10 Best Keyword Ranking Checker Tools (2022)

Keyword Ranking Checker Tools

In today’s world, there’s not a single Digital marketing or a Content creator who hasn’t heard about search engine optimization (SEO) or used it, since it is a crucial part of the Internet, and mastering it can easily give you an advantage over your competitors.

SEO suite used by the professionals is made up of numerous tools and one of those tools is the Keywords ranking checker tool. If you’re running an online business that generates its income from search engine traffic, then being able to track and rank certain keywords is highly crucial. So we’ve put together a list of top 10 Keyword Ranking checker tools that can give accurate data of your ranking among other things.

Here Is The List Of Best Keyword Ranking Checker Tools: 



So let’s kick start this article with one of the most popular Keyword checking tools that is SEMrush, they are well known in the digital market industry as they offer all in one marketing tool kit.

They offer services in different areas like SEO, advertising, content marketing, social media, and many more. Their features list is rather long and all those features help you in optimizing your website.

They offer a lot of information that can help you attract more traffic, achieve a higher search engine ranking, and identify new opportunities. Their position tracking tool will allow you to check your search engine position for any keyword, you can do keyword analysis of up to 10 competitors.

They will evaluate and help you optimize your pages, content, and keyword while letting you track the performance of your competitors. After you enter the URL of your website, domain, or keywords, SEMrush will offer you a list of keywords with their ranking.

SEMrush can also be used as a traditional keyword tool, typing a term, and getting a list of keyword ideas.The SEMrush dashboard is a bit complicated but it doesn’t take long to get a hang of it and to know where everything is located.

It’s a great platform for small and medium businesses, they offer three subscription plans, Pro plan at $99.95/ month (Tracks up to 500 keywords per month), Guru plan at $199.95/month (Tracks up to 1500 keywords per month), and Business plan at $399.95/month (Tracks up to 5000 keywords per month). You can try their free trial of 7 days to test them.



Next up we have Ahrefs, which is the second most preferred SEO tool and also the second fastest web crawler (Google’s the first one). Ahrefs started as a Backlink Analysis tool but now it has transformed into a full-blown SEO platform with one of the best tools for checking Keyword Rankings among others.

Ahrefs lets you check your keyword position in the search engine based on different geographical regions as well as devices since we already know that SERP varies between devices. Speaking of which, Ahrefs gives you complete access to over 13 types of SERP features including Knowledge panels, image packs, featured snippets, among others.

Ahrefs can also help by providing website improvement tips, understanding what the URL rating is, and getting a clear backlink report; which is a great thing for blooming content marketing firms.

Ahrefs is said to have one of the most user-friendly interfaces and rightfully so, it offers an online dashboard that is packed with data, the data are shown in the form of graphs below which are the individual keywords picked by you. Speaking of which, you can easily add your Keywords manually or simply upload a TXT or a CSV file.

The best thing about Ahrefs? It lets you pick up to 5 competitors and track their progress along with yours based on the Ranking process, SERP features, and Search traffic.

Ahrefs offers 4 different Packages in its SEO suite with the basic starting at $99 monthly and can increase based on the number of tracked keywords, update frequency, locations per website, and mobile ranking.



Moz is yet another great keyword ranking tool, you must have heard of them. The great thing about Moz is that other than online marketing services they also offer downloadable software for SEO, making it more feasible for you. Just like other tools, they are also packed up with various features that offer insights about your websites plus ways to improve the performance of the same. Their services are more focused on keyword research, rank tracking, boosting website traffic, and on-page optimization.

Moz is also available in the form of Moz Pro which offers more advanced features, it’s a powerful keyword ranking tool that will let you get reports on keyword ranking for different search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) and you can also store those reports for comparison.

Plus, You can also compare your results with your competitors and adapt the strategies that are working for them. While their free MozBar toolbar will let you examine and analyze searches right in your browser.

They allow comparison between your mobile or desktop visibility as they believe that customers have different behavior while searching on different mediums. You can track your keyword ranking in 200+ countries, offering you the comparison on a global, national, and local level

Other than their keyword tracking feature, many users prefer their page optimization feature as they analyze each page of your website and tell you exactly what steps you can take to improve your visibility.

