10 Best Email Scheduling Tools For Email Marketing (2022)

Email Scheduling Tools

In today’s era, marketing online is too easy, and I believe you were attracted by it too but after spending a good amount of time on social media you realized the need to keep in touch with your customer so you could promote new products, discounts or simply give them a “Thank-you” for their purchases. Now, what’d be the best tool for doing so?

Obviously e-mail! As they’re easy and cheap, but you may need to hire a team of specialists to handle them, which means extra costs. If you wish to save those ‘unnecessary costs’ then you should email scheduling tools that can let you fully customize your email just by dragging and dropping. But which Email scheduling tools are the best ones in the market? This article will shed some light on the best option available for you that is both free and paid. So let’s get started.

Here is the list of 10 Best Email Scheduling Tools:



Let’s kick off this article with one of the most renowned digital marketing and sales platforms out there. Hubspot is well-known for its marketing automation that helps companies grow splendidly by attracting people, engaging with them, and delighting them. As mentioned earlier, they have a number of tools through which they can help you and your business see greater heights but here we’ll just stick to their Email Marketing tool.

This particular tool is a must if you’re a new business as it’ll help you with lead generating marketing emails, as well as your transactional email needs. So it doesn’t matter whether you want to send ‘Thank-you emails’, Kickback mails, or promoting campaigns; Hubspot’s got you covered.

Their Email Marketing service can be used as a stand-alone or along with their other offerings such as the Marketing hub and the forever free CRM. With Hubspot’s Email Marketing, you don’t even have to hire any professional since Hubspot offers ready-made templates that are simple to use and allows you to customize them, add CTO’s, and modify it to match your content and brand.

You also get personalization tools that let you personalize your emails to boost your open rates and click-through rates. It can also automatically add subject lines, links content, attachments, and CTO’s by using your email subscriber’s records. They also have a top-tier A/B testing tool that lets you get in-depth analytics to get a better understanding of which email performed the best.

One might think such a great thing would be pretty costly but Hubspot email marketing tool is completely free. Of course, they also have paid services that offer a lot of interesting features like SEO tools, and Video hosting/ Management tools, but that service will cost $800 per month.



If you are a small business or a startup who wants to get started for free with basic email marketing features, then try Mailchimp. Mailchimp is another one of the most popular marketing tools that were established in 2001.

Mailchimp doesn’t demand you to be technically savvy as its drag and drop editor will help you design a successful marketing campaign. Their Content studio will let you manage all your images and files in one place so you can easily pick what you want for the campaign.

And with its awesome email automation feature you can reach out to the right person at the right time, you can integrate it with your website which will allow you to send an email to a visitor after they visit a certain website or a page. Plus, it keeps tabs on your campaign and provides valuable insights that will help you in optimizing your marketing campaign. You can also send fast and personalized transactional emails using API or SMTP.

You’ll get access to multiple features including marketing CRM, Customizable email templates, behavioral targeting, phone support, advanced segmentation, audience insights, and much more.

The great thing about Mailchimp is that it grows with your business, you can start for free without paying a monthly fee if you have less than 2000 subscribers and once your subscribers start increasing you are most likely to be in a position to upgrade your membership. It provides plans according to the size of your audience, other than free plans they are offering essential plans starting at $9.99, standard plans starting at $14.99, and premium plans starting at $299.



Up next we have Moosend and I daresay, this is just what you will need if you’re an absolute beginner. Of course, there are many other email marketing services, but sadly the majority of them are lacking in diverse features unless you purchase their “expensive” packages. But that isn’t the case with Moosend, as it offers all the core functions for free; some of those functions include visual campaign builder, custom-coded templates, conditional content, pre-built automation templates, weather-based Email triggers, AI cross-selling recommendations, and much more.

But sadly the free version of Moosend isn’t without drawbacks, so you may not have certain features like Transactional emails among others but they’re available in the paid version. Now one may think that’ll be costly like Hubspot, but it’s rather cheap and you can get all features for as low as $8 per month.  Which makes it a perfect choice for smaller businesses, if you’re running an NGO, the Moosend is just the right email tool for you since it offers a 25% discount on its packages for NGOs.

