Top 10 Youtube Channels For College Students In USA (2021)

Youtube Channels For College Students

YouTube continues to rise in popularity at 2 billion users, and with over 62 percent of Gen Z watching regular videos on the website, a new wave of YouTube creators has emerged: college YouTubers.

“While there are many top YouTube stars like Brooklyn and Bailey who has created college-focused videos that includes Will We Get Along as well as New College Roommates. College YouTubers, or Brooklyn’s Latest College Room Tour, have established their own niche category and group, one that has gathered an impressive following.

These college creators, as it happens, log simple class tips and survival stories. Users post everything from Goal hauls and move-in vlogs to videos of “study with me where they secretly study themselves. Each and every college influencer brings to their school experience a unique perspective that equals Gen Z’s need to feel a bond. Because they glimpse into the everyday work of a YouTube influencer.

College influencers also capture intimate videos on personal topics such as financial circumstances, problems with roommates, and even “disclose” videos where they open letters of acceptance for college. Channels on YouTube can be more than just fun. Find the top 10 platforms that will support you with your school experience.

Here Is The List Of Youtube Channels For College Students In US:

Elliot Choy

Elliot Choy

One of the biggest video trends lately is the routine “a day in life” style of vlogging that features creators from different backgrounds and categories sharing their average day with viewers. So far this trend has gathered over 50,000 videos and furthers the increasing urge of audiences to watch regular people do normal stuff.

As a student at Vanderbilt University, Elliot juggles his YouTube career and college classes in his “day in the life of” video that has earned over 125,000 views. ThinkwithGoogle reports that viewers tune in to watch users perform tedious tasks for “company, in-depth information, and even inspiration.”

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank

Over the years, Thomas Frank, a 2013 graduate of Iowa State University, has created his YouTube channel, blog, and podcast series to give students useful advice on how to conquer universities and become the best students they can be. His “Thomas Frank” YouTube channel focuses on productivity, good behaviors to adopt, helpful tools (books, YouTube channels, websites), and guidance on how to learn faster and better.

I find his insights educational and extremely helpful as a second-trimester student who has successfully completed her first trimester, particularly when I feel like procrastinating or in need of inspiration and encouragement to get through the loads of research that I have to complete every day. 

His attitude of can-do” and “hands-on” help me to avoid telling myself that I’m not going to be able to do this or “This is too much work” and helped me eradicate my attitude of “complaining about everything.” It was a blessing to come across his channel and I tune in daily to see what else I can learn from this amazing man.

The vlogs that are shared on Thomas’ YouTube channels as well as on his personal website have titles like How to Be More Optimistic Than Anybody You Know: 5 Successful Tips. In my view, his YouTube videos are the most useful and well-thought-out on this list, with lengths ranging from 2.5 minutes to 25.5 minutes.

Two years after graduation, continuing to develop his empire in the education market, he released his book “10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades,” and it now has over 440 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Crash course

Crash course

Have you ever thought about how they invented electricity? Or what do people say when they talk of “social media’s dark side”? Or indeed the lessons of Plato and Aristotle? Ok, the YouTube channel CrashCourse has the answers to all of these questions and more! With its topical 10-minute crash courses, very visual content, and simple examples, this site, with the aid of industry experts, discusses diverse topics.

The night before a test, it is incredibly helpful for any student who wants a brief reminder of the basics of such topics or may even act as an informative, mind-broadening solution to find out more about the world around us and its many fields of study. For several years now I have been watching this show, and I’ve never been disappointed by the consistency of the content it provides!

On May 19, 2006, this channel was launched with the goal of teaching a broad range of topics, such as world history, biology, and even psychology. Crash Course uses a blend of historical footage, descriptive diagrams, and comedy to keep audiences updated and amused, with 10.2 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views.

The CrashCourse has several lessons in economics, physics, philosophy, astronomy, politics, psychology, literature, and biology in 10-12 minute videos. If you feel like you haven’t learned enough at school and need some extra tutoring with incredible animations, comedy, and a cast full of the knowledge of diverse subjects, this is your web!

Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael

The YouTube channel of Evan Carmichael is best known for its series: “The Top Ten Rules of Someone Successful,” in which he analyses the interviews, lectures, and talks of prominent and successful individuals around the world to figure out what valuable rules they obey themselves. From the YouTube channel of Evan Carmichael, every student has a lot to understand.

It is also about developing and making a stronger and more motivated image of yourself that becoming a student is not just about having good marks, working hard, and being sleep-deprived.

But why not take advice from Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Jobs, the best and most influential people on the planet, and add these tips and tricks to your own life? His videos range from 10-60 minutes and can be used as a way to start the day with inspiration.

Kharma Medic

Evan Carmichael

Shout out I’ve included this one for you, to all my pre-med students out there. The cosmos delivered this YouTuber to bail you out, hearing the familiar sound of another pre-med student in distress.

So far, Nasir Kharma, a medical student at King’s College London University, has shared over 100 videos on his YouTube page. He addresses everything from vlogs for medical schools to evaluating and planning applications.