Some of their tools are free to use while for paid plans you can try their free trial for 30 days, they offer four plans namely standard plan ($99/month), medium plan ($149/month), large plan ($249/month), and premium plan ($599/month) all these plans include 1 on 1 onboarding and 24/7 online support.



Unlike other tools, in this list, SERPWatcher is specifically designed for tracking keyword rank.

Mangools offer 5 different SEO tools and SERPWatcher is one of them, And other four are also specifically focused on different aspects of SEO namely KWFinder (designed for keyword research), SERP Checker (designed for SERP analysis), LinkMiner (designed for link tracking), and Site Profiler (designed for SEO metrics and insights).

SERP dashboard makes it feasible for you to track the keyword position, it offers all the important data all at one place with a 2-column design dashboard so you won’t have to open various tabs.

The left side of the dashboard shows the status of the tracked keyword, while the right side shows the aggregate data and charts for dominance index, keyword position flow, keyword positions distribution, keyword detail, and so on. Its dominance index will let you know the overall progress with one key metric.

You just need to enter your website name, domain, or keyword. Then select a search engine, do remember that it works on all top search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, and Yahoo, next add a location or use GPS for the local level.

The last thing that you’ll have to choose is whether you want results for desktop or mobile searches. And that’s it, SERPWatcher will take hardly a minute to analyze all the information before presenting a full report to you. You can set alerts and customize reports format too.

Its affordability makes it a great platform for small businesses or bloggers as their basic plan starts from $29.90/month and you can test them with their 10 days free trial.



On our fifth spot, we have SEranking which is yet another SEO Swiss army knife that offers a plethora of SEO features that you’ll need for digital marketing. SEranking is a cloud-based SEO software provider, being cloud-based makes it relatively easy to run and use on a laptop, PC, or even a phone as all you have to do is login and start using it through your preferred browser.

Much like the majority of the SEO tools given above, this tool isn’t a single blade but a collection of multiple blades. SEranking has around 9 blades that can help you cut through your opponent’s ranking and gain a better spot (ranking) for yourself.

Of course, their best tool and the most delicate one is the Keyword rank tracker which you already know is seriously important if you want a better ranking. The SEranking keywords tracker can show you the past takings for your most important keywords and tell you if your ranking has improved over time or not.

SEranking gives you Ranking on the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and even YouTube; with SEranking you can also get search volume and relative traffic forecast data other than the usual simple/ organic ranking data. But it’s not limited to just checking your Keywords, it also lets you keep an eye on your competitors cuz you gotta keep your enemies close.

The best part of SEranking? It can show you paid rankings on Google and also provides you near accurate Ranking data on mobile devices as SERP can differ on various devices (mentioned earlier).

There are many other interesting features of SEranking such as On-page checker, Backlink Checker, Keyword suggestions, Keyword grouping, among others.



Next, we have WooRank, who have been offering their services since 2010 and have satisfied more than 1 million customers by now.WooRank will allow you to compare the rank of your keyword with that of your competitors while keeping all the keywords organized in one place.

And of course, just like other tools, keyword ranking can be tailored based on geolocation. The information about the search keyword that can get the highest amount of searches combined with the information of competitors’ position and your current rank will help improve your website traffic.

And once you start tracking the rank of a keyword, you can see its ranking history from day to day to keep a track of it.WooRank dashboard gives clear and important information about your site while letting you compare its rank with your competitor’s website.

They will show the rank of your website not only on the basis of Keyword ranking but on the basis of SEO as a whole. With WooRank you’ll understand the things that your website is lacking plus any security issues and provide steps to fix them.They offer a 14-day free trial and their pro packs start from $59.99/month.



There are plenty of tools that offer tools through which you can monitor SERP features on different search engines while keeping an eye on the Keyword Rankings but AccuRanker stands above all those tools. Professionals use AccuRanker to measure market penetration, tracking keywords, and looking out for competition with its rapid daily updates and instant Keyword Ranking refreshing.

AccuRanker lets you examine the SERP history on the major search engines namely; Google, Bing, Baidu, YouTube, and Yandex to help you get a firm understanding of how the keyword rankings have fared over time and what features are driving massive traffic to the sites.

