10 Sites like SocialBlade to checkout in 2022

Putting it in a Nutshell, when evaluating a channel ‘s success, SocialBlade conducts YouTube channel analytics that comes in handy. Such figures are seen in different ways like maps, graphs, etc. The developers of channels can collect such data when they want to see how their channel is doing on the network. There are various sites like social blade that let you do the same.

In the other side, the same data allows companies and advertisers to see whether a YouTuber has enough followers and maybe the best choice in the social networking platforms to advertise their services and goods.

Social Blade has an advanced comparison program, which enables you to match up to three YouTube channels and determine the best of them. This lets companies pick a good label marketing influencer. Although a premium service, this involves a one-to-one online consulting session with a professional specialist who can educate you about how to take advantage of the platform and benefit best from it. For Instagram, the same sort of session may also be organized.

Some sites similar to Social blade include:

  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire helps you to browse for your favorite content online, as a centralized content management system ( CMS), and then schedule it for publication as required. You can also post content from your social networking channels through the web app, making it easier for you to share your thoughts with the public.

Crowdfire is the super smart Social Media Manager which helps you develop every day online. Save lots of time handling all your social media from a single place. Let Crowdfire do the hard work of discovering content and posting it, so you have more energy to concentrate on what you do best!

Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Email, 500px, Crowdfire are some other apps that Crowdfire can work with.

What would you do with Crowdfire?

— Test your social media, access analytics files, and plan weekly / monthly Analytics exports.

— Answer from a single dashboard to all of your Social Mentions. Type Media CRM.

— Set up your own posts and plan them out later.

— Find and suggest posts and photos that your audience enjoys immediately, so you can post them through your social media and keep your timelines active!


— Keep an eye on any changes on your website, blog or online shops; and make fast, beautiful posts about the update that you can quickly share on all your social profiles

—the hassle of making different posts for each social media and tailor the posts automatically with all the accounts!

— Use the Chrome extension to post your favorite internet sites in 2 quick clicks for all your social media!

— Use RSS functionality to use your favorite websites and blogs as your source for new content!

What We Like Best

Crowdfire can be used as a great tool for monitoring and rising in the metrics of social networks. The program can take profiles in mastered networks and topics with a clear and pleasant interface, and from there track the existence in networks that provide tips for multiplying the audience in social networks.

Follows, unfollows, some of the main points in an application that can make social accounts appear distinctive are the periods in the highest development of publications or subjects that prefer the most to develop in networks.

  1. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a specific online resource that lets you market your company, goods, and services by offering multiple resources for real-time site presence evaluation. With Union Analytics, you can monitor your social media efforts, assess your success, and equate it to those of your rivals, and more.

Social Media Marketing Software Features

  • Content Curation
  • Engagement
  • Listening
  • Social Analytics
  • Boosting
  • Campaign Management
  • Collaboration
  • Monitoring
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Publishing Management
  • Scheduling
  • Team Management

Union Analytics is a PR & communications professionals social communication and profile research tool established in 2010. It enables advertisers to obtain deeper visibility into the material they publish for products and to make it accessed and available anytime it is required. It helps to produce quality content and improve interaction by offering a detailed review of the published content output. With Union Metrics, marketers can identify fans and advocates of their brands on Instagram.

This program actively tracks interaction with your Instagram profiles, bringing you the new updates when they happen. Find out what’s driving your Instagram success.

  • Identify perspectives which can form your plan right away
  • See when to post to achieve greater interaction
  • Track your dedication to your story, even in your stories

Using their comprehensive communication reports to know about all the fans and material on your Instagram pages. Watching the interaction patterns.

  • Locate the right time to publish new content to optimize effect
  • Identify the hashtags which lead to higher commitment
  • Know more regarding profiles of your followers to tailor the material


  1. Iconosquare

This is another software resource that gathers and provides comprehensive metrics to determine the brand’s online presence. You may also use Iconosquare to handle all your social networking accounts as a single forum, and schedule the app to post your content at a particular date. You can test the app’s features for free with the 14-day trial deal, and purchase its membership if considered useful.

One of the latest changes Iconosquare has produced to its Instagram Stories analytics. Brands will track, with it:

Stories insights: Evaluate your stories results to improve your approach with essential KPIs including experiences and completions

New post insights: Through time, learn your scope, experiences, and video results.

Demographics: Classify the audience’s principal divisions by age/gender and language

Internet fans: Learn when your fans are internet more frequently and adapt your posting plan accordingly.

