10 Best Similar Games to Play If You Loved Skribbl.io

Skribbl.io is a free online multiplayer drawing and guessing game. In this game one player draws the chosen word on a drawing board and other players have to guess it. Those players who guess the word right will get points. This game consists of a few rounds and in each round the player who get the highest points will be declared as a winner.

You can play this game by randomly joining any public game in which various players of different areas are playing, or you can create a private room of your own in which you and your friends will play. You don’t need to login to create a private room, you just have to send a link to your friends and they can simply join the room by clicking on that link.

You can also do live chat during the game which will create more fun. This is a good option to play with your friends and family but yes, this is not the only option. There are so many games similar to Skribbl.io with more enhanced and interesting features. In this article you’ll read about the alternatives of Skribbl.io or games similar to it. In the end you’ll surely have some new and different options to replace Skribbl.io

Here is the list of best games similar to Skribbl.io :


Gartic.io Game

Gartic.io is a smart way of drawing different items and winning prizes with a user-friendly interface, and it offers various tools for making pictures, cartoon images, and multiple pictures.

It is a web-based platform and also offers Android and iOS applications, and it gives the main feature of drawing and anything on the platform in sharing it with the community. The mouse cursor itself draws something in the background as you move it.

The interactive interface of the app works gracefully, and you can chat with different users if you are a member of the cat home, and you can make a different design with multiple tools given by the system. If you subscribe to the premium option, you can also get a professional means and be a part of the drawing platform. You can share the picture on all social platforms directly from the app.

Drawize: Draw & Guess

Drawize: Draw & Guess game Poster

Drawize is a multiplayer drawing and guess game similar to skribbl.io and developed by Lomboos for Mobile devices. But it also has some unique features that makes this game slightly different from Skribbl.io .Using a painting brush, you can show off your drawing skills while playing with thousands of players.

There are several playable characters, and each one has a unique appearance. Five different types of modes are available, such as Play with Friends, Play Online, Daily Challenge, and more. Each mode is offering unique gameplay and challenging you to make the highest points than other players. There are different brushes available, such as Spray, Paint Bucket, Brush, and Pen.


Drawaria.online game poster

Drawaria.online is a Drawing, Puzzle, and Multiplayer video game available to play on the Browser. The game features exciting gameplay, in which you can play against other players for points. Several players can partake in the game simultaneously and earn points by guessing words associated with images drawn by others.

Each player has limited time to guess the word; once the time gets over, the player will be considered as a loser. You can invite your friend by sharing a link that you can easily find above the chat section. Using the block feature, you can prevent someone from drawing.

Try to score the highest points to win the round. Players require to guess the name of the image that the opposing player is drawing in the chat option.


Drawasaurus game poster

Drawasaurus is a drawing platform for you to be creative and make a different type of gesture with the platform. The app offers tons of facilities and allows you to easily view all the games on the platform and play it. It provides drawing and matching game features for your phone and PC.

Drawasaurus consists of an attractive interface and allows you to join the platform freely and give separate modules on a window where you can compete with others in making drawings. you can access the app on both Android and iOS devices.

The game provides you different tools to draw your imaginary creatures, and you can also download them or save them on your PC or phone. It does not show any ads. The graphics are attractive and the interface is easy to use, and Drawasaurus can be used for the online competition too.


Drawesome game poster

Drawesome is another good choice to play draw and guess games with your friends or people across the world. Any user can join and become a part of the community. They can also integrate with the free design module, which allows them to create a diagram, cartoon image on anything.

Drawesome has a smart interface, and it comes with two options, which are ‘a fresh list’ and ‘create a match.’ It allows you to take part in the games, and the new list is only available to you if you have subscribed to the platform. The interface is easy to interact with, and it does not give Android and iOS applications, but the module can be easily used on phone browsers.


LetsDraw.it game poster

LetsDraw.It is one of the best multiplayer game interface providing platforms. It is available for PC and Android devices. You can see different users available on the platform drawing different stuff, and they can join anytime they want, and it does not limit any user in using this platform.

You can also be a part of LetsDraw.It by subscribing to its sign up module and get a premium gaming module where certain users are paying for its services and making a different type of artifacts and diagrams. It shows player ranking, the country of the player, and it also shows which users are getting a premium version.

