STORES7 Best Liquidation Stores in Singapore for Best Purchase

7 Best Liquidation Stores in Singapore for Best Purchase

Research suggests that Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but we’ve just the solution for you! The following article lists the top liquidation stores in Singapore that provide the perfect opportunity for a good bargain. These budget shopping places will also help find the perfect items to set up both your home and office. Moreover, all of the items they stock on go through a quality check. Thus, customers not only get 100% genuine products but are also guaranteed value.

Best Stores in The Singapore Liquidation Industry:

Toys ‘R’ Us

Toys ‘R’ Us

If you’re a parent or have a child in your family, you would know that toys are expensive. The worst part is that these items have no use once the children grow up. Not only does this cause an increase in waste, but also means dollars are wasted away on a temporary item.

But, we have just the solution for you! Toys ‘R’ Us is not only one of the best liquidation stores in Singapore but is renowned as a childhood favorite toy store. Toys’R’Us’ liquidation pallets Singapore contain toys of different shapes and sizes ensuring there’s something for everyone.

It is also a part of the Toys ‘R’ Us Asia franchise which is a leading seller and retailer in the toys, leisure, and gaming equipment industry. Toys ‘R’ Us is a leading company in the liquidation Singapore industry with the detailed return, refund, and exchange policies.

Thus, customers not only get value out of their money but also receive access to quality products that will last over a few years. Another great advantage is that the company has a huge range of products servicing several local and international brands. Toys ‘R’ Us is also a great supplier of quality, wholesome toys that help parents reinforce learning for their children.

Most customers say that they absolutely love Toys ‘R’ Us as they intend to fuel children’s imagination. Moreover, they are a great addition to kids’ creative spaces as they help stimulate and inspire learning through hands-on play. Hence, Toys ‘R’ Us is undeniably one of the best liquidators in Singapore for parents and families.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road #04-33/36, City Square Mall, Central, Singapore 208539

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Mega Discount Store

Mega Discount Store

Experience speaks Mega Discount Store is the best platform liquidation industry. If you agree with this statement, you will surely love to know about a store embodying the quote. Well, Mega Discount Store, is one of the best liquidation stores in Singapore.

Hence, we can guarantee that you’ll buy products from the liquidation store. The store has the best variety of brands and budgets.  Mega Discount Store also has great customer service in the liquidation Singapore industry. The store has serviced different types of clients and is capable enough of handling complicated processes.

If you’re looking for liquidation pallets Singapore to grow your inventory and business, Mega Discount Store offers the perfect solution. Hence, Mega Discount Store clears any and all doubts you might have. This is why most customers say that they had a comfortable experience with the team. Whether you need household appliances or electronic items, Mega Discount Store is the solution.

Address: 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397693

Phone: +65 6348 7998

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Best Denki

Best Denki - Liquidation stores in Singapore

One of the leading liquidation stores in Singapore, Best Denki offers unbelievable deals. Whether you’re looking for electronics or apparel liquidation pallets Singapore, Best Denki has a wide range of stock. You will surely find the best electronics and appliances for affordable prices at Best Denki.

The store is popular in the Singapore liquidation industry for its wide range of home and kitchen appliances. They also stock up on TV and Audio and Beauty and Wellness tools. If you’re looking for relatively new models of smartphones, watches, and other gadgets, you can find them for cheaper prices on Best Denki. But, the most amazing deals are available on a bit older versions.

However, rest assured, you’ll receive goods in mint condition. Most users say that they received second-hand models or refurbished ones. Thus, Best Denki is a strong stakeholder in the liquidation Singapore industry. Best Denki also offers a wide range of products in the home appliances category.

Whether you’re looking to find washing machines, TVs, or microwave ovens for a steal, Best Denki is the solution. Some popular brands that Best Denki sources items and goods from include – Asus, Samsung, Ninja, Braun, JBL, Sony, Acer, Logitech, Philips, Microsoft, Daikin, FitBit, and much more! Thus, Best Denki is a highly popular liquidation store in Singapore due to its wide selection of products and amazing discounts!

Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #03 49 Plaza, Singapore 238839

Phone: +65 6232 7538

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Hotlotz - Liquidation stores in Singapore

Do you like the thrill of auctions and the fact that you get the items for a steal? Well, you’ll be glad to know that Hotlotz is one of the most popular liquidation stores in Singapore selling liquidation pallets Singapore through auctions.

The company also offers daily deals, discounts, and promotional offers to allow people to get goods for a bargain. Another positive is that the company stocks up on a variety of items. They carry almost anything you can think of for your home, office, and business.

If you’re a fan of renovations or love changing the look of your home/office quite often, you’ll enjoy Hotlotz. The company offers goods at the cheapest possible price in the Singapore liquidation market. Hence, you can enjoy a new look in your office or home without having to break the bank.