What puts AccuRanker above its competitors is its “On-demand updates” which means that unlike other sites, you can get your Keyword Ranking updates anytime as it automatically updates your keyword sets every 24 hours, you can also refresh it by simply clicking refresh.

With AccuRanker you can track Ranking data on both mobiles and Desktops on a granular level, this is from zip code to country level. You can also integrate Google analytics and search console data in your Ranking data.

AccuRanker is slightly costly in its monthly packages which are $109 on a monthly basis. But their yearly packages are just $99/month. But these prices can change according to the number of Keywords you need to track.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking being a rank tracker, their features revolve around keyword lists. In 2002, the two founders of Caphyon launched a startup that today became so huge that thousands of savvy SEOs trust Advanced Web Ranking services in order to improve their business.

This cloud-based tool shows accurate ranking and ensures that the information keeps on updating on the daily basis. They focus on tracking, managing, and reporting while offering flexibility to the users.

Their user-friendly interface shows straightforward information, with a highly customizable module. Advanced Web Ranking will let you monitor your website performance in around 22 search engines and around 130 countries across different devices, you can track ranking based upon location attached to zip code.

And just like other ranking tools, this one too will let you compare your ranking with your competitors. The ranking will update on a daily basis whether you want it on demand or at the set intervals.

You can compare your performance from your ranking, search console, and analytics on the same chart and get interactive reports. You can also segment your data in a meaningful way with their customizable filtering system.

Other than ranking tracker Advanced Web Ranking offers various other tools including Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. It will let you pull out Google Analytics information right into the tool and if you want to excess other information too, you can link your Google Analytics account as Advanced Web Ranking lets you integrate with Google Analytics.

Plus, their social module will let you keep track of all your social media platforms. And if you are running a small business don’t worry their services won’t make a hole in your pocket as their starter plan starts at $49/month, of course, you can test it with their 30 days free trial.

Authority labs

Authority labs

Authority Labs is yet another reliable tool that will offer you accurate search engine ranking data. They are solely focused on tracking the position of different keywords, it’s not all in one platform. If you are looking for all in one experience you can choose other tools from this list. This cloud-based software offers an easy to understand interface.

All the features of Authority Labs entirely revolve around rank tracking in order to make it more efficient to track the position of keywords. You’ll be able to see the changes in ranking due to unexpected trends, as it updates on the daily basis and you can also compare it with the last 20 days or any other length.

It allows global and local ranking across different devices, as the use of search engines on mobile and desktop can be a bit different. You can compare your domain, website, or keyword with that of your competitors.

What’s different about Authority Labs? They offer keywords report on “Not Provided”, It shows how your domain or website gained traffic which keyword helped your traffic to search your domain.

You’ll gain information about how your searchers found your website, it can help you optimize it. Another great thing, their ranking doesn’t apply only to keywords but also to images, videos, news, etc.

It offers four different plans, the plus pack starts at $47/month, the pro pack starts at $99/month, the pro plus pack starts at $225/month, and the enterprise pack starts at $450/month.

SEO profiler

SEO profiler

So the last tool that we have for you is SEO profiler, unlike the last software, this one is all in one tool but still offers all the features that can help you track your keyword and optimize your website.

This tool is one of the best tools for suggestions, it notifies you of keyword opportunities that can help you take full benefit of rising popularity. Having a keyword that doesn’t rank #1 but has the potential to grow, can give you an opportunity over your competitors.

Other than that it will let you spy on your competitors (top 10) and you can monitor any keyword in any location across different devices. And of course, they’ll show you many other keywords related to your keywords, which you can use in your website or domain to make it more visible.

Other than keyword ranking they offer various other services like website audit, link building, web page optimization, and so on. Their packs start at $69.95/month where you can check 1500 keywords daily.

Final Note:

First of all, let me thank you for taking your time and going through this topic, and on the second note, those 10 sites given above aren’t the only Keywords Ranking checker tools available in the market. There are many tools that seem great but the ones given in this article are the choice of professionals, although sadly the majority of them are pricey.

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