The biggest con of Moosend would be its Analytical tools that are rather mediocre when compared to Hubspot’s Analytics tools and are limited to open rates, unsubscribes, and product views. Unlike its competitors that provide more in-depth analytics of the emails’ impact on the business and revenue.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been providing impressive email marketing services for the last 25 years, making them one of the largest email marketing service providers in the world. They are very much similar to Mailchimp, however, they don’t offer a free plan but if you want to test or get familiar with them then they do offer a one-month free trial.

And the great thing about them is that they aren’t complicated to use, you can easily create email campaigns according to your needs. It’s incredibly simple to customize and design a professional-looking email through their drag and drop editor, plus, it offers more than 250 mobile-responsive templates from which you can choose. With Constant Contact you can track your results in real-time, you can track clicks, see how many emails were opened, see how many people shared your email, how many emails were reported as spam, and so on. And their built-in automation tool will help you engage with your audience effectively.

Another great thing about them is that they let you add interactive content to your email, which will allow your users to fill out a survey or a poll and donate to a business. Other than email marketing they also offer services for website building, setting an online store, and social media marketing.

Constant Contact offers two plans named “Email” and “Email Plus”, both plans are packed up with multiple features but if you are looking for automated email marketing then you should go for Email Plus which costs $45 per month, while the Email plan costs $20 per month.



After Constant contact we have Omnisend and compared to Constant Contact, Omnisend is youngling as it was founded in 2014. But even though it’s young, it’s rapidly gaining recognition as one of the leading marketing platforms for e-commerce.

While their Email marketing services are sure easy to use and offer custom-made facilities for e-commerce sites, it’s not the only thing Omnisend can offer. Omnisend can offer nearly all the marketing services you’ll ever need; with Omnisend you can send automated emails, SMS, push notifications, and integrate with Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram, Facebook Messengers, and even WhatsApp (according to them it can give you 10X click-through rates than the emails can).

Omnisend understands e-commerce thoroughly and has developed some ingenious e-mail templates that are meant to lower your “cart-abandonment” rates and promote repetitive buyers. Omnisend even has you covered with virtual scratch cards, birthday discounts, and the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ just to attract more buyers and generate leads.

But hold up! (Need a meme, anyone?) We aren’t done with Omnisend just yet. Like the many other email marketing sites provided above, Omnisend can also hook you to most of the e-commerce platforms and some of them include BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. It also integrates help desk, loyalty, and review sites like Smile.io, Yotpo, and ReCharge which helps Omnisend to accurately report how your campaigns affect your sales.

Of Course, Omnisend is free and it’s free version offers 15,000 emails/month but the free version has a lot fewer features compared to the standard, pro, and enterprise versions. The standard version will cost you $16 monthly, while the Pro will cost you $99 on a monthly basis.  The Enterprise is the biggest one available but its pricing depends on what you want.

Do note that the free package is suitable only if you have a maximum of 500 contacts. If you purchase any of their paid packages, you’ll be paying according to the contacts you have. Ah! On the final note, they also have a free trial.



ConvertKit is perfectly designed for content creators (blogger, YouTuber, author, etc) to help them earn a living. They understand their client needs and as mentioned on their website, their mission is to help you grow your business with email. But unlike other email marketing service providers, ConvertKit is relatively simple.

They encourage personalized email with simple formatting to increase the engagement with the audience, hence you won’t be able to add fancy designs, the logo of your company, or any kind of company branding. Plus, They come with only a few simple templates but with their delivery rate of 98%, your email will stay out of the spam folder.

Their interface is divided into five sections, subscribers, automation, landing pages and forms, sequence, and broadcasts. With ConvertKit you can easily organize your subscribers through a list of tags and segments. Its automation section will let you send different emails to your audience based on their actions. ConvertKit is a great option for advanced automated email funnels. And to set it all up you can follow simple visual chart flows. Additionally, You can grow your email list with their attractive sign-up forms and landing pages, they will help you build attractive pages within minutes or set automatic download delivery. And of course, you can check what worked and what didn’t as they offer stats on every mail. They have more than 80 third-party integrations.They offer free plans with limited services while their paid plans are fairly priced and through their 14-day trial, you can test them first.



