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This article is meant to go over a website that provides custom writing for clients. If you need to complete a write-up but are not able to complete it for some reason you can use the services provided by such sites to get the task done.

About MasterPapers

about - masterpapers

This website understands how tiresome assignments can be. If you get multiple assignments you might feel a lot of pressure and might not be able to complete any of them. So, the company offers various writing services that can help you complete and submit your assignments on time.

But you might be wondering what if you have to submit the assignment in a matter of hours. Well, this website promises that you can opt for services that can enable you to get back the complete work within a few hours. 

The website prides itself in its selection of writers. The writers have been hand-picked and tested to ensure that clients only receive the best quality work. There are over 600 writers that work for the website and are skilled in various fields. These include authors, proofreaders, editors, writers, and many more.

The services are available 24/7 because emergencies do not come at a predetermined time. The company claims to have satisfied multiple clients with its services of top quality and has been in the business of custom writing for over 14 years. 

Selection Process for the Writers

choosing the writer - masterpapers

The website claims to follow a very rigorous process to choose a writer. This is because it only wants the best for its clients. The writers need to go through 4 steps to get hired as a custom writer for MasterPapers. The website claims that this multi-level selection process allows them to choose only the best writers to service the clients.

The first step is a sort of requirement. Writers need to have a university degree along with writing experience of 2 years. The next step tests the English and subject proficiency of the candidate. Once they pass this then a personal interview is conducted.

The final step is to test the writers in a real-world scenario by completing guest assignments. According to the website, only 8% of writers are able to pass the final step. 

So, the writers that are successful in these steps have good knowledge of certain subjects and have good English proficiency. 

About the Website

It is very useful and important to discuss or talk about the interface of any website when deciding to buy any service from it. The more comfortable and user-friendly the interface is the easier it is to order. This also makes ordering faster so that you do not end up wasting a tonne of time looking for what you need.

In a case of emergency, time is of the essence. You are running on a clock and you need to purchase the service fast. MasterPapers has a very handy website. It isn’t very hard to find what you need and it is very easy to order the service that you are looking for. Everything has been laid out comprehensively. You don’t have to go through multiple pages just to get a service. 

You can access the service list from the top of the website. Once you have clicked on the service you want you will be taken to a page where various details about the service with the price are provided. You can get a comprehensive idea about what the site is offering pertaining to that particular service.

If you just want to check out a few examples to assert the quality of the services you can download the samples from the homepage of the website. 

Features of MasterPapers

features of masterpapers

Let’s take a look at a few important features that you might want to be aware of about the website.

  1. Deadline: The minimum deadline for any order is 3 hours. You can order a service and get the task delivered within 3 hours from the time of order. This can come in handy and yes the company has completed orders that fast many times before.
  2. Revision Period: The clients get a 14-day free revision period wherein if they are not satisfied with the work or need a few adjustments to be made they can get it done for free. This is another handy feature that can help you a great deal.
  3. Refund: A refund can be requested within two weeks from the delivery of the order if the client is not satisfied with the work or if the work does not match the guidelines provided. 
  4. Support: The company claims to provide 24/7 customer support for clients to resolve their queries and problems. 

Is it Worth Buying from MasterPapers?

worth buying - masterpapers

So, the question still pertains- Is it worth it to buy from MasterPapers? Well, the answer lies in how much you are willing to pay. This is because the services are not that cheap. If you are in an emergency and need to get the work done fast you might have to pay a good some. But yes, if you are really in trouble and need it at any cost then you can go for this company. 

There have been a few negative reviews about the quality of the works. This is true for certain cases. Many times you might be paired with a writer who might not understand what you need and you might get back an unsatisfactory product. But what we like about the company is that they respond to every negative criticism and try to help the customers.

Yes, there have been some problems with the quality before which is why it is very important or be clear with your instructions and discuss well with the parties concerned about what you need. Always be ready to use the refund or revision feature to make sure you are not getting short-changed. 

Overall, the company has been providing satisfactory services to clients for most of the categories. When ordering any service be it a cover letter or CV just try to be as clear as possible with the instructions to help the writer provide a better result. It will also help you to hold your ground if you get bad work back.

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