As advertisers and SEOs, it is important to be able to deliver actual data to clients in easy-to-read papers. You can export the data with Iconosquare if you select a spreadsheet for fast reporting. .Register for regular, weekly, or monthly email updates, and Iconosquare can provide you with a customized analysis of the success of your account, including visibility into your group layout, follow-up development, and media or geolocation.

Bear in mind that the starter package contains only regular and weekly updates. You’ll need to move to a higher package to view data regularly or annually.

Pricing Overview

There had been a period when most of the apps of Iconosquare were accessible. But as they say, anything positive has to come to an end. There is a silver lining here: the application still provides quite a few useful apps, including:

Instagram audit – the free app analyzes 20 + indicators for your current 30 posts and offers advice on user participation, post optimization, etc.

Products Tracker – Recognize and evaluate products with the highest interaction score on their profile page

Influencers Rankings-Classify and narrow down influencers with the highest communication score by group

Iconosquare also provides a free trial duration, with an option of four plans afterward: beginner, pro, advanced, and service. It would be sufficient for most marketers, or a pro or advanced plan depending on the scale of the company.

Brands searching for in-depth insights around Instagram will profit from Iconosquare. The app records and controls a multitude of indicators that can help guide marketing and social strategies. Iconosquare is also a fantastic forum for those who want to handle their Instagram better — features like arranging updates, having a summary of streams, uploading bulk images, etc.

  1. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a communications and analysis resource that lets you find the best influencers to support the goods or services provided by your company. Unbiased analytics helps you to test how your projects are going, and where your online footprint is in the market at a given moment.

HypeAuditor was built for identifying fraud, but this seems like an underestimate. The platform analyzes influencer accounts, dives deep into each group, and is generally searching for the kinds of data that can reveal fraud — like odd increases in follower development, or bot-generated comments.

But by turning the idea of fraud identification on its ear, the creators took it a step further: the point of detecting false or ghost supporters is not to deter them, but to consider the real content of the group as a whole. And, indeed, this is what the attention of HypeAuditor is on: the content of the audience.

In doing so, the company is delivering a far more useful tool than if it were just a way to detect fraud. There are 28 separate ratings and grades, which offer consumers an in-depth view of how they work with. It all begins with the Rating Ranking for the Viewer (AQS).

What is AQS?

Scored on a scale of 1 to 100, the AQS offers a simple means of determining the real worth of an influencer. Something over 70, they tell you, is someone you should be confident with: this is an influencer whose community is made up of authentically active, primarily actual people. Further research will be advisable between 40 and 70.

The score refers to the general public, but as you search deeper using HypeAuditor, you can find — even if there are a huge number of false followers — that the real ones are always enthusiastic and dedicated and worth hitting. In this situation, the AQS provides the companies with analytical evidence to use to determine more reasonable rates.

Influencer Discovery Tool

The HypeAuditor Influencer Exploration Platform has another fantastic function. The website, which is updated regularly, includes over 10 million Instagram influencers and over 3 million YouTube video bloggers. You will locate influencers in any niche in 253 nations, use 15 plugins and an infinite amount of keywords.

  1. HootSuite Analytics

This is a web analytics application that gathers data from your social media and promotions to help you analyze your online activity in an easily accessible way. The tool also lets you build, distribute or even exchange custom reports for better assessment. Whether you’re a member of a squad or boss, HootSuite Analytics can even help you evaluate the success of the staff.

The fact that it helps you to handle too many various social networks is perhaps one of the most convincing factors for utilizing Hootsuite. Now Hootsuite lets you manage:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Links on Twitter
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • Instagram Headlines
  • Blogging on WordPress
  • Vimeo, Tumblr, Evernote, MailChimp and Slideshare (via software from third parties)

Lots more!

You may also incorporate more than one network of the same kind. Whether you handle several Twitter accounts, or Facebook profiles, this may be beneficial. You may also post on several platforms concurrently. Nevertheless be vigilant here- worry of the kind of viewer you have on each network. The followers on Facebook would be different from the people on Twitter. Twitter still requires for 280 characters whereas Facebook allows for much longer and richer messages of pictures and videos.

Get a Team to Manage Your Social Media Empire

If you have more than one person running the social networks of your company, whether you split the burden with an external social media management firm, you might have faced a variety of problems attempting to keep up with stuff.


Second, there is protection – enabling certain users to access your Twitter account would mean posting your password on Twitter. Nothing decent at all!