Till now we’ve seen some of the most interesting sites available for email marketing, but the site we have here, namely Sendinblue is the best one yet for the growth and engagement of your business. They’re also apparently known to provide one of the best Transactional email services in the industry.

Much like its competitors, Sendinblue provides fully automated email services to businesses of all sizes. They offer an intuitive email builder that comes with a drag and drop editor so that you easily create your desired emails. Other than that, they also offer SMS marketing and Instant chat service so you can easily connect with your customers and help them out.

The other features offered by Sendinblue include custom landing pages, Facebook ads, signup forms, and retargeting capabilities. I guess it still doesn’t sound too interesting to you eh? Well, then what if I told you that you can get all of those cool features and some more for free? Don’t be shocked just yet.  Sendinblue’s free plan gives you unlimited contacts (which not many do) and up to 300 emails per day which I believe is more than enough for small scale businesses or solo businesses.

Of course, they also have packages. Their lite package starts at $25/month; while the Premium package starts at $65/month. They also have an enterprise package that comes at a custom price tag. The price of Lite and Premium packages can increase depending on the number of monthly emails you require.



If all the above tools seem a bit overwhelming for you then you should check out MailerLite because instead of adding advanced features they stick to essential features. They originally started as a web design agency but after discovering and falling in love with email marketing they switched and gave birth to MailerLite in 2010 to offer simple yet powerful email solutions.

If you are a complete beginner, then you should definitely try it due to its simple and easy to use features. They offer mobile-responsive templates that can be customized through various options. List management is very much feasible with MailerLite. But they don’t offer many options when it comes to automation triggers, they are mostly based on campaign actions. Additionally, there are different types of forms available like pop-ups, subscribe buttons, embedded forms, and so on. Their interface is very much similar to that of ConvertKit and just like all the other tools in this list they also offer stats. Apart from that, it will let you integrate with the top platforms.

The great thing about them is their forever free plan if you have less than 1000 subscribers and it will allow you to send 12000 emails/month you can upgrade the membership to access all the features available.



I know this article is about email marketing tools but sometimes email marketing isn’t enough, so if you want to use other options like text messages and push notifications on the same platform then you should definitely go for SendPulse. But of course, that’s not the only reason to choose them as their amazing features can be another reason to go for them.

They offer tons of professional-looking email templates, which you can customize through drag and drop editing. While their automation triggers will help you align the timing based on your audience actions. You can optimize your campaign after knowing about your subscribers’ interest through stats, that information can be used to personalize and segment your campaign better.

If you already have your mailing list ready then you can create an email campaign without investing much time and effort. Their basic plan for transactional email will let you send 12000 emails for free, while you can upgrade the membership for more emails. And you can choose the plan according to the number of subscribers too.



And so we’ve reached the last point of this article, but let’s not rush as GetResponse is a bit more than your traditional email marketing service and specializes in all-around automation. Of course, they provide traditional email marketing solutions, but other than that they also provide high converting landing pages for generating fresh leads.

GetResponse has one cool feature called Autofunnel, which lets you create funnels for leads, webinars, sales, and much more. It also includes things like exit popups, landing pages, Facebook ads, marketing automation, emails, and e-commerce integration; In short, GetResponse has everything you’ll need to gain more Subscribers and monetize them. As the name says, it’s completely automated, easy to use, and can guide your customers through the conversion process.

Sadly, unlike the other sites above, GetResponse doesn’t provide free package, and their provided packages start from a $15 monthly Basic plan that comes with a 1000 Subscribers limit, a $ 49 monthly Plus plan, a $99 monthly Professional plan, and Max plan that has a custom pricing. The prices change according to how many Subscribers you require. GetResponse provides discounts for annual and 24 monthly contracts if you pay in advance.

Final Note

Phew! That’s all for today folks, but before you bolt, do note that the above sites aren’t the only email marketing service provider industry and there are many others that provide top-notch services but the ones are given here are the peak. So give them a try before you kick them aside.

Jasjeet Aulakh

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