15 Apps Like YouTube You Should Try in 2022

Everyone loves YouTube, it has video material on everything you might want to envision. But this isn’t the only way you can find video material on your camera online! But if YouTube were the undisputed king then there might not be so many alternative apps to fix your video! But these are the best YouTube devices.

There is no question that YouTube is one of the world’s greatest video pages. And it is the most popular, by far. Online, however, there are some fantastic YouTube alternatives. Online video is such a significant part of the internet that countless video sites are worth visiting.

Although there is no one site that can be a complete replacement for YouTube, viewers and creators can use a combination of the aforementioned websites to suit their needs. I hope you’ll find our list of the best alternatives on YouTube useful.

  1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is actually a common brand amongst video streaming websites such as YouTube and has a closely related interface. You can discover currently popular videos on the homepage here, or uncover more from the top section of the categories and search bar.

With a resolution of 1080p, content developers can post content of up to 4 GB in size and 60 minutes in duration. This interface, with 112 million monthly visitors, makes for an excellent portal for sharing your data with people around the globe.

Although Dailymotion does have a specific collection of rules and regulations, the copyright regulations are not as intimidating as YouTube. So for content creators, there’s much more flexibility and higher tolerance, but this advantage also comes with impacts.

  1. Tik Tok

Believe it or not, however in 2020, TikTok is among the largest YouTube rivals you’ll discover. This Chinese video-sharing interface really gives you a tough match. The main reason for this is the raw video style and relatively cheap production that motivates ordinary individuals to make video clips in their homes’ convenience.

Many public figures have actually started to use TikTok as a way of promoting their work and interact with fans. It comes with the built-in video editors in its Android and iOS apps, that help in making content creation simple. There are also numerous third-party applications that can automatically upload to TikTok, including Adobe Premiere Sprint, PicsArt and Fuse.

People can post vertical (horizontally supported) videos up to 15 seconds long and 10801920 (9:16) max dimensions. For iOS, the scale of the video can be as high as 287.6 MB and for Ios, it is limited to 72 MB.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo is perhaps one of the best places for artists and fabulous filmmakers to host video. This site motivates users to demonstrate their work in such fields as music, dance, cinematography, photography, etc.

So if users wish to watch some spontaneous cat-and-dog video clips, they might need to look elsewhere. However, if they wish to see classic short films, unusual music clips, or fascinating snapshots, Vimeo is the place for it.

It offers to enjoy content in 4K Ultra HD visuals with HDR therefore Vimeo has very stringent guidelines for uploading content on its platform. One of the blessed features of this is that it boasts of an ad-free system.

It’s backed up with user contributions and a paywall on certain photos.

As for the drawbacks, its weekly upload limit of 500 MB can be frustrating to content providers. So there is a way to upgrade this cap to 5 GB, yet it’s not that much considering the fact that you are paying for it.

  1. IGTV

YouTube has a new contender in Facebook ‘s house. Instagram TV is an attractive substitute with a spin to YouTube. This innovative media network provides long-form, vertical videos that were expressly designed for streaming on phones. Bear in mind that videos can only be browsed through the app; that being said, it permits to upload files through the desktop. If you have an Instagram account already, IGTV will instantly bring you video clips posted by the creators you are following.

Users can also consider other channels to view their content, or simply browse a feed containing different types of content depending on your interests. Instagram TV is one of the main sites as a content creator to promote your motion video to a wider audience without having to spend much. If you’re new to Instagram, please do check up on IGTV guide for suggestions about how to use the system.

  1. Metacafe

One of several oldest online video platforms, Metacafe, came into being just before YouTube became available in 2003. This site specializes in short-form video material with an emphasis on short 90-second clips, providing its customers fast and easy videos.

The simplified software of Metacafe has conveniently grouped parts for easier viewing and provides nearly 40 million viewers. But if you’re searching for videos made professional way or an intricate topic, this service isn’t for you.

It has more attention-grabbing videos with crafty thumbnails and titles but Metacafe is the perfect YouTube option for anyone who loves wasting time on brief funny clips made by frequent users.

  1. Twitch

Unlike the first two articles here Twitch is not a tool for video sharing. What it does is encourage gamers of all abilities to play their favourite games for free and screen themselves. You can use it to check out a game you ‘re considering buying, watch someone play through a level or part of a game with which you have trouble, share your gameplay with the world or just kick back and watch the pros

You can search by game or user if you know the channel you ‘re looking for and have complete control over what you want to hear or see in terms of comment, video, and chat channel. For example, while you have the chat screen on your phone, you can watch the stream via an Xbox.

The number of connection options is endless, and the app fully supports Google Cast (see here for a more in-depth guide). Twitch makes playing, sharing and broadcasting online games really a pleasure!

  1. Vevo

Vevo has been revitalized as a music video streaming service following the revamp last year. The software itself is working very well and the easier it appears to get the more you use it. After selecting a few artists you like Vevo will produce a list of suggestions and can be set to send notifications when new videos are posted by your favourite artists.