Hotlotz is also a haven for art and antique collectors scourging for items in the liquidation Singapore industry. Some precious, featured items available at Hotlotz include – a 1943 map of Java and several Peranakan works of art.

People also love visiting their warehouse and store due to the convenient location. Moreover, their large parking space makes it easier for customers to park their vehicles and shop without worrying about safety and security. If you love auctions or are a big fan of the valuables they sell, we recommend you sign up for their mailing list.

It will help you stay updated with regular offers, deals, and discounts. Another great advantage is that Hotlotz has an open-door policy. This means that you are welcome any time you please and can bring your loved ones too. Hotlotz loves serving customers and focusing on fulfilling their demands.

Address: Cendex Center #01-15, 120 Lower Delta Rd, Singapore 169208

Phone: +65 6254 7616

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Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands

If you’re looking for one of the most notable liquidation stores in Singapore, you’re at the right place! Tokyu Hands is a major variety store in the Singapore liquidation industry and offers a range of products. Their team is well-known for their professional liquidation services.

With Tokyu Hands, you can be sure of receiving the best service possible. Tokyu Hands is known as the best product that offers a budget range. The store focuses on helping customer service in Singapore. Hence, you can buy some great liquidation pallets Singapore from them.

Moreover, unlike other liquidators in the Singapore liquidation industry. This has good quality and helpful staff. They also have an online platform that allows their customers to sell their liquidated products directly to customers. Hence, it becomes easier for the public to buy goods and fulfill demands. But, you are only required to pay after you’ve received your purchased goods.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #B1, #07 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Phone: +65 6834 3755

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Every Day on Sales

Every Day on Sales

If you’re a shopaholic and love finding a great bargain, Every Day on Sales is for you! A dedicated weblog that helps users stay updated on the different liquidation pallets Singapore available. Other than finding deals in Singapore, the site also provides details and information on items and offers available in Malaysia.

Every Day on Sales is like a supermarket with a wide variety of items available at reasonable rates. Some common categories available include furniture, home appliances, and kitchen accessories.

One can also find news about warehouse sales, events and fairs, freebies and promotions, and clearance sales all over Singapore. Some common brands that you can find on Every Day on Sales include – Hush Puppies, Skechers, and Ikea.

Their store also offers a selection of electronics and appliances but you’ll find lesser items compared to Best Denki. After all, Best Denki is specialized in the electronics industry. However, Every Day on Sales has an appreciable product selection at affordable prices. Hence, it is one of the best liquidation stores in Singapore for shopaholics.

Every Day on Sales also hosts several kinds of sales in partnership with brands. Customers get awesome deals, while these brands get the promotion they need. We recommend you check out their website and recent news to stay in touch with these events.

Thus, you’ll not only be updated on these deals but will also be able to get seasonal items at promotional rates. For example, Every Day on Sales was running an offer to get a free drink at Starbucks for a limited period. Signing up for Every Day on Sales’ newsletter will help you stay updated with similar offers. Hence, you will not miss out on great deals and promotional events like this.

Singapore Liquidators

Singapore Liquidators - Liquidation stores in Singapore

If you want to deal with experienced people to ensure better deals and warranties, Singapore Liquidators is the place to be. One of the best liquidation stores in Singapore, the company has years of experience servicing other companies, banks, and retailers.

Whether your company is in the automobile industry or luxury clothing or some other field, Singapore Liquidators can fulfill any needs and demands. You can find a range of products in their liquidation pallets Singapore. They also serve individuals looking to stock up on their houses and buy the necessary items.

Most people understand that property-related needs can be a huge burden on one’s shoulders. Well, Singapore Liquidators is one of the best companies in the liquidation Singapore industry that handles these needs to take the burden off your shoulders. Thus, you can relax and recover your properties quickly.

The company is also reputed in the Singapore liquidation industry for its collection services of outstanding debts. This helps relieve the customers of their burden by offering the correct value for their property.

Statistics suggest that Singapore Liquidators have recovered over $1 million worth of properties over the last few months. Another advantage is that their team consists of experienced liquidators and insolvency experts licensed by the Ministry of Law. Thus, you can expect customized and effective services that also help you manage your business stakeholders in times of need.

Address: 7500A Beach Rd, #05-303/304 The Plaza, Singapore 199591

Phone: +65 6294 0448

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There are several liquidation stores in Singapore where you can get quality items at affordable prices. But, the above article lists the best out of the lot. We wish you the best and hope the article helped you find the perfect store for your needs.

Let us know your reviews and queries (if any) in the comments below. Your reviews could help other fellow users save money and time too.

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