10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views in 2022

buy youtube views

YouTube was a game-changer. It can be a simple site where you can share videos with the world but over the years of its existence it’s impact has grown so much that it can even influence the decisions of the masses. Nowadays, many people have decided to leave their jobs and pursue this as their career. So, why buy YouTube views? The YouTube business can be very lucrative if you do it right but of course, things will be very difficult and slow at the beginning. Although there is no substitute for good content you can supplement your promotional efforts with the help of services provided by various social media service providers. These providers can help you boost the growth of your YouTube channel. We decided to look at some of the good ones out there which can help you without causing you any harm. 

  1. Follower Packages

If you want an experienced team to help you enhance your growth on YouTube then Followers Packages is a good site to check out. They have plenty of services for various popular social media platforms so if you like the site you can probably get all the social media help, that you need from this place. The company understands the difficulty content creators face every day in this industry as it is difficult to get a breakthrough. If you are just starting out then it is much harder as you have little content and very limited budget. So, they decided to provide affordable services to such creators to boost their YouTube presence. They just give you the push you need to promote yourself and once you start to get organic views your growth will happen automatically given you provide good content. Since this market is highly competitive Follower Packages tries to distinguish their services with features like timely delivery, trustworthy results, affordable pricing and good customer support. Buying YouTube views from Followers Packages is easy. Just select a package, pay for it and wait for a few days to get your complete views. The price range starts at $29 for 5k views and goes all the way up to $175 for 50k views. These views will be of premium quality and will be guaranteed Ad views.

  1. Famoid

Up next is another popular social media service provider viz. Famoid. It is a United States company which deals in developing software solutions. They are headquartered in Delaware and have been in the industry since 2017. Famoid provides a multitude of social media services relating to different social media platforms. They work towards building an honest relationship with their customers so that the latter can trust them. Since they have services for some of the top social media sites it becomes easier for you to boost your online presence as you just need to visit only one place for all your needs. Their name is derived from two words Famous and oid (meaning object) and so Famoid means an object that will make you famous. The costs aren’t as affordable as the other sites but it will help you grow exponentially. The main platforms that they provide services are YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Vimeo. They have various packages for YouTube views and subscribers. If you are looking for views then they cover a huge range of views. The packages start at $12.95 for 1000 views and the price ranges to 0.5 million views for 1899.95. These views will be active and real and will be monetizable as well. 

  1. Fastlykke

Fastlykke is another website which provides good services for various social media platforms. The company has a team of professionals who have good experience in this industry and has helped thousands of people reach their goal. Fastlykke understands the current scenario of the market and how rapidly social media usage is growing. They understand how newcomers and startups find it difficult to get above the rest in social media platforms. So, they have curated their services in a way so that you can enhance the growth of your social media profiles. These services help you get started with your growth and once people start recognizing you and understanding that you provide good content or service you will start getting organic and exponential growth. So, what is of prime importance is how much effort you put in to improve your profile as these services are just there to support you or help you get some reputation. The social media sites served by Fastlykke are Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. If you are just starting out on YouTube and want to make your profile and videos look good you can use Fastlykke’s packages to buy more views. You don’t need to provide any password. Just choose a package and pay for it. The price starts at $5 for 1000 views and you can buy up to 200k views which costs $650.

  1. Famups

Famup is a company which has been around for a few years and has gained a good customer base with its services. This is another one-stop solution for all your social media growth needs. You can buy real likes, followers, views etc. on Famups. They want to help their customers boost their social media accounts with organic reach. They use organic methods to increase the activity and engagement on your social media accounts. Famups uses various techniques and advanced methodologies and digital round maps to generate and drive traffic to your profile. These digital solutions will help you change your audience to long-term customers. When you visit their site you get to choose from a plethora of plans and packages. These packages have been curated to boost engagement rate on your profile. This basically means more likes, more views, more comments etc. With Famups you can be sure to get the latest methods and ideas to get you the best outcome. Famups have affordable packages and if you are looking for some views on your YouTube video the prices start at $11 for 1000 views. You can even go crazy if you have the budget to buy 200k views for $620. The services are delivered in time and your safety and privacy is guaranteed. The costs are affordable and if you run into a problem you can reach them by their 24/7 customer support. 