You can also add different emoji and outside pictures in your diagram, and you can get a separate module for drawing anything and saving it directly to your phone. It is free and comes with ads and in-app purchases, and the same goes for the desktop-based version.

Draw your game

Draw your game poster

Draw Your Game is one of the unique ones on this list. “I wish I could create my own video game” many of us thought that at some point. This game gives a means to turn our thoughts into reality.  Unlike the other games, you draw the game on a piece of paper with a pencil or pen.

Once you are done, take the picture of it using the app’s camera. The app will turn it into a game where you can control the character. If you want to, you can share your game with the world or play the games created by other users. Though it looks complicated, once you get the hang of it, you will spend hours playing the game. This one is very interesting and also addictive, Created by Kacem Bekri – Developed by Zero One in 2015.

One-touch Drawing

One touch Drawing game poster

This one is also different. Have you ever played the game where you try to draw squares like diagrams in one stroke and without going over the same line twice? One Touch Drawing game has the same concept, it just takes it to a whole new level.

That is, you try to draw different shapes. When you go ahead, you’ll face new  challenges like one direction lines, directional triggers, way triggers, warp marker, etc., that makes the game very interesting. You’ll surely enjoy it and the best part is you can play it alone when you’re bored, you don’t need anyone to guess the thing you draw as in Skribbl.io.

You can try various shapes and create new shapes by your imagination. This game has more than 200 levels. The instructions for playing the game are that you have to click on to segment any point as a starting point and from the starting point to connect all segments.

the fingers must be through all of the segments and you could not release your finger before completing the shape if you mistakenly do so then you have to start from the beginning of that level.

Draw Wars

Draw Wars game

The concept of draw wars is extremely interesting. In this battle tanks game, you’ll need to draw ways for your tank in order that they’ll travel and actually destroy the enemies. Not solely tanks however you also need to give ways for planes and infantry.

Also, take advantage of towers, buildings, launchers, and bunkers to win The war. Every battle in Draw Wars takes place on a simple battle field occupying a single screen. The goal is to destroy the enemy base whereas defending your own, and you’ve got a small range of units at your disposal to get the work done.

You’ll drag your tanks, planes, and foot into position much as you’d in any action-oriented line-drawing game. The difference here is that you simply will design your actions before time, then modify them once the battle commences. You’ll think of Draw Wars as a tower defense game. This game can be downloaded on android and IOS both platforms.

Draw & Guess

Draw and Guess is a Word, Puzzle, Single-player and Multiplayer Drawing video game developed by OpenMyGames for Mobile Devices. You’ll surely experience the funniest and colorful gameplay. When playing the game, your objective is to draw and guess objects in real-time with other players who love playing Charades.

The player, who guesses the picture first, will earn more points. The online chat system will let you communicate with other players from all over the world, make new friends, and have fun. Draw and Guess come with core features, such as more than 4000 Words, Unlockable Achievements, Global Rating, and more.

Draw Something 

Probably the world’s best-known social drawing game, this classic app has been responsible for more than seven billion drawings since it was first released in 2012. Draw Something is a mobile app developed by OMGPop, launched on February 6, 2012.

In the first five weeks after its launching, the game was downloaded 20 million times. It won a Flurry App Spotlight Award in 2012. In the Draw Something app, you hand-draw pictures using a rudimentary art pad; your opponent then attempts to guess what the drawing is, selecting from a group of letters.

If they’re stumped, you can detonate “bombs” to eliminate some of the letters, though that doesn’t always help. By Solving puzzles you can earn coins, which you can use to buy more bombs. You can play with your friends, or play with random opponents. it’s all very colorful and a lot of fun..


These are the top 10 alternatives and similar games to Skribbl.io. Each of them has some unique features that makes it different from others. Like Gartic.io has more than 4000 words and it has no limit for no.  Of players. The interface of Draw Guess and Drawasauras is very attractive and user friendly.

Drawize and Drawesome have different modes and challenges to make your play more interesting and to add fun. In Lets Draw It you can add emojis and outside pictures to your drawing to make it more attractive. By Draw your game you can create your own imaginary and unique games and can also invite friends to play with you.

In Draw wars you have to decide the way for your tanks, trucks and infantry and this main key point is the uniqueness of the game which makes it interesting. All of them are best in their concept and can turn into the best timepass in your free time. go and try them. If you have other alternatives for Skribbl.io then you can share with us in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this with your friends!! 

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