It’s amazing to share similar experiences or talk about how they want to implement something I have done in their own lifestyle, Kharma said. The material of Kharma caters mainly to European medical examinations. His videos, though, provide those interested in the life and experience of anyone going to medical school with valuable knowledge.

Kiara Madisen 

Kiara Madisen 

This college/lifestyle channel is run by University of Oregon senior Kiara Madison Green. When I say lifestyle, in every sense of the word, I mean it. Green’s doing it all. I could describe her as a major in human physiology and a sister of the Chi Omega sorority. Or as a member of the ski race team at UO and a participant in an overseas study program.

It makes sense for her channel to reflect that same dynamic with a schedule both well-rounded and busy alike. Green also uploads numerous videos devoted to fashion, travel, design, health, and her overall lifestyle.

“I really wanted to show people that college is doable, and your experience doesn’t have to be entirely shaped by stress, despite feeling overwhelmed at times,” Green said. I offer Green, one of the top YouTube channels for college students, as your secret weapon for those struggling to find balance. Like it and subscribe.



TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of ideas, generally in the form of short powerful discussions (18 minutes or less). It is an international community that organizes various events and conferences worldwide to educate people in more than 100 languages on multiple topics, from everyday matters to medicine and global issues.

A speaker gives lectures to an audience in the videos, who listen attentively and learn to look at things from a different perspective. The goal of TED is to make excellent ideas accessible and spark conversation. If you want to know how other individuals think and live, check out this channel for sure!

With 10.2 million subscribers, one of TED’s youth and education initiatives is one of the best educational Youtube channels in the world. For students, teachers, and anyone looking for great ideas and willing to explore answers to how perfect this channel is and why. The essence of this channel is carefully curated educational videos and lessons.

Ted-Ed Youtube is fairly popular with students. There are so many cool things that college students can learn from Ted-Ed and you’ll feel that you’ve been productive all day gaining all this knowledge with so much information.

Ted-Ed has provided a wide range of classes since March 1, 2011, from visual arts to mathematics, health studies, and business. With lessons taught in a fun way using interesting examples, each video features entertaining animations. Ted-Ed has 10.2 million subscribers as of 2019 and the channel has been viewed approximately 1.6 billion times!

Marrisa Nicole

Marrisa Nicole

On this list of top YouTube networks, recent Ohio State University graduate Marissa Nicole certainly smashed the record for most college content. She produced three playlists devoted to the topic (each with over 50 videos). From shortcuts and tricks to day-in-the-life vlogs to videos about her Ohio State background, Marissa covers everything. Her videos will assist you in any college challenge you may encounter.

Until I came to college, I began watching Marissa Nicole because she’s very relatable. I was inspired a lot by her articles on how to save money,” said University of Florida sophomore Daisy Facio. Marissa has created hundreds of videos covering Greek life, general tips, and my favorite, bullet journaling, on her website.

In the end, Marissa and her network aim to support people. That really shines through, not just the number, but the consistency of her videos as well.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare

Did you know that without necessarily being admitted, you might attend an MIT class? For those who do not know what MIT is not just in the United States but in the globe, it is a highly ranking Boston university.

It’s getting more commonplace to post recorded lectures on YouTube and MIT is one of the first to give so many of its lectures online. In these episodes, there are some very fascinating subjects, such as artificial intelligence and laser comprehension. I would probably recommend this channel to someone who takes courses in math, technology, or engineering.

This channel, supported by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offers free lessons covering real-life MIT curriculum material! Viewers can hear from a number of topics, including Engineering, Technology, and Statistics.

Amanda Magana

Amanda Magana

With over 200 “Follow Me Around Campus” and “Q and A” posts to prove it, Amanda is a UCLA college YouTuber. So far, her videos about her college experience have generated over 4 million views. Amanda graduated recently but has managed to produce videos based on post-graduate life.

Amanda Magana is a junior biology major at the University of California, Los Angeles, who blogs about makeup, fashion, and what it’s like as a college student at UCLA, sharing new videos every week. She gives tips on remaining inspired to learn, how to pick a college, how to combine school with life, and many more through her YouTube videos.

The most famous “How to get into UCLA” video by Amanda has 201,786 views and shows a completely dolled-up Amanda sharing her tips and tricks for college admission.

She also adds a message to the screen that mentions the fact that it was a day of beauty experimentation. Her written summary is particularly useful to listeners given that the significant segments are time-stamped as an overview of what she’s talking about.


I hope this article encouraged you to go check out all these wonderful YouTube channels, from motivational to informative student advice posts! To set the tone for your day and make the most of it, I highly suggest that you watch one motivational video every morning.

It would be difficult to keep track of all the videos released by all these networks, but it is worth the effort! I can not wait to hear from you! Don’t forget to comment and express your opinions or other tools below.

Channels on YouTube can be more supportive than we think. People work hard to give us a chance to be better educated, advised, and free of charge to get any kind of education. If you’re an expert, you should probably worry about sharing this with the community. The effect you will have on the planet, on students, or on people, you never know.

You now have a better chance than ever before to learn valuable lessons in an entertaining, fun, and social manner with too many educational YouTube channels out there for you to pick from. Do you have a channel on YouTube that will support other students? Or are you familiar with another awesome channel that didn’t make it to our list?

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