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Owned by Universal Research Inc., Yuri Mizyuk, (Uk. is an essay writing site where students put academic paper orders. Universal Research Inc. is a Ukrainian focused organization. It argues that was created in 1997 but it was created in 2004 according to the Web Archive. is the label people come across alongside Okay, that is because is basically an online site where instructions are received from authors. Therefore, officially, is the domain of Even holding Ninja Essays, Rush Essay, Superior Papers among other blogs, Basic Study Inc.


The platform is relatively tidy and simple to access. Purple isn’t really my color, but let’s go with it. Many pages don’t work but the pug is very cool. I find it challenging to come up with a money-back plan and revision strategy. When the writing company wants to withhold that knowledge from its customers, it is the first indication that something is gone wrong.

The app includes a simple calculator, as well as helpful guidance for how to utilize the application. They do have samples, on the positive side, of some company material.

On the other hand, it seems the knowledge is false. I did a little work on BestEssays and found that their domain was created in 2003, although they appear to have begun their company in 1997.


Bestessays Services has a decent list of services. Content is offered in the following categories:

  • Writing Services (custom essay, term paper, coursework, and various types of custom-crafted content)
  • Dissertation and Thesis Services (Individual chapters and complete papers, as well as research proposal and editing/proofreading)
  • Assignments (statistics project, research summary, and more)
  • Admission Services
  • Resume Services
  • Editing Services

We like the fact that this company is fighting the rewriting services phenomenon. Newer businesses typically have these service in their bid, but not Best Essays. It just provides custom-written content. The only thing is that the authors are no longer providing personalized, original articles. This is when we can get back.

Customer Support

We approached the department of customer service to ask precisely about the claims of the dissertation, through live chat. A very foreign-sounding young man assured us he could generate a report within 48 hours, indeed. We approached by mobile, and the same was told. Many of the responses we learned to certain queries have been somewhat rehearsed.

Still, they were good. We believe, like many other writing companies, that Best Essay utilizes a reference program for its customer care systems.

Prices and Discounts

For all their services, service rates are fair and normal. There is a link to a website regarding discounts. New clients get a coupon code for a 15 percent discount determined at the time of purchase. Discounts and voucher codes often occur after a customer has purchased a minimum amount of sites. These vary from 5 % to 15%.

There is no market difference between prices at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. The distinctions are based on distribution dates, chosen writer rating (standard, luxury, or platinum), and other fee-related choices that can be picked at checkout.

Customers will feel confident with the payment processes trusting that their financial information is safe and stable. Best Essay requires a third party processor accredited by SSL, which does not obtain or store any payment details on its website.

Order Form

The order structure is pretty simple and intuitive. You’ll need to select the degree standard and options on Step 2.

They do offer prices as Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Throughout, these features vary by the writer’s consistency. You could be having a Ph. D.writer and improved quality for $2-5 more an article, according to BestEssays.

  • Paying $11 a page would get you the TOP 10 authors. The only thing, you can make things much easier by selecting TOP 10, even though they choose you a Ph.D. blogger. But you have to pay $2 an article, so the costs are a little too high.
  • $9.99 for VIP assistance. Getting the US to assist is, of course, an expensive, spend 10 bucks extra to get the best customer service experience
  • An editor’s check-read is about $5.5++. Writers with Masters and Ph.D. would most likely create no errors.
  • Reporting plagiarism starts at $4.4 and may continue up into higher costs.
  • VIP Package Service is expected to cost $15.89 or higher. This kit provides support for VIP and TOP 10 writer


Revisions, description, title page, bibliography, and design are listed as free bonuses. There are also fee-based bonuses, including having a “top” artist, VIP help, proofreading, and a study on plagiarism. Although the company advertises free editing, there is also a small fees for thorough proofreading.

Cons has large rates, meaning that students spend between $19 and $54 for essays. But paper quality isn’t perfect. Even the ideal scenario, authors are paid nothing for getting matters any worse.

I ‘m suggesting “in the best case” as authors didn’t really receive the money that’s obviously misleading for writing facilities. All this means that is not real and that this pe does not own any other pages.

Unfortunately, a lot of authors are falling for what they are hearing, without realizing they are falling into a pit. What one finds is far from the reality at this website.

While reading comments for this platform, I found that the authors of are potentially being abused. We not only worked hard we even received a crazy sum of money with each paper (according to the ratings, authors get from $0.01 and $4.9)


They don’t publish Revision Policies on a forum and I had to ask for confirmation for their help. BestEssays, if it is a daily paper and 30 days if it is a review, grant you 14 days to submit the paper for revision.

The report I got was unable to be updated, it needed to be revamped by someone professional in the area. Therefore the Revision Strategy would be the adversary in difficult circumstances.

Paper Quality

We had predicted this business to have better efficiency. The rates were better than average and the online credibility looked strong. We ordered a management essay to send you your up-to-date analysis of Best Essays. The consequence was growing frustration.

We were not in a position to contact the authors. They suggest you could get alerts but there wasn’t such a choice. No-one answered our calls. We had the essay by the deadline, but it wasn’t at all sweet. It was not imaginative and did not meet our guidelines. Rather than discussing our particular subject, the author wrote in general.

They were very disrespectful towards us when we called an official. They said we would have been more vigilant when filling out the order form. We sent command type screenshots, with a clear indication of where the directions were given. We kept avoiding us and then we received the final message: our department checked your petition and we agreed that in this situation free revisions would not be given.


As I said earlier, the price that I got was not anywhere similar to what I was aiming for. The writer did not have the appropriate education experience (despite the BestEssays’ argument that they employ Master and Ph.D. degree writers). Nor was he/she familiar with good grammar and punctuation. The win-win plan would be to keep away from their books.


We found as a good, legal site for students to publish. It company provides a variety of technical approaches. Their price is not strong, to begin with, and the additional promotions and exclusive deals are much better.

This company’s inconveniences are very limited yet worth noting. Best Essays has pricing we would find a little expensive for other students. While it is drastically decreased if you become a frequent user and become an inexpensive choice, this is something you will only receive once you have bought from the website a total of 5 items. They’re sadly not giving first-order discounts.

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