  1. GetRealBoost

Likes, Followers, Tweets are the three words that you can see in the logo of GetRealBoost. The company deals with various different social media platforms and have services which have designed to cater to the needs of each platform. So, if you want to enhance your presence in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud then you can check out GetRealBoost. It is a leading social media marketing company aiming to help its client’s needs related to social media growth and marketing easy and convertible. The likes, views and followers that GetRealBoost provides are real and sourced from across the globe. The teams at the company are made up of people who may come from different paths but have ended up with success in this field. So, they have a good understanding of how these things work. So, the company asks you to trust them with your growth. GetRealBoost comprehends how hard it can be for newcomers to get their break online so they have made sure that their packages are affordably priced. The YouTube views packages start at $6 for 1000 views and you can even buy a million views for $3100. There are a plethora of packages between those two values. They claim to have good customer support so give them a call and clear your doubts before making any purchase.

  1. StormViews

StormViews claims to provide 100% real likes, views and subscribers to their clients. They primarily provide services for YouTube. So, if you have been wanting to enhance your growth on the platform then StormViews can be of help. Over the years that it has been active StormViews have chosen to be honest and build a good trust with their clients. It promises to provide 100% genuine views, likes and subscribers to your profile. The site guarantees that you will be able to promote your channel using these stats. Your account will be completely safe when you use StormViews. They chose to follow the guidelines and terms of services set by YouTube. So, as long as you get views, likes and subscriptions from real users you are in the green zone. It is when you deal with bot likes and views that you start getting warnings and your channel gets deleted. But don’t worry StormViews have developed their methods in a way that you only get real views and likes. The services are of top quality and the delivery is instant. StormViews is always ready to solve your doubts with their 24/7 customer care. So, do contact them before utilising their service.

  1. Venium

Over the years of its existence, Venium has decided to be straightforward in their approach along with being efficient and using the latest tools to provide maximum benefit to customers. This approach has helped them generate a better relationship with the clients. The goal of Venium is the success of the customers which is very intuitive since the more successful the client is after using the services of Venium it is more likely that they will recommend the company’s services. Venium has around two decades of experience in this industry and over the years it has been able to satisfy more than 265k customers. The platforms they provide services for are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you have been wanting to get some views on your views to improve the aesthetics of your profile then you can use the services provided by Venium. Of course, your content has to be good to get people organically interested in your channel but you can look better to them if you have more views. The packages start at $7.99 for 1000 views and ranges all the way up to 100k views for $599.99. These views are monetizable and AdSense safe. Venium also claims that its views have the highest retention rate. 


  1. Why buy YouTube views?

The reason to buy YouTube views is to promote yourself. Most times it is not the views that you buy that makes you famous but rather people enjoying your content than seeing that you have tonnes of views and thinking that when other people are watching and enjoying your video they should do so too. So, the primary factor is your content. Then you should start promoting your videos on your own on various social media profiles. The views you buy is just to lend you some credibility.

  1. Is it Safe?

Buying Views is safe as long as you stay within the YouTube guidelines. As long as you are paying a real person to get views it is okay. When you get bots to view your video you get banned and your channel will most likely be deleted. So, ensure that you are buying only from the sites which give real views. Please contact the site before undergoing any transaction.

  1. Will my views drop?

Your views may drop. It happens more when you choose a service provider who supplies views from fake people or not accounts. These accounts are routinely removed when a clean sweep is done and you lose your views. So, try to work with a provider who provides good quality views which are monetizable and have high retention rates. Don’t go blindly just by looking at the cost. Look at the other features and read tonnes of reviews online.

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