Vevo now boasts a library of over 230,000 videos, not just music videos, but also live concerts and original shows, as well as custom playlists; Vevo even made an agreement with MTV to stream the VMA live this year! You’ll spend much less time searching for videos than on YouTube with a fantastic little mini-player in the app as well.

The only downside is it only available in certain countries such as the UK, France, Canada and the US.

  1. Squrl

Squrl is laid out very much like Flipboard or Pulse, with a beautiful glossy finish and an easy interface to use. But it’s not just about looks (never judge a home screen app), Squrl succeeds in accumulating videos from an incredible array of sources!

You can browse through YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Ted Talks, Vimeo, CNN, IGN, Reddit, Twitter and many, many more videos. A great little feature is the ability to connect your Squrl account to other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or Netflix, allowing the app to consider these sources for recommendations (based on your likes and the likes of your friends).

You can also browse by topic or what the last week or even month’s trend has been! Squrl performs well while looking for approved videos, or by lists of my own, rather than checking for individual clips (though it was awesome to find unique clips or interviews).

  1. Pluto TV

“Pluto TV is the best cord-cutting application you won’t use”

I myself couldn’t have put it any better! Pluto TV is the next step away (and away from these guys) from cable TV, in a completely different way to Netflix, or other similar services. With over 100 separate entertainment platforms accessible in the web, it helps you to experience music, film, news, sports, TV shows, and viral videos.

My favourite personal channels include Drake, The Young Turks, or 80’s music, but there are so many to choose from! You can project it on a full-screen TV with little or no quality drop and the best thing, it’s all free; aside from seeing the video provider’s occasional ad.

  • Frequency

Frequency is another video aggregation service which collects clips from numerous social media and news sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, NBC, Bleachers Report etc. Opening Frequency offers you a list of the channels you follow on frequency (almost like Facebook), I find it a nice way to stay up to date with my favorite networks, but on YouTube may be a little tougher.

The app also makes discovering and exploring new content really simple, with a fantastic function that helps you to build your own channel line-up from outlets of your choosing – with more than 1000 channels already waiting for you when you sign in It has been converted from IOS almost seamlessly and the only downside, in my opinion, was their lack of Chromecast support, but that feature has been added with a new update.

  • Vidme

Vidme was founded around a group of people who enjoy the weirdest, craziest and most fascinating videos on the internet. You don’t even need to sign up for an account (though you can if you want) and it takes 4 clicks to upload a photo! But don’t expect to see anything you ‘d find here on YouTube, it’s targeted more towards the indie viral market.

It’s like Imgur for video, with fast and easy uploads of video, this is a must for keen redactors (a free account gives you up to 500 mb of uploads a week). You can navigate through the search groups, like the Vimeo Staff Choices, The Vimeo HD Page, Everything Creative, Inspiring, and Slowmotion & Timelines to name a couple.

And if it’s not as well known or as popular as YouTube, Vidme is a fantastic place to find and upload videos for viral media.

  • ProTube

I came to realize that ProTube is on steroids like YouTube, like YouTube plus, like YouTube at the end of the high school transformation film. Its Picture-in-Picture mode works much better than YouTube with IOS 9 and 10 and you can listen to the audio in the background of other applications.

Honestly, I wasn’t sold entirely on ProTube when I first tried it. Then I read this article and I started to appreciate all the slightly subtle improvements it’s making to YouTube. Rather than being restricted where you can share videos (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), you can share it with any platform you want.

Hexagonal buttons and user interfaces are generally clean, refined and unique, and while the colour scheme recalls YouTube, it still retains its individuality. ProTube is definitely an app that you’ll find hard to live without having used to it once!

  • HowCast

Want to watch tutorials of actually doing something? HowCast is surely for you then! It’s an easy way to type in what you need or shake your phone for a random video selection (this can lead to some hilarious videos, such as “how to deal with a knocked out baby”).

In case of bad Wi-Fi, you can bookmark your favourite images, check your past to locate images you’ve viewed before, and change video quality! HowCast will only continue to grow its library with 1 billion views on the website and will become better and better to guide you through your DIY life.

  • DTube

Blockchain is the latest fad in tech town and a new video platform, DTube, has emerged based on that technology. This decentralized website represents a great alternative to YouTube. In reality, when looking for places such as YouTube a comes near because its user interface looks quite similar.

You can browse the hot, trending videos and watch them on the homepage. There is also an option to save videos to view later and check out viral content via trending tags.

Best of this, DTube is ad-free. It uses the Steem blockchain for record-keeping, and users do not have to make initial deposits or pay any transaction fees.

Uploading a video to DTube directly provides you with seven days of Steem crypto-currency provides. Additionally, users who leave comments about the videos also have a chance to earn money.


YouTube is, without doubt, the most dominant platform for streaming free online videos on the internet. It hosts billions of videos which people watch and comment on every day.

With a large amount of content added each day, its vast user base continues to actively grow. The platform’s guidelines are, however, revised without prior indication. Other complaints in tow, a large fraction of unhappy users are looking for alternative YouTube websites that can offer free hosting of videos and similar content.

If you’re one of them and are looking for different video streaming sites, here’s a list of the best YouTube alternatives for 2022.


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