Top 5 Wholesale Liquidation Companies in The United States (2022)

Top 5 Wholesale Liquidation Companies in the United States

Liquidation business is climbing the ladder of most successful business opportunities very quickly and efficiently. If you find yourself wondering what a liquidation business is and how you can be a part of it, we have all the answers for you.

The excess stock in big retailer brands like Target and Amazon is sold off at lower rates to liquidation companies who store it and act as a bridge between these retailers and small businesses. Individuals or small business owners can buy this inventory at subsidized prices from liquidation companies and sell them to customers.

If you are interested, first, you need to know about the best and most reliable liquidation companies in the US. Check out our list of the top 5 wholesale liquidation companies in America which you can fully trust:

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Quicklotz is the biggest name in the wholesale liquidation business. It is based out of Rutherfordton in North Carolina and also has warehouses in Laredo and Arlington in Texas. The inventory available at Quicklotz is diverse and mostly exclusive. They also have a great customer support team which takes care of every need and concern of the buyers.

Unlike other liquidation giants, Quicklotz doesn’t hold auctions to sell their stock. Instead, they prefer to make deals with fixed prices and sell by pallets, truckloads, or boxes. For small lots, Quicklotz offers free shipping or personal pickup. You can also go to their warehouse and check out the quality of the products you want to buy before taking them home. All in all, this is the best place to get quality liquidation merchandize at lowest rates.


Washington’s big liquidation merchant Liquidity Services runs its online operations through This trustworthy company has over three million customers from all over the world and has been serving them consistently throughout. It provides good quality merchandize at the cheapest rates to help small businesses and individuals make a profit by selling liquidation products. To buy stuff from them, you have to participate in their bids which are both open and sealed.

Every inventory item has an expiry date for bids, during which your quote will be considered and the deal sealed. In case of open bids, the quotes are universally visible, unlike sealed bids. They stock varieties of products like apparel, electronics, jewelry, accessories, computers, etc. You just need to pick the category of your choice and put in your bidding amount quote. 


Amlinc is an Alabama-based liquidation company that is operated by American Merchandize Liquidators. It stores goods in various categories like furniture, home décor items, toys, apparel, electronics, etc. They have been harnessing the liquidation market for more than 25 years and have built a solid reputation with customers.

Unlike other liquidation companies, Amlinc does not allow you to place bids online. If you want to buy from them, you have to visit their warehouses or offices to check out their stock and inventory. But their advantage is that if you do not enough capital to buy stock and start a business, they offer financing based on your credit record. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for all.

BULQ com

Owned by Optoro and based in Washington, Bulq was originally a reverse logistics company which has now climbed the ladder of success in the liquidation business. It was founded in 2004 and is now one of the key players of the wholesale liquidation market. It is reliable and delivers exactly what is advertised.

You can also make payments online through credit cards and receive your inventory at home. You can also return the goods with full guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality or price. For beginners in the liquidation market, Bulq is a totally reliable and easy-to-understand website that you can start with.

Merchandize Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators

Set up in 2003, Merchandize Liquidators has won over the liquidation market by building a relationship with manufacturers and big retail merchants. It is based in Miami Gardens and stocks inventory categories, such as apparel, accessories, electronics, and other merchandize. You will find products from eBay, Amazon, and smaller stores as well. The price ranges vary but are quite reasonable.

Finding overstock, refurbished, salvaged and surplus goods is an easy task with this website. So, no matter what your budget is, you will find suitable products on Merchandize Liquidators. They have opened new warehouses and expande their inventory to stock more categories of products. You can buy truckloads of stuff from here and also opt for smaller sizes if you are just starting out.

These companies just form the tip of the iceberg. There are many more efficient players in the wholesale liquidation business that can help you put a foot forward in this field and taste success.


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