to have six million influencer profiles worldwide using the industry’s most accurate filters, with more than 5,000 followers. You can search by Type, Venue, Followers, Interaction and Post Cost by method.


  • The system allows you to find influencers for Category, Location, Followers, Engagement and Post Cost by their Instagram handle and set filters.
  • It helps you to find new influencers in the chart, but it includes only the U.S. market, sadly.
  • They may have a post cost calculation, although we believe that will be a followers-based model and interaction that is unlikely to be reliable.


  • This influencer marketing program would not seem to satisfy all other consumer needs.
  • It does not have viewer details to kickstart an successful media influencer strategy for advertisers at all.

Best Feature: 

The ‘post cost estimation’ is the strongest we can provide on this website because it provides advertisers with a target for a campaign. But be aware as this may not be accurate as each influencer rate is different even with the same count of followers.



Tomoson is a marketers platform for creating, curating and posting content to the brand’s social media platforms. They have more than 90,000 influencers registered with their platform in this platform.


  • Having a dashboard for managing influencer campaigns and reposting their content on Tomoson is a breeze.
  • Getting a glimpse of current branded campaigns gives marketers or brands an idea of the influencer rate for a similar product.


  • The platform is not user-friendly at all.
  • The platform is not focused on giving data about influencers. Reporting, geography and even participation level of the influencer’s audience are absent from the influencer‘s profile.
  • This site provides room for influencers to search for brands, versus the conventional influencer marketing strategy of marketers searching for influencers to work into the advertisement. This may not be optimal since a percentage of micro influencer is just out for freebies and does not care about the brand value or even the effectiveness of the campaign.

Best feature

  • Getting a list of contents or posts compiled across all relevant social media platforms for the brand‘s campaign.



Buzzsumo is a search platform for influencers based on the content or topic they posted. Not only does the tool search for potential influencers to work with but it also searches content based on your keywords. Buzzsumo is also from one best sites like Famebit.


  • Search influencers based on content that is relevant to marketers running campaigns in specific fields, industries, and categories that they publish.
  • Interface which is user-friendly.
  • Ability to track brand connections and amount of backlinks within a timeline.


  • Only Focus on Twitter.
  • Doesn’t give audience insights like demographics, language, etc.

Best Feature:

Discover influencers based on the content they publish which ultimately means that there is a greater chance of brand and influencer synergy.


ReadyPulse is different from both FameBit and the other platforms on this list because for specific campaigns you don’t join brands, you become a brand ambassador.

The premise is that you tend to be yourself – producing the same marketing type you always do – yet you now have a partnership with a company whom you are actively endorsing and campaigning for. The trust that your subscribers have in you should be extended to their associated brands.

If you have the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for a company that you respect and are excited to work with, this is excellent. You can get all sorts of benefits from your partner brand – such as discounts and early releases – and there’s no reason you shouldn’t want your subscribers to trust the brand you trust.

If you find yourself matched with brands you don’t have complete confidence in, it becomes problematic, although ReadyPulse does try to match brands with influencers who are already fans of them.

You can only decide whether you and your audience are right to become a brand ambassadors.


Influencer marketing has seen rapid growth in the providing of these services to companies. An industry composed of 740 companies, including marketplaces, tech enablers, and full-service agencies, was estimated to be in 2018. Here is the end of the list of the best sites like Famebit. 

We found more than a dozen organizations in our quest and shortlisted the five most valuable ones we believe will be respected by fellow marketers.

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