Hootsuite lets you assign answers to different representatives of the squad. For example, if you obtain 20 mentions in a single day, the administrator can assign each to another member of the team. Once a team leader is logging in, they can see which roles they have been given, and not making the error of reacting to a question that has already been responded.

  1. Keyhole

Keyhole is a hashtag and social media campaign tracking tool that collects all the information required for campaign posts with or without hashtags. If the information has been compiled, Keyhole uses the details to create interactive diagrams and produce comprehensive reports and help you determine your online presence.

What we like best

The dashboard encapsulates a comprehensive summary of all aspects your activity and shows all the information and KPIs you need. The keyhole metrics are unrivaled and help us set KPIs and measure results accordingly. Even the interface is really user-friendly and it is exportable so that’s awesome.

What we dislike

They updated their policy and now have stopped displaying historical records. It used to be very easy. Also wish we could still monitor the hashtag & timeline deliveries following Instagram’s latest API update.

Key features:

  • sophisticated ad campaigns tracking & measuring tools
  • brand reputation & competitor monitoring
  • event insights to capture in real-time social and digital impact
  • influencer impact measuring

Keyhole ‘s Instagram analytics tool provides you with details about whether and when to publish popular posts to maximize your blogging strategies.

It involves hashtag analytics, engagement details focused on hour and day tweets, and you can also set up a stream to monitor Instagram accounts of competitors.

  1. SocialRank

SocialRank (Internet Rank) is a commonly used software framework that lets brands and marketers control all the followers from a single screen on nearly all their social networking channels. The positive thing about SocialRank, which was created in 2014, is that it provides free access to entrepreneurs and small companies to help them expand.


  • Easy to use
  • Organization and filtering
  • Free services
  • FAQ section

They provide very simple facilities and are quick to use. It is a convenient place for Twitter and Instagram users to collectively and personally find out more from their fans. Users may organise and sort their followers into unique, insightful lists and groups using SocialRank. Using these lists, users learn who is their most valuable follower, their most engaged follower, their best follower, and which of their followers has the most followers themselves-and all for free.

The general service delivered by SocialRank is open to the public. Their former program called the SocialRank Premium was $25 a month (or $250 a year) and optional for non-profits. But they have recently discontinued the service and soon expect to add another new product. All the facilities are still safe.

  1. SquareLovin

A content marketing tool capable of collecting information from the followers of the companies on social networking platforms. SquareLovin will also handle and utilize the material for product sales, ads, and producing emails to keep the crowd active, creating more opportunities who can be turned over time to paying clients.

Key features:

  • metrics on recent posts and growth
  • monthly analysis
  • posting history by hour, day, month and year

For a free analytics application, Squarelovin is an admirably in-depth device. It shows stats on recent posts and progress, a monthly overview and a background of your posts divided into year, month, day, and hour.

There are tabs displaying contact of your images, all regular and top tweets, and a tab for scheduling that displays the best and worst times you’ll write.You will also monitor your Instagram page, build galleries and share and comment on certain photos from inside the site.

  1. SocialBakers

Socialbakers (Internet Bakers) lets you determine the desires of your followers and build and post content on social networking sites appropriately, utilizing specific and insightful resources. In addition to this, you can clearly grasp the popularity of your company online and between your rivals with detailed surveys. This helps you to take the correct choices in a timely manner to bring the most out of the business.

A trustworthy social network marketing platform for brands and companies of all sizes, powered by AI. We motivate our customers to conduct the funnel targeting top effectively with the most detailed dataset. Understand your clients, exploit specialized analytics on material, and find the right influencers for your brand. Optimize your social network usage, track interactions over social networking, and offer excellent customer support-all in one go.

Key Features

  • Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Post Scheduling
  • Automated Publishing
  • Content Management
  • Customer Targeting
  • Multi-Account Management


  • Quintly

Quintly is a dashboard tool, covering multiple social networks. It comes with a basic dashboard that can be personalized to match your needs with widgets, and monitor the indicators that apply to you. The app offers comprehensive follower information for Instagram fans, including your profile and those of your rivals. You can examine the content of your Instagram, the interactions created from your images and videos, plus specifics of the use of filters.

Quintly also covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There is a free tool for Facebook analytics and a 14-day free trial for Instagram and others. Paid plans then start from €129/month.


SocialBlade offers many Free Alright features. However, if you want any specialized functions and comprehensive details on any influencer, you need to buy the Premium subscription package which is both pricey and lacks any valuable features you would anticipate at such a price.

Fortunately, you now have Influenex that not only has ads-free pages to work with, it also makes it easy to find influencers and connect to one or more of them